The fat baby bear, and the dominant Southern Belle!

Dana White, I believe was the name of the actress – watching a fairly routine B grade bordering on C movie, she was pretty much the only thing that sparked interest – and made my loins stir every time I looked at her, or she even spoke!

My, what a dominant attitude and that sexy Southern drawl I love so much.

Movies basically about a bunch of psychos that kidnap kids and teens and do horrid things to them – until a true “cuck in the making” kid who gets routinely best up, bullied and harassed at school (with an alpha elder brother and even more alpha father) and the girl (the actress above I believe) manage to take matters into their own hands and end it all. (By killing the psychos).

But ever since the fat boy and his brother find a terrified girl hiding in a treehouse (the actress above) the vibe towards the fat guy – DOMINANT!


“We need to climb that tree to see where the smoke is coming from. Bet you’re not going to be the guy doing it” with a sneer.

Yes, baby bear, she refers tauntingly and half lovingly to him throughout the movie as she literally leads the way for the most part. . .

When he produces candles from his pocket – apparently he carries them around, girls like looking at him disbelievingly.

“You carry CANDLES around in your pocket, baby bear? What else you got – a bottle of wine in your pants?”

So taunting was the tone guy almost burst into tears.

“I’m sorry”, she says. With a quick peck on the cheek. True cuck style. And in that sense she meant it!

Her soles are beautiful and horribly cut from having injured them on glass.

“Take them out”, she yells at cuck. He whined about “but they’re too deep”.

“Take them out anyway”, this alpha female barks. Remember, she’s the one in pain. Injured. Yet she commands imperiously! True dominance! She knew she HAD to lead. . .


“Just stop whining and sit down!!”

And it continues throughout the movie, truly like an alpha male with his bitch – in this case HERS. Hehe.

. . . Until a bit of a real man starts to emerge from under the beta skin and he does take care of her – a bit.

But, all throughout I was thinking – what if a REAL alpha showed up. Hehe.

Baby bear was always despite the one kiss at the end on the lips as opposed to cheeks before – destined to be a cuck.

With a real man, she’d confide in baby bear all the time. Like with a sissy. Hehe.

Real man, she’d just let the guy take the lead and be swept off her feet.

It’s a vibe thing.

And while the term itself isn’t necessarily humiliating – my ex used to call me “bear” sometimes – the way she used it was overly so.

My, the girl was sexy. Personally, me in that situation? I’d flat out ignore the guy and probably take the girl right in front of him and he would just stare like a moron and do nothing – he was that useless in the movie!

And their interaction is a perfect example of what I write about in Cuck Central. Everyone wants to jump straight to the fun first, but unless you prep both parties first, especially the female half – it’s a recipe for disaster my friend.

Many a relationship has fallen apart when not done right which is a massive pity because if done right? If done right, cuckolding takes dominance and submission to a whole new exciting and MENTAL level altogether!

And can REALLY spice up a relationship – as you read about in Cuckold Compilations – but ONLY if done right.

As a recent reviewer said for the book (review on the sales page) – these are topics that need to be talked about, noone does.

Spot on friend, pretty much like ALL of what we talk about.

Everyone has them hidden desires, but acknowledging them and playing them out safely – way too few people do that.

Which is a pity again!

So if you’re into cuckolding done right and most of you are – you’ll want to grab Cuck Central now.

And for a glimpse, taste, glimmer – no pun hehe – of the fun that awaits – Cuckold Compilations.

But, remember.

Don’t put the cart before the horse.

And that’s that.

Remember to leave honest and unbiased reviews too folks! They really help others making an informed purchasing decision. Again, not enough people leave reviews which is a shame. Don’t be one of those people – thank you!

Back soon.


Mike Watson


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