25 different types of those LUSCIOUS DONGS we all LOVE, and how to worship them so they keep coming back for MORE!

Introduction – and why I wrote this?

Dear Reader,

A wise man it was, or perhaps a woman that once said “any thoughts you have in your head continually can be made into an information (or other) product that people will not just buy and learn from – but enjoy immensely”.

Truly, there is a market for everything, and the success Spicy and Erotic Fetish has enjoyed for one proves this.

Our products, books, courses and manuals hit home – they go where NO man – woman – or sissy – or tranny – hehe – has gone before.

And we deliver results to you in a format that is easy to understand and just flat out works.

Now, cocks you might ask – or penises?

Somehow, I love the word “penis” – and “dong”.

Cock, dick, all these words are so commonly used the allure has been lost.

But “penis” is an official, even respectful way to refer to the lovely organ we all (or at least, those reading this book) love so much – and dong, the polar opposite, it smacks of .. well, lust!

And it is while Im infused with pure and utter lust talking to Madam Megan who seems to be enjoying sissifying me (to the debasesest extents possible) that I wrote this!

I didn’t need to do this, of course -my prior course on cock worship “Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots” has literally broken all records, and as you can see from the testimonials on the site, is a truly “life changing book”.

And more.

Lots of people love it, but while that is a treatise on cock worship in general, and a must get – lets face, what do us dong lovers love the most about dong?

Sucking, worshipping – yes.

Being fucked – yes.

And of course, you don’t necessarily have to be into BDSM to love dick!

Gay folks love it, trans folks love, folks that are “open minded” love it – as a guy Etienne I once knew on a public forum rightly said “cocks are just sexy!” – -and normal couples, well, cock is a part of every sexual relationship too!

Sure, the phallus takes on more meaning in BDSM etc from a mental level, but otherwise, in general, is there any body part that gets SO much attention – both consciously and not – and is as much talked about or thought about?

I don’t think so, hehe.

And so, this course was born – to give you a “taste” of what we think about all the time.

What a lovely STRAIGHT DONG!”

Oh my, it’s curved so nicely upward!”

That hits the spot so well!”

While Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots was an all size fits all course, this course will give you tailor made advice on DIFFERENT types of dongs … and how to best worship them so that they as we cock lovers know and want; keep coming back for MORE!

Pleasuring a cock is just erotic, lets face it!

Literally and figuratively. Hehe.

Last, but not least, the eternal question will come.

Is it gay” (or more commonly “thats gay”!).


I’ve got tired of debunking this nonsensical “is it gay” myth that I have debunked so often in Cuck Central, Sissy Central and my other courses.

And I’ve got tired of repeating myself over and over again in terms of “labels are worthless”.

Maybe I’ll debunk it once more in this course, maybe I won’t.

Point of this course is, enjoy the different types of cocks, descriptions, and how to worship them!

And thats as simple as it gets!


Master Wang’s PEFECT dick poking out of his uniform, it’s so SEXY! His cock and how to love it – and get MORE like it – is mentioned in this pathbreaking course. My he makes me SO WEAK!

IS cock worship (or penis love in general) “gay”?

* First posted in Cuck Central – but applicable here too. Enjoy!*

Today I’m going to delve into a very popular misconception – and indeed one that prevents those truly interested in cuckolding to enjoy all the benefits of said fetish with a FREE and open mind (well, not the only one – but one of the main ones).

That being, “are cucks gay”? (The same thing applies to cock worship or any other related fetish)

The other of course, is the jealousy issue we’ve spoken about before, and to that my answer is, has and always will be the same – GROW up, guys!

You wanted her to do it – now that she finally is – you’re giving her a guilt trip over it??

And of course, if you as a male sub can’t do what she wants in bed – which is to pound away like an alpha – which you aren’t – then she deserves all the sexual pleasure she gets from other men – while you pamper her in all other regards!

Horses for courses – pun intended – big black horses, hehe.

Now back to the “gay” thing.

Are you gay if you like sucking cock? Why would you want to do it anyway? Why would you want me with other men anyway??

