Shit stained TOILETS, lovely “Grace” and of course, the smell of her FARTS mixed in with skin…

Indeed, heavy – at least her poo.

Madam Pooja – or Pooja’s memsahib’s.

Remember, boy.

Her dumps are usuallyl ong, thick and perfectly formed, and one (I’ve often thought) weights as much as the pink dumbbells a lot of you sissies love so much!

Pink panties and pink dumbbells, faggot!

How does THAT sound. Hehe.

And there’s more (from the dress up standpoint) in Sissy-Central, truly the DEFINITIVE and one and only course of it’s kind out there in terms of turning into a sissy.

The only thing it doesnt cover is sissygasm, but of course, this book takes care of that (another must read).

Or, get both via the Reader.

But anyway, sissydom aside, sissy.

Imagine a pristine clean white toilet, so clean you could EAT off it .. literally (you cleaned it!).

And imagine her ORANGE shit staining the WHITE bowl …


Quite literally, boy …

Along with of course, Pooja’s lovely solid HEAVY dumps that “thick” out on the way out if you get my drift, are nice and STICKY, and of course, land with a huge thump and CLUMP! 

And massive SPLASH, boy!

And on that note, the farts.

My SO just farted in the “one leg up manner” I often use.

When I met her first, she admonished me for it.

“Don’t fart like that”, she giggled.

(her Dad does it too, but obviously not “polite”).



Why should boys fart whenever they want, boy! 

And girls can’t … 

And she lifts her leg up – one leg up and lets her RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

And they’re SMELLY – and mixed in with her brown skin – she’s truly an Indian Goddess for the AGES!

Anyway, on that note …

Some of you are on this list salivating for ages, and yet dont want to pick up a book or product.

Some of you have unsubscribed, which is great

But it’s the “maybe” lot of you that I do NOT enjoy.

Maybes, my friend, are for BABIES.


Either you want IN – or you dont – and really, no problem either way, but if you continue to clog up the list like your clogged plumbing, hehe, which Pooja will NOT service (she’ll give you one to your full balls though!) … well, you are not serving a “purpose”.

Really, to be honest.

YOu’re just wasting time and space – mine and yours.

So, make a decision either way, cuck.

And if you say YES – it truly will be the BEST cuck decision you’ve ever made in your “sorry little life”. Hehe.

Last, but not least, Bozos (and this idiot is in the UK) – Ive told you before. 

Messaging women late at night and dumping your fetishes on her won’t cause HER to piss and shit on you. 

She will just RUN from you as if you were the plague from China, and if thats you (who asks me on Instagram for pictures of my legs, and sends inane messages like the above) – well – you’re worse than it!

And thats that for now. Back soon!



PS – “My lovely, dear, perfect Grace … 

Enjoy your weekend! Yes, I know you’re busy. Just saying!” 

And she is, really ….

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