20 Different ways to worship ass that will have HER – and HIM! – BELLOWING for more!


And why I wrote this book …

Dear Reader,

When I wrote Sissy Central and then Sissy-gasm Central a couple of years back (well, one in 2020, one in 2021) – I had no idea how popular they were going to turn out to be, especially the former.

Sissy Central is truly a bestseller in the true sense of the word; so many people have read it, loved it, and lots have even bought paperbacks.

That is when you know someone is SERIOUS about books and the content in them.

Think about it.

It’s one thing to have fiction sitting on your mantelpiece for all and sundry to see, but Sissy Central, or any of my other courses?

That is what you call COMING OUT PROUDLY – as I do and have all my life, being unapologetic about it, and it makes me so happy more and more people are living out their dreams and fantasies in a SSC (safe, sane and consensual manner!).

Anyway, despite books on worshipping other parts of the body galore, I haven’t written books on two of the most popular body parts out there!

Knowing me, you might find it strange, but I haven’t written manuals on how to worship FEET as yet!


Although, anyone that reads any of my stories will know how to do it very well.

Talk to her soles, boy, not her! (or his).

And despite having written manuals on ball busting, cock worship, nipplegasms, sissygasm, cuckolding, sissy-dom – and more – for some reason, I hadn’t “touched” upon ass worship as yet.

We’re rectifying that here today!

Today, as Madam Megan turns me into her dream sissy (which I would be anyway, hehe, but she has taken the makeup to a different level altogether, as my Twitter followers can see!) … I feel compelled to write one of the books that I’ve been putting off for a while, but as I thought of the smell of rank, sweaty (or even washed) ass that never goes away from tongue no matter what you do or how much you floss, as I thought about BEGGING to do Megan’s husband’s laundry … as I thought about all the dick sucking I’ve been doing as of late (hence, Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots) – I figured I’d finally put this one out.

And with right cause ; ass worship is a very popular theme for a lot of you!

Now, you might ask why I need to put out another book on it especially after the roaring and resounding success that Sissygasm Central is.

Good question, but it’s easy to answer this one.

Sissygasms can ultimately only be gotten by biological men – whether submissive or not, or in the middle – NOT by females.

Females simply don’t have a P Spot, simple.

Ass worship though is equally pleasurable for females, since both men and women have so many nerve endings back there (though yes, sissygasms make it FAR more pleasurable for men as they literally give men repeated female orgasms without stopping – – and FAR more – the mental aspect of it is the real kicker, as is the continued feeling of lust you feel, just like a woman!).

So sissygasms are more BDSM oriented than anything else, though you can use them in regular sex etc as well and mostly for men (the pleasure).

But this book will work for BOTH men and women.

More importantly in Sissygasm Central, I did NOT focus on the prelimins of the actual ASS worship part.

The buttcheeks, the lovely smelly ass CRACK … the way his balls look from down there, the way her PUBES flicker from there … the way the asshole opens up, so INVITING … the way it looks so PINK down there .. the SMELL, the way you SMOOCH it … OH MY!!!

OH MY! Wouldn’t you want to KISS each inch of this stud’s butt, BEG to GENTLY pry apart the buttcheeks, stick your NOSE DEEP WITHIN! 

KISS HIS BACK, ALL OVER, WORSHIP HIM! And we haven’t’ even got to his dong as yet!


I realized that in the book above, I gave a lot of importance to the P spot, and way too less to the overall “ass” but thats fine. That is what the book was about!

THIS book focuses on the ass, period. THIS book is the “101” to Sissygasm Central, if I might say that.

THIS book is for you ass lovers out there.

THIS book is really what you SEE when you first see ass, and want to KISS it, worship every INCH of those regal BUTTCHEEKS!

THIS book will work for preferences and tastes “across the spectrum”. You do not need to be into BDSM to enjoy the benefits of rimming – or the sheer pleasure that comes from it – or alternatively if you’re into that, from doing it!

Ladies and men can use -and apply – and enjoy these tips equally!

And that is why I wrote this book – another gem to add to our rapidly growing collection. I remember an old editor of mine once saying “Jesus, Mike. At this rate, we’ll have to create another library just for you!

He’s a great guy, as is his partner. They were who gave me my first start, although I’d have done all this without them ultimately, there is nothing that beats the confidence an editor gives you when you write your FIRST book (which in terms of femdom for me was Serving an Indian Goddess) by saying “this would make a FINE collection to our femdom store” – and the little tips etc I picked up.

Thank you again, Phil and Steve!

And, without further ado, the SMELL that prompted me this morning!


The acid smell of RANK, sweaty (or even washed) ass!

It’s different, isnt it?