The last is beyond the scope of this email – but let me put one thing to rest, my friend.

First off and as I’ve stated tons of times before, labels are nigh worthless. Life and sexual preferences in general are shades of grey – not black and white, and it’s erroneous to lump individual into any sort of wide ranging bracket such as “gay” or “lesbian”.

That said, in the traditional sense of the word (and indeed, that is what makes it so deliciously humiliating!) – you’re gay not simply because you like cock.

Plenty of straight guys, not the least of all ME – LOVE cocks – and yet we don’t want to be in a relationship with said man.

We don’t even want to know him beyond the cock, hehe, unless it’s about his sexual preferences while serving Mistress!

For those that DO – for those that would rather kiss/marry a man than a woman – or in terms of fetish, rather kiss his lips than her soles – well, then yes, you may be “gay” or a tad bit thereof, but the vast majority of subs I’ve come across have been anything but – and ditto for you alphas out there.

Other hand, true cucks do tend to be real submissiveness – for reasons as mentioned in the last email – but also because they are in essence submitting to another man – if just sexually!

I’ve written in the past about his lovely white cock. No actual ladies were present there, of course, and although we got horny talking about girls, the FACT remains I submitted to HIS pleasure – and did what I Could for HIS pleasure – and so in that regard, I do believe cuckolds in general are far, far more submissive than your average male sub and thats one of the reasons true male subs should ENJOY cuckolding, hehe.

In Garima Madam’s bitch , I wrote about looking at Jerome’s large black soles, intertwined with Madam’s delicate Indian soles – and that, to me is a POV I neglected to mention in my last email that really really turns me on!

And as a true submissive – for her – I’d gladly kiss, worship and massage Master Jerome’s feet – his ass – his balls – and even his smelly underwear – all because of HER!

But I’d still be submitting to them both, my friend.

But would I be gay??

I think not!

So – for those of you male subs that are experiencing guilt trips over this – cease right now – it just aint’ worth it!

And that’s that !

Ah, but wait!! 😉 .

You don’t get off so easily, sissy boy! Let’s face it, cocks turn you on, and you’d love to be the “center of attention” sucking cocks pointed at your face – and be a cum dumpster. You’re not a real man, boy! You’re a sissy girl – and faggot – and you’ll remain that, you little GAY faggot!

Hehe. Isn’t the humiliation a real turn on? Showl is – more of the SAME here —

(But really, pick up THIS course first. Hehe).



First, well, the obvious.

Each dong is different, much like I’ve said each FOOT is different – and therefore, you must (if you’re a true cock worshipper, and want to service each dong truly as it deserves) – learn how to give IT the most pleasure!

Like Madam Susan and others taught me so well, each FOOT is different, as is the lady attached to them.

Talk to her soles, boy, not her!

As you start getting deeper and deeper into your dream D/S relationship – there are many,  many ways you can spice up your relationship – and your life – both in the bedroom and OUTSIDE!

And yes – true femdom does NOT limit itself to the bedroom. True femdom does NOT need any special occasion or event or location to manifest, and neither does it require “play” necessarily (although that usually follows!).

True femdom is, well, just there.

It’s inbuit in the lady – – that look in the eye, her attitude, that casual, yet so meaningful raised eyebrow, or index finger, or combo therein

And since it’s always THERE in most ladies, the key thing to remember for you subs is this – TREAT her as an Empress as far as possible – sometimes literally!

Again, there are tons of ways you can do this – – and I’ve mentioned plenty of them in my manuals – as well as books – – but today I’ll go over one way that I have NOT covered before – at least not in my manuals! ?

This one way is a sure shod way to humiliate your man like never before over the long term – and for you male subs – and especially foot fetishists, it’ll be like manna from heaven, or BETTER, given it’s a true Goddess that is sending it your way!


And that being – talk – not to her – but her FEET – and soles in general!

I’ve mentioned this often in my writings, and it was an integral part of my training with Madam Krystal as well.

Always keep your gaze down, and eyes firmly fixed on her feet, boy! 


