Humiliation CENTRAL!

25 Ways to TRULY humiliate him and have him GROVELING for more …


Dear Reader,

If you’re at this page, you’re likely here because you’re either curious about or interested in finding out more about humiliation and the various associated fetishes/fantasies.

Perhaps you’re a lady and ready to plunge your man deep into the murky water of mental and physical humiliation from whence he might never return – – and if he does, it’ll be a nigh sissifed, cuckolded version that appears “out of the waters”!

Perhaps you’re like me – and INTO being humiliated, but your S.O. isn’t quite ready to take that first step – or worse, think it’s some sort of a “mental disorder”.

And I’ve got news in that latter case – – it’s NOT!

I’ll get into that bit in the book itself, but for now, suffice it to say that this page – and PRODUCT is for YOU if …

  • A dominant lady looking to take things to the next level in your current D/s relationship.
  • New to domination … and humiliation, but are interested in learning more about humiliation, and how it can be such a potent tool indeed in your “dominant” toolkit!
  • Have prior experience in humiliation, but are looking for new (and spicier) ideas!
  • A man that is looking to incorporate this element into his play.
  • A man that is TRULY comfortable with his submissive side … and TRULY comfortable with who he is at his very core, and looking to explore it with the right partner!

And so forth.

Now, what makes this manual stand apart from all the rest? Why exactly should you listen to Mike Watson on this topic anyway?

Well, first off, what makes it stand out is this – the brutally frank and honest, and “from the heart” style of writing — as well as the “no holds barred” nature of some of the fantasies (or scenes) I’ve outlined in the book.

These 25 tips will not only titillate — they’ll leave you with a giant hard on if you’re a man – – and if you’re a lady, well, you’ve just got yourself the perfect set of tools with which to forever dominate your man and turn him into the sissy bitch he was always meant to be!

This is gonna be a big part of your sex life from here on in, boy!

The best vantage point ever … and the perfect penis, HIS penis, that deserves ALL the pleasure it can get! Yes, Ma’am … and it was a pleasure, Sir .. Master!

My first experience with “domination” was at the age of 9 … when I could barely “get it up”, and yet, I recall my first orgasm to a pair of sweaty feet … while said person was sleeping soundly!

That bug has lasted with me all my life – – and that bug has led me to write over 30 books on femdom. While mainland China is a theme in most of my books, I’ve also made several trips to the Indian subcontinent, and have written about these ladies and my experiences there at length as well.

As I say in my books, it’s usually always “reality mixed in with the right dose of creative license”, and this holds true for ALL my writings.

As you’ll see in “Krystal – the Teaching Assistant”, “Sophia Bai”, “Empress Cody”, “Garima Madam’s bitch”, and the rest of my work, the stories have a “real” feel to them – – and why?

Because what I write about occurred for the most part!

And that in part is what qualifies me to bring this to you.  Learning from the school of LIFE – – and the experiences that occur therein is by far the best teacher, and better than any “certification” that you could possibly obtain on paper.

Not only am I vastly experienced in femdom with women of various ethnic backgrounds, cultures and nationalities, but I truly enjoy it – – and have learnt a LOT from it.

ALL my best sexual experiences until now have had an element of femdom to them, and if there is someone qualified to bring you this sort of thing in a digest, easy to read format you’ll enjoy – – it’s me!

What you’ll learn from this manual


If you’re a dominant Lady …


  • How to completely humiliate him … like you never have before, and ENJOY it immensely.
  • How to unleash your inner POWER as a true GODDESS – as you were meant to be – via the power of words alone, and then actions that follow up on those words!
  • 25 sizzling, perhaps controversial and yet EFFECTIVE tips on completely debasing him until he is no longer a “man”, but a “tool” to be used for your pleasure (no puns intended there!).
  • How to have your cake in bed – – and EAT it too!
  • How to enjoy the sexual freedom you were always meant to enjoy – – while he stays locked, denied – – as he was meant to!
  • How to enjoy the sexual orgies you were MEANT to … with zero guilt, as he participates in as well! Men have been doing it for centuries with women, but the tables will turn NOW as YOU turn into the sexually “despotic” Goddess you were meant to be at your core, and enjoy life as you were meant to be.
  • Never worry about doing housework, laundry or other chores. Once that seed of humiliation is planted in his mind, he’ll want more, and all you have to do is GIVE him more of what he wants!

If you’re a man …


Yes, Ma’am!

  • How to turn your woman into the force of Nature she was meant to be … a true, Dominant Goddess in every sense of the word.
  • How to mentally prepare her and “start her off” on the path to domination … a path best traveled when it’s accompanied by the right degree of humiliation. Words matter the MOST, and words along with the right pictures are what make the most impact on our psyche – – and humiliation is no different!
  • You’ll explore your submissive side, and then some.
  • You’ll replace the words “my sexual pleasure” with “his sexual pleasure” or “hers”.
  • You’ll learn that YOUR penis is insignificant, and exists as an “unfortunate” extension of your body. HIS penis however is what matters, and you’ll soon learn the meaning of being a true bitch as you’ll think of HIS cock and HIS pleasure at all times once you incorporate these tips into your life! This alone is worth the “price of admission”, methinks!
  • You’ll be testing and exploring boundaries like never before, and you’ll learn a cardinal “lesson” from all of this … that men in general were put on this planet to serve WOMEN – – sexually, physically, financially, and in every other way!
  • Pleasure like you’ve never known before, except this time it comes from proper mental indoctrination, and the joy of serving a superior woman. It’s been said that giving is always the best gift for onself, and guess what … you’ll be giving, giving, and giving in this sort of a relationship!

The above bullet points encapsulate but a FEW of the benefits you’ll get from this sort of a relationship, and from incorporating the tips I mention into your current D/s relationship.

Grab this little gem now – – and write back with tales about the SPICE this has added to current (either vanilla or D/s) relationship. I’ll share them with the world!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is a GREAT review focusing on what this book is REALLY about – the MEDLEY OF EMOTIONS – that come with TRUE humiliation – – which is what this book focuses upon … the emotions that CUT DEEP! 

Paula says it SO WELL!

And, there are many ways to handle it …

Including “loving her so much that he’s willing to be humiliated”, indeed, with the gorgeous, DOMINANT – Princess Joanie on the cover, I’d stare at her turds all day if she told me!

What drives you to do it – well – HER!

This book truly cuts DEEP, and your life will never ever be the same again after reading it and incorporating the tips above -get it NOW!

(and, dont forget the NOVEL on Madam here too!)