Sissy OUTED.

Way too many people are flakes these days. They lie. They don’t follow through on their word. They have an entitlement mentality that “it should all be given to them for free”. They’re lazy, fat, don’t want to work to improve their lives – and expect results anyway.

BDSM is even worse when it comes to the entitlement mentality as I wrote about here. (And the linked emails within).

A fundamental law of success at life, business – anything is being a man , women, or sissy of your word.

If you say you’ll do something do it – unless the sky falls apart – and in that case be honest about why you can’t do what you said you would. Don’t lie and make excuses.

Way too few people follow the above rule these days.

As I’ve written about before, cheap folks irritate me like nothing else, but what I really cannot tolerate and red lines, especially if the person shows NO intention of ever wanting to improve – DISHONESTY and blatant disrespect.

Sissy Gabriella, as y’all have been reading about has been guilty to an extreme of both of the above.

Repeated disrespect, bellergeince – and blatant lies – punishment was nigh for a while and it began last night.

The cow kept saying “you won’t do it” which amazed me. Why it thought in its cow addled brain that I wouldn’t follow through on what I said is a mystery.

Maybe not though.

Remember, this cow thinks in terms of being ultra cheap (think blue light special cheap) on everything except useless frivolties like liquor and other nonsense.

Everything has to be bartered, negotatied which is extremely annoying for me but I put up with it for a while.

But that attitude also meant she took me for “granted”. And the lying and disrespect continued. Cow thought “I’m paying Master,so I control the situation”.


You don’t top from the bottom, especially not with ME.

Until a point of course where I said enough was enough.

I told her what the punishment was, a trifling tiny send.

She wouldn’t do it.

And amazingly enough kept on mooing on about “how I wouldn’t out her, didn’t have info on her etc” – the false cow bravado displaying itself in a very hilarious manner…swinging from one end of the pendulum to the other.

I outed her to her roommate Evie – this nasty cow wears her panties on the sly, moos in her room and edges to cock – everything you’d expect from a nasty fat cum blubbering sissy cow.

Here is the email I sent –

Hi Evie
Hope you’re doing well!! I’m Mike – Gabriellas (Gavin’s )owner and Dom  “Perfect Master Mike ” as she loves to call me. Per your friend Gavin’s twisted fantasies which include him dressing up in your undergarments, being a sissy “cow” with holes for sweaty truck drivers at pit stops, being a glory hole babe and more – and of course, the rather perverted fantasy of his friends and coworkers “knowing about it” – here’s a video and a picture that might be very interesting!
We “out” people regularly as a matter of business (those with fetishes such as hers – Gabriella that is, which is what I christened her).
The reason for her outing to you though is extreme disrespect, continual lying and being extremely cheap (something I find highly annoying) . . . I tolerated it the first time, warned her not to do it again – but true to form, she never meant a word of what she said in terms of her hollow apologies and therefore an appropriate punishment must be dispensed.
The cow was the one that signed you up for our email list, which I’m sure you noticed.
There’s plenty of other conversations I will send too that you might find absolutely hilarious – I did and still do – all in “due time”. . . Especially the long drooling odes he’s written to my dick and balls, my feet – he’s literally smitten with me – not to mention how much he fantasizes about being “outed” (all of this has been well documented). Disgusting pig – but hey, we all have those hidden fantasies we never acknowledge. At least he seems to be on the path to acknowledging his!
Please do, if you would, let the cow know that actions have repercussions in the real world. She’ll understand. I’m not sure if she’s informed you about her perversions – probably not – but given her continual lying in all regards, one cannot be too sure. It was truly a headache Domming her as I could never do my job correctly and I’m glad to be finally “freedom” from it.
Enjoy the cows moos! I’m sure Gabriella would be happy to do a “moo dance” for you and her coworkers and possibly yours too – as well!
And, if you have any questions – feel free to email me. I’m sure the “unholy” cow () will do it’s best to deny everything but the proof is in its nasty pudding – hehe. (And some quick research on the site will confirm this – hehe).
Master Mike
I sent the following attachments –

Then this –



None of this would have happened if sissy did was she was told, bought the products she was instructed to, send full face pictures like most other sissies do.

No, she had to try and be in control and top from the bottom because of the blue light special mentality.

Once upon a time traveling in India I was sitting in a car being driven by a driver, who was an idiot much like the cow above.

Pulling fancy overtaking maneuvers he got in an accident.

Other guy gets out, gruffly looks at him.

“Badi jaldi me tha na! Ab dekh kya hua!!”

You were in a tearing rush, boy, now look at the result!

Same applies here.

I don’t bluff.

When I say I’ll do it. This sissy knew I would. She doesn’t want to admit it.

She will though as the escalation matrix continues.


Never disrespect me or lie to me.

I can see and feel right through it.

And punishment WILL accrue.

On a side note, someone from the Times in the UK has signed up for the list. Given cow Gabriella once wanted to be a world famous sissy, maybe we could put her on the front page. Hehehehe…


Mike Watson

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