The words still ring out loud and clear in mind, and as for Goddess Priyanka – as well as Madam Carrie if I recall correctly, they quite literally had parties where I’d be recognizing the ladies not by their faces – – but their FEET!

And while I certainly don’t recommend this straight up when meeting a lady – no better way to turn a lady OFF, by the way – it’s certainly something I DO recommend after you get to know her, and start to incorporate BDSM into your life.

It’s something that is easily doable – anywhere and everywhere, really. It’s something she likely won’t mind, but will giggle away at, and it’s also something that’ll embed your submission to HER as deeply into your mind as it’ll SEAR her dominance over you in hers! 


In ancient times, Emperors and Empresses in the Far East used to have their minions and servants bow upon greeting them – – and also to walk “backwards” out of the room with eyes downward, so that royalty never saw their backs – – and they never looked royalty in the eye!

In India, it used to be common place for indentured labor – and servants in general to “press their owners feet”, and wash them – or take their footwear off as soon as they entered the house – or even (and sadly, all this persists today in a NON FETISH setting – which again is sad) not be allowed to sit on the same chairs their employers sit on or use the same utensils, etc etc.

And so forth in the West too I’m sure, in days bygone!

And so – what better way to truly make her feel like a Goddess when there are extended periods during the day where you do NOTHING but stare at her feet, or better, her SOLES as you pamper them as they deserve to be?

Madam Pearl’s lovely SOLES!

I’ve done this a lot with Madam Pearl – – every night in fact. In fact, as I write about in many of my books, the soles actually took on a life of their own as I’d massage them, and as their owner slept comfortably, blissfully unaware of the “servant” at her feet, toiling away into the early hours of the morning (and sometimes all night!) – they’d actually TALK to me!

I’d see – not just feel – the foot relaxing, and by extension the entire body. I’d “see” the soles smiling at me, and telling me that “this is my true place in life!”

And so forth – and any true male sub that has really submitted fully to his Owner will know what I am talking about here.

Ditto for Carol (her of the lovely feet ) – – and many, many other women I’ve been with over the years.

And here’s the best part – you’ll love it, and she’ll love it even more – and at the end of the day, there’s no possible better physical connection that strengthens the mental connection between Domina and sub even more than THIS sort of a connection!

Not only that, each sole is different.

For instance, if the soles are broad, and the lady is overweight or fat, then the entire foot needs to be massaged more while planted comfortably somewhere – as opposed to say an “in shape lady” who wears heels all day at the office – in her case, the arches need to be massaged more.

Ladies that just got back from the gym might need their calves rubbed along with the bottom of their feet – both “turn by turn”.

And so forth. Learning how each woman wants, or rather, needs (a good sub should anticipate her NEEDS) her feet worshipped is key, my friend – pun intended, and maybe not.

Its like driving a car.

The more you worship feet, female feet, the more you learn the different ways to not just talk to the soles, but WORSHIP them!

The same, my friend, holds true for penis – or DONG!

Talk to his penis, boy! Not him! Learn how the penis is doing, look at it, FEEL it, WORSHIP IT, SAVOR IT..

Talk to it, get to know it.

Did it just cum?

Is it feeling like cumming? Was it stuck in jeans all day, tight, needing to be unfettered, or was it in loose gym wear?

Do the balls needs to washed? Do the hair on the balls need to be seperated first – some men need this when especially sweaty?

Would it like a suck – or a hand job – are you doing a GOOD job of it?

All these things, you’ll learn the more you worship penis, my friend.

You look at his reaction, sure, but you have to look at how the DONG reacts, if you treat the dong like a human being, almost, give it that respect, trust me, you’ll do a good job worshipping it!

The following writing should give you a good idea of what I mean.

Talk to her (and his!) asshole … BOY!

I’ve made no secret of how Madam Susan, perfect Madam Susan, so royal, imperious and UBER DOMINANT – made me talk more to her feet (soles, actually) than HER!

Get to know my feet better than your own face, boy!

Talk to my FEET – not me!

