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This morning as Bhagwati walked in, I shivered with lust as usual. She has this incredibly cute way of walking in as if it’s day one, those big black eyes staring at me as if she “doesn’t know”, is expectant, full of sexual tension as she was, still is, when it all started .. my, that’s sexy!

Waking up, deep sleep starting to evaporate – I pulled her close to me.

“AA na.”

Come here, I growled, grabbing that soft strong upper arms, those strong hips, waist and buttocks …

Bhaiya ji … She went in that incredibly sexy manner. Fuck! She knows how much it turns me on!

“Sab kuch jante hue bhi anjan banti hai”! I moaned-cum-growled while kissing her face, neck, eats, lips … Then pulled her to the bed, on top of her.

“Bol bhaiya ji mein apki hu”


Say you’re mine. Say it, the “bitch” bring left unsaid..

She tries.

Every time she opens her mouth I kiss her deeper again, and mumbles come out!

Of course, she loves that. Keeps saying it!

Kissing her deeply, I fuck her face to face as I do all the time. That lovely face, I can’t get enough of it!

Our roleplay, even when I’m massaging her feet has me “dominant” in a sense.

Not in the “I want her feet and I’ll get it” sense.

But in the sense of a “Malik”(Master) – a so called socially upward make – and a lower caste (which matters in this part of the world, not to me – but to most) older lady I’m employing doing the unthinkable – massaging her feet – and asking roughly for it!

Per bhi daba dunga to bolegi to… I moan.

I’ll do what you tell me to!

Our sex involves a lot of cuss words.

“Tu meri rand hai”, I’ll often gasp while deep throating her in that unique manner I teach in Penis Central and Cock Worship for Sisses and Faggots… (You’re my prostitute!).

Bahen ki Lori …

Sisters cunt …

All common Galis (abuses/cuss words) in India. Yes, women use them just as much too as men.

I especially love it when she rims me. I have these big strong butt cheeks, much like she does and she kisses them all over like I do hers, and when she used those techniques I teach in Ass Worship 101?

That tongue , long and slithery, flicking my prostate???



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