In the book “The White Tiger” – later actually made into a movie by the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra (well, she acted in it) – and some of the scenes, you cucks and sissies would LOVE the way the servant is humiliated (sad, but true, happens in real life) … the writer made a statement to the effect of

Once the smell of another man’s feet gets on your hands, you never really wash it off”.

Or something like that (this was after giving his employer foot massages for hours, washing his feet repeatedly while he relaxed, drank whiskey) – sort of the same thing I used to do so much for “Priyanka” in Serving an Indian Goddess!

Ma’am, so NICE!

He’s right to a degree.

I’d take it to another level and say “once the smell of RANK ass – ass cracks – and assholes – gets your breath – and tongue – there is no washing it off!”

Often times, after lengthy ass worship sessions I’ll thoroughly brush my teeth, floss, etc – some girls have giggled about it, but hygiene first!

I do it without any “saran wrap” etc – I prefer to put tongue direct for max feeling for HIM – and HER!

It’s so NICE!

And worshipping that lovely rump, there’s so many ways to do it, especially if it’s Madam Megan’s husband!

Ma’am, can I wash his dirty laundry”, I keep asking her in a beseeching tone, which she laughs uproariously!

You gay!”

But his ass crack is especially hairy … YUM!


SO INVITING, so manly, SO HAIRY! Look at the BALLS TOO! Imagine the MUSK! the SCENT!

Master, you’re SO NICE!


So many ways to worship ass, but it all starts with kissing the lovely, luscious butt cheeks like they were God (or Goddess).

Kissing every INCH of them, thanking them …

Inhaling the BREATH from them (penis breath? I’d say ass breath too! Hehe).

Having her – or him – literally “sit on your face!”

And of course, my favorite … putting my tongue deep, deep in – literally tongue fucking her – or his – asshole, and if its a his, pretend to reach his lovely P spot! (you wont be able to do that, but the further in it goes, the more you work – the more he enjoys!).

Licking the perennial region for men comes naturally with it …

So many different ways to worship ass – I just told you three!

What remains same?

That rank, sweaty smell!

Even if it’s a freshly washed ass – or asshole – that smell of buttcheeks sticking together – always there!

And that is what I was thinking of this morning.

Oh my!

If you’re into ass worship – the Pooja Memsahib and Indian Goddess series (the sequel really gets into it) will DO it (though a lot of my Chinese femdom books are heavy on ass worship too).

It’s just so nice for her – and him! They just lie there, enjoy … and if its a man, you get to worship his cock and balls too from down there!

Or she does, while you service his ass.

Its humiliating to an extreme – it gives them extreme pleasure – and sissies and cucks explode at the very thought of it. What more could one want?!

And that, my friend is “enough said”, isnt it? 

Ma’am, those cheeks are SO LOVELY!??



Lick his ass first, BOY!



Before ANYTHING ELSE, boy!

BEG first, beg for the sheet and utter HONOR!

A few moons ago, I was with Madam Su … you remember her, don’t you?

If you can’t satisfy me in bed, I’ll have other men … but you can’t have other girls!

The one lady that I’ll always remember no matter what – and it isn’t so much the lovely long legs – or the various hues, shapes and sizes of cocks she preferred – sometimes multiple cocks at one time, all night long – but her thinking!

If you recall correctly, that was the first thing (or one of the first things) she said to me upon chatting with me online – and if that in itself isn’t a testament to how VIBES are what it’s really about, then I don’t know what is!

So there I was in front of her and her lover, his juicy cock dangling in front of me, so far yet so near, his manhood starting to rise, his tumescence starting to swell in that ever so sexy manner, and the head, that lovely smooth black cock head right in front of me, with Su staring STRAIGHT at me in that lovely, dominant and most erotic manner!

Go ahead, boy! You know you want to kiss it before sucking it!

Truer words were never thought (at that point, at least!) – albeit not said, but words aren’t necessary at the best of times, as I’ve often said in my writings.

And as I leant forward to start worshipping that lovely cock of his, she stopped me, as he laughed.

Not so quickly, boy! Show him you deserve it!”, she cackled, patting my head as  you might a pet dog.

I was so infused with lust at the time that I didn’t know what to say, except gaze at that wondrous juicy schlong in front of me – and this of course turned her on even more!

Lick his ass first, boy!” 

Now this wasn’t the first time I had licked another man’s ass – but it was certainly the first time I had done so when commanded by a Dominant lady … and as I stuck my tongue deep, deep inside his crevice, probing and searching, flicking and teasing, he moaned in pleasure, and I instinctively took my tongue and slid it across his perennial region, lapping his balls as I did so …

This, by the way is one of the most erotic things you can do to a male.

Master, you’re so NICE! look at that DONG! And THEIR perennial regions, leading up to their HOLY, smelly, semeny butt cracks – and ROSEBUDS, so NICE! WHAT AN HONOR!

Many years ago, and I believe I wrote about this in Sin City Diaries – Volume #1 – I had this done to me, and I still remember the look on relief on the lady’s face when it was obvious I was going to kiss her feet after she rimmed, and not have sex with her!

Those experiences were all “once in a lifetime” experiences, and a must read – and if you haven’t already – grab the book – but for now … remember that the test of a true cuckold isn’t necessarily how well he sucks dick or his love (or hate) for it – but how well he SERVES!

It’s all about serving her – and her love for cock.

And it’s all about serving HIM – and making sure he’s as turned on as ever … but not necessarily because he likes it. It’s because that cock can then service her multiple times as she deserves, and that’s what it’s really all about.

And to me, if it involves licking his ass and balls – I’d love to do it, and I enjoyed doing it the first time Su made me do it – though I must admit, that massive cock plunging in and out of her as she screamed in sheer bliss was what I loved the most – and this was of course one of the bedrocks on which that particular relationship was built!

It’s all always about serving her – and her lovers – and that’s what true servitude – and being a true cuckold – is all about!

And if you haven’t already, make sure to pick up your copy of Cuck Central after you’re done grabbing THIS book! 

Benefits of ass worship for the sub/sissy/faggot/plain ole “rimmer”!

  • Extreme humiliation bar none. You’re literally worshipping their sewers, and in some cases what comes out of it in very creative, inventive manners!

  • A humiliation rush that comes like with NO others, believe me, while you’re simply staring at ass, not even being allowed to worship it before groveling first, before your lips touch SKIN … OH MY! You’ll feel like less than nothing, boy! (which is the entire point).

  • Satisfy your Master and Mistress like never before. Ass worship done right is one of the most pleasurable things for both men and women sexually, they rest, relax, while you do all the work, and it feels great!

  • Even if you aren’t into BDSM, rimming can and should play a part in your regular sex life, and this book (and the tips) show you how to do it.

  • You might hear her call you a sissy, faggot, Bozo, and the rest, but you, sissy, will NEVER hear her say “he doesn’t plesase me” again! Trust me, when you’re licking his – or her rosebud for hours on end, so much so that you’re breathing in their anal air, their farts, your talking to their assholes … neither a stud nor Madam will complain you don’t please them.

  • (They might keep shoving your head in, but thats the point, ain’t it?)

  • Get to know their assholes better than them, boy! Talk to their assholes, be humiliated like never before! Their assholes are better than YOU! They DESERVE more respect and pleasure than you, subbie, will EVER EVER GET!

  • Femdom, or maledom, and serving is all about respect. And the more you worship ass, the more naturally respectful you’ll get of women – or male studs in general. Youll remember its all about them, and NOTHING ELSE, which is as it should be!

  • For male asses, you’ll have the added benefit of being allowed to go to that holy grail of worship – COCK worship, but only after their butts have been done!

  • Subs love to watch sex, but not HAVE sex, and here with ass worship, you’ll be nose deep in her and his ass while they’re doing it, this is a cuckold rush like NO other. Trust me on this, this ONE part of it is worth the entire prices of admission, you’ll literally explode like a geyser while doing it, no touching sissy cock required either!

  • Your neck and tongue will become much stronger – though you might not think thats a benefit, that tongue and mouth will get more practice for licking her, and sucking his cock – just due to the positions involved!

And much much more. Truly a TURN on for subs is ass worship, but you know that already. Hehe.

Benefits of ass worship for the studs or ladies getting it done!

And I’ve been there too, so I know!

  • Experience the sheer pleasure and bliss that comes from having your anal passage thoroughly tongued – the feeling is INDESCRIBABLE, and when done without saran wrap as you relax? OH MY!

  • For you guys out there, if you’re getting your cock sucked, or balls – or nipples played with – or progressing up to a sissygasm, its HEAVEN.

  • For you ladies, equally so. There have been so many times I’ve licked my S.O.’s ass for hours while fingering hours, alternately licking her down there too … (no, it’s not dangerous in terms of germs if you are clean otherwise) …

  • Youll feel like SUPERMAN – or SUPERWOMAN and in total, utter control. Believe me, the very feeling of yelling out “lick my ass, boy” or “lick his ass first, boy!” gives you TOTAL AND UTTER mental control over your sub – that is a rush only those “in the know” will know!

  • You’ll find it easy to move your sub’s limits to the next level possible once you get him or her comfortable with ass worship.

  • You’ll also find it very easy to incorporate ass worship along with other forms of body worship as you’ll learn about below.