And as I massaged or as Madam said “pressed” her lovely feet over and over again, often times for entire nights as she slept comfortably, I discovered that what I already knew, and what she told me, was right!

And true!

As I kept pressing her feet after being shod in different kinds of footwear the feet started TALKING to me.

The soles, especially!

And sometimes the soles would be red and tired.

Sometimes the arches would scream out “we’ve been in heels all day, boy! Massage us!”


And I’d talk to them by pressing them and serving them!

Pooja Memsahib Ji was another lady I did this so often for!

It’s a pity though I haven’t come out with a book dedicated to both of these two lovely ladies. But fear not. THREE (or two, actually as of now) are at varying stage of getting done.

One is a book on …well, Goddess Pooja herself! She deserves it, and it’s about 40% or so done.

And the other is Princess Sophia!

That one is about 30% done as of now, maybe a bit more …

And I hope to have both of these done and out by the WEEK. If not earlier.

But anyway, talking to their asshole!

And nothing and no-one taught me this better than the older and oh so dominant Pooja!

Khol ke chat!” (open and lick, boy!) (and she wasn’t talking her legs!) she’d often command while on her stomach after a hard day and more than a few drinks!

And I’d part those voloptous AGED ass cheeks.


I’d sniff the sweat between them.

And I’d gently kiss the area around the asshole, inhale the noxious fumes off her ass crack …and she loved every bit of it.

There have been times I’ve spent hours kissing nothign but her BUTT – straight off the toilet!

And toilet worship is something that features heavily in the book I’m dedicating to Pooja, as it did with Ms Priyanka , so you toilet afficiandos, be on the outlook for it!


But anyway …

Pooja’s asshole, that lovely dark colored CANAL through which the waste of her body passed, and through which my tongue often passed so oftenw ould wink at me!

I’m sweaty, boy!”

Lick me well boy! Lube me up, BOY!”

That feels good, boy! Probe that tongue DEEPER!”


I mean, I’d literally feel like her “third eye” was winking at me, and it was a pair of lovely tight lips I was smooching, especially when one of her lovers mounted her doggy style, and I’d see his dark manly asshole, perennial area, and studly balls hanging low as they went at it…

Till date, I’ve performed tasks for Pooja that no-one would think even the closest SLAVE, not servant would do – – on a daily basis.

But I’ve never kissed her on the lips.

I’ve kissed her on her asshole though. So many times I can’t remember!

And for men too, I’d often passionately worship Master Jerome’s asshole, as it too would talk to me!

And with both of these assholes, and others, I’d always have this thought.

Their perfect SHIT passes through here!

It’s the lowest part of their body which gives them so much mental and physical pleasure to have worshipped!

And much like soles, I better thank that asshole for the privelege of being allowed to lick to it, and get to it!

And that thought drives me – and drove me – insane with lust!

Sissy life is so much fun. And for those of you that likes LURID and GRAPHIC tales of man on man worship with a devious dominant LADY involved, check out Cuckold Compilations .

And now that we’re past that, same thing for pee holes being spoken about here!

Their pee passes through it, the SEMEN, the CUM, the loads, the BLASTS, the pre-cum … all of it!

Same thing with the shaft, the JUICE, the JIZZ travels up it … the balls …

All of it deserves to be worshipped!

Get the picture?

I think you do …

Other than this, more benefits beyond the obvious …

Submissives, and “vanilla” cock worshippers …

  • Cock worship is a submissive activity even if you’re not into BDSM, and that sheer RUSH, that sheer feeling of SERVICING HIM – and of course the way he REACTS when you slobber on his dick is what makes it all worth it – along with the SIGHT of the dong! And when you worship each cock in a different manner, or slightly different manner – then you’ll see cocks up front and close in all their glory, and their pleasure will be yours too – x 10!

  • Take the submissive vibe to the next level – enough said!

  • They talk about looking the person in the eye when sucking dick? Well, that might be good. But in this course, you’ll learn that “talking to his dick, not him” is really the way to do it, you’ll be looking at his third eye more than anything else, boy – or girl!

  • How to give him pleasure and satisfaction like never before. Paying attention to a man’s dick as I teach you here is one of the best ways to win his heart over – or his dominance – trust me on this (or both!).

  • You’ll unlearn the nonsense they teach you in porn. In Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots I debunked a lot of the nonsense that goes on in terms of how to give the so called perfect blowjob, in Sin City Diaries, I’ve debunked the handjob part … and this book goes deeper into it, with an emphasis on each dong, it’s shape, and why each shape needs to be “handled” differently!

  • You’ll learn how to keep him hard forever once you learn the tricks in this book!

  • Minimize his refractory time, and have him ready and going for round numero TWO almost instantly after one, and so forth!

  • You’ll learn why long penises need to be worshipped differently from thick short stubby ones, and you’ll learn why cock HEADS are all different, and each deserves worship that little bit differently.

  • You’ll learn that pee holes, much like assholes, have a life of their own, and talk to you as well!

  • You’ll never think about the words “dickhead” or “penis breath” or such with “distaste” again. Hehe. Ok, that was a bit of a farcial one, but it’s true.

  • Most of all, you’ll feel comfortable in your skin submitting to your basest desires – you literally won’t care if anyone calls you gay, or a faggot for doing so, because if you’ve made it thus far, you know what really matters is YOU, and your BASE DESIRES, and what you really want, not some silly opinion someone has of you (they’re like assholes aren’t they these opinions? We all have them! Hehe).

And more.

Dominants (and those on the receiving end. I’ve been there, trust me!).

  • Learn how to take your dominance to the NEXT level by DEMANDING your cock be worshipped in that special manner! (it deserves it, so do you!).

  • Pleasure like never before on repeated, daily and nightly basis because your sub will enjoy it as much as you!

  • A common lament is “I give him blowjobs, but thats all he wants, no sex”. Well, those reading the book … if you’re a true a cock lover, you might want sex, but you’ll never lament the lack of it, because you’ll learn there are so many different ways to pleasure, and be pleasured in terms of cock worship!

  • CONFIDENCE like never before; once you have someone worshipping you like that, you’ll naturally grow more confident, period!

  • Relax like the king (or, if you’re a trans, Queen) you are while your cock gets worshipped, and you do exactly “F all” in return – and she (or he) loves it!

  • Teach him – or her – how to worship right via the tips in this book. Those of you into BDSM, this is a hugely powerful tool for mental conditioning – play – and more!

And more. Really, dominants, if you’re asking “whats more” then youre probably not dominant in the first place!

Her stud’s PRISTINE DONG deserves NOTHING but worship, boy!

She’s SO ready to suck dick! (and be taken by a big, burly hair man with a lovely DONG! 

She even does laundry and gives foot massages! 

. . . all for DICK . . . . speaking of which, his DONG!

deserves nothing less than WORSHIP …

. . . from a CUCK like you! 😉 (and perhaps that is the one and only reason, and it would be a great one, lets admit it – YOU need to invest in this mind blowing course!) 

And last night he came to me for just that RIGHT (and my HONOR! ;)) … or THEY DID, I should say …

In that “ethereal” period when one isn’t fully awake, and neither is one fully ASLEEP …

Yes of course I can have other men, boy!” Madam said sleepily ,as she relaxed comfortably on the bed, nothing but her feet visible poking out from under the light cover she had on.

She was getting her feet — her soles rubbed JUST THE WAY she liked — by yours truly, of course.

The bed was huge, but there was only one person in it … for now!

You serve me well, boy!”

And I kissed her feet and thanked her profusely for calling me “boy”. That’s something I’ve been asking her to do for a while, as you may or may not know …

Madam, may I request something?”

Yes, Michael ….” (giggle)

Madam, please talk to me like your servant. Like a true inferior. You know, ancient days servants in China ….”

Down, boy! oh my! if THERE WAS ever A DOMINATING POSE, THAT IS IT, Ma’am!! SO NICE!

My voice trailed off, but my import was clear!

. were treated like dirt, weren’t they, giggled Jojo.