  • Perhaps most importantly, the mental dominance will be forever SEARED into your mind. Believe me, even normal couples – once ass licking is involved, the partner getting it more will naturally expect it more and be MORE Dominating!

  • Get your sub to perform debasing tasks like cleaning your ass after you go. Lets face it, that is a rush unto itself!

  • You might literally cum from the rush of watching your sub literally worship you while performing the lowliest of tasks and thanking you for it! (literally saying thank you)

  • Some of you folks have issues about “body shape”, body shaming etc – well, believe me on this one – whether your slim or fat, whether you’re in shape or not, the CONFIDENCE Boost you get from having your ass and asshole worshipped on a regular basis – nothing comes close, no other activity. You’re a Goddess, or God, it doesn’t get any better than this, does it!

And much, much more. If I could sum it up for Doms and Dominans in one word, it would be this – total and utter CONTROL, both mental and physical, but it starts from the mental!

Oh, and finally….

“He came several times reading Ass Worship 101 – once he started, he didnt want to STOP!?”

And I dont blame him. Hehe.

The much awaited review of Ass Worship 101 is here, my friend – and to be honest, what he’s saying – EVERYONE that gets our books and manuals say it – basically, the books dont just impart valuable info for you that will help you in the bedroom, even your life if you transplant the mental part to other areas of your life – but they make you HOT.

They make you want to “do” – want “it” – whatever that it is for you.

And thats the whole purpose of all this – teach – in an erotic manner like no-one else out there can!

A bit of background first – Joss Rod, who sent in this review might not be great at the English language, but his Spanish is “el perfecto” – and so are his ass worship skills. Hehe. In his own words and by his own admission, “he’s an expert at it already” – this was before reading the book.

The true experts keep learning, as I’ve always said. You never know it all.

So it is with ASS worship, my friend, and all else you learn – here is what Joss said –

“When I read this book I was fully immersed in reading, I’d seen videos and images about ass worship. but I’d never seen the internal part, the mind factor, I could see myself from the mental perspective of a strong dominant but also of a submissive boy bcse the reading is very descriptive, needless to say that I came several times ? once I started I didn’t want to stop.

Now – he’s done a great translation for the book, but beyond that – look at what he’s saying.

For material of this nature – IMAGERY is what works best. It does for everything in life, actually – we think in pictures – but especially material of this nature!

And it’s also why Humiliation Central got us banned off Amazon, something that hurt yes, but overall another step in the direction I’ve always wanted “free of Big Tech interference and prudity etc” (though really, the book shouldn’t have got banned – going for years and years, and all of a sudden they ban it – not on! It had dick pics yes, but so did Penis Central – far more – and all of that is in there for DESCRIPTIVE purposes, not “porn” – we dont do porn! Of course, the guy or gal that banned it probably got hot reading our stuff, felt guilty, and then banned it. Typical nutjob who wouldn’t acknowledge his or own hidden desires…)

And so, he’s seen plenty of porn before – real life asses, DONE the thing (very important) – and you’d think WORDS wouldn’t make much of a difference given his expertise in the subject matter and on the topic.


Words are ALWAYS what make the greatest difference and CUT the deepest,and make you FEEL it – if you do it right.

Not everyone can, there’s a skill and art to it, but either way, those words paint a picture in our minds, and as with all my books?

The words in Ass Worship 101 painted a picture in Joss’s mind that was far more erotic than even the actual images themselves – and that was because they explain the THOUGHTS and mindset behind the entire process which as I’ve always said, and rightly so, are what add SPICE to this whole game of “fetish”, life, everything – NO-ONE likes “boring” and routine, we all know it!

Second, like with all my books – this helps you regardless of if you’re a switch, Dom, or sub. Those skills are required for all. And the book explains it, like all mine do, in a manner that caters to EVERYONE.

And third, though I could write more on this – if the words make you cum – and “I ain’t even getting started” – well, my friend, there’s YOUR money’s worth for the book right there – in SPADES – no pun intended!!!!

Thank you, Joss! (not his real name).

Hi Buddy

Thanks for the note on this – no problem for the slight delay! This is a great short review and I will wait on the other review too –
I look forward to hearing (reading – hehe) it.

Yes – words from us “wordsmiths” do indeed paint a very GRAPHIC and vivid picture on others dont they? Glad to see the positivity spreading –
I look forward to your next review!


And thats that – I’ll be sending over the next more descriptive review shortly too.

My friend, our books and products truly change LIVES – not just in the bedroom, and they will change YOURS too. And today is the best day ever to pick up some great books and products – starting with the ones mentioned above and the one HERE.  Do so NOW.

Well, again – my friend ; that truly is “enough said” on this one.

Like with all our other books and manuals, this one will make a FINE, FINE addition to your collection.

Get it NOW.


Mike Watson