You really want to be a good servant!”

Alright, BOY!”

And she smacked me one. “Now get to work… boy!”

Said with that knowing sneer … along with a loving look and giggle and if you reading this think true love is not possible with femdom, well, think AGAIN my friend.

Femdom relationships can indeed be some of the closest, tightly knit and UNDERSTANDING (and SUPPORTIVE) relationships ever!

Believe me, when either party is willing to forego sex, and enjoys it, it’s a relationship that’s different!

When one party is willing to dominate the other because his or her HAPPINESS lies in serving, and nothing else … that’s something to be treasured!

And as for sex, well, Madam gets plenty of it — but I don’t, hehe.

Madam often has men over … “fuck buddies”, as she calls them (or more rightly, as I “taught” her, hehe. She used to refer to them as just “friends” — which is something funny that Chinese ladies do, by the way. Even if you’re sleeping with her, you’re just a “friend” … until you get married or something similar!).

I’ve often asked Madam Carol if friends cum in each others mouth’s….!

Do they? Maybe so! I never DID get a response, hehe.

And her stud often f**** her bareback (sorry, email filters, hehe) and pulls out just at the right moment. And points that lovely, sexy, LONG, smooth black cock at me before he moans, that primeival “aaaaahhhh” coming out JUST at the point of release, before he knows he CANNOT contain it any more, and as Madam watches on, eyes glazed, yet happy with that LOOK to them, that wicked GLEAM, he blasts a load all over my face, and I slurp it all up!

Sometimes, I cum, and I’m ordered to polish Master’s shoes with my own cum!

My MASTER is so BIG and BURLY, his DONG SO PRISTINE! And I just love his muscular strong haunches, his ass crack…

That alone is a story unto itself and the regal Princess Joanie was the BEST at doing that, but back to her older version — Madam Jojo … she doesn’t limit herself to any particular color of cock.

White, black, Latino, they’re all OK — so long as they’re slim and have long cocks, and aren’t FAT and in shape …

You see, Madam doesn’t need to be in perfect shape. Her feet are what matter, and her ass, but her studs do need to be in perfect shape!

And studs don’t get the privilege of being “friends”, as I am (friend and SERVANT, I should say!)

She truly DOES know how to use men for what they’re worth, hehe, and as her latest white stud was pounding away at her, his long cock dangling ever so invitingly in front of me, I just had to bend forward and suck the head … but I pulled that lovely foreskin back first, of course, and as he fucked my mouth, the low hanging “fruit” … his lovely balls banged up against my chin as I fingered his ass lovingly, each “KY jelly” laden thrust (guess who applied it first to his ass so it would feel good for him!) making him moan even more.

Before that, of course, he was sitting on my ass with my tongue working his lovely assHOLE and ass crack, while Madam was sucking his dick so expertly that just looking at her doing it made me want to cum.

Of course that naughty LOOK in her eye didn’t help either!

And as for how much of this is fantasy — and how much reality — I’ll let YOU be the judge, my friend.

What IS real is what Princess Joanie made me do though, and a lot of that is detailed right here in the book dedicated to HER —

Go ahead and grab it now — you cucks out there will love it, for one!

(But again, get THIS course first!) .

And so now that its all said and done – –

Back to …

25 different types of dongs, and the best ways to WORSHIP them!

Disclaimer – A lot of you might think this course, and the tips are all about cock sucking.

I wouldn’t blame you there – hey, we all want to do it!

But that would be doing the dongs a gross disservice themselves. This course is all about cock WORSHIP – hand, foot, mouth, regular sex and any which way you find applicable.

I’ll try and cover them all in each point as well!

Well, my friend, I’ve said my bit – now it’s up to YOU.

Get this now, one of the best I’ve ever written, and that is saying a lot.


Mike Watson

PS – Here is a “glimpse” at the types of dongs you’ll learn about in this course …

1. Straight, and long

2. Curved – downwards!

3. Curved – upwards!

4. Cut dongs

5. Uncut dongs

6. Phimotic dongs – fully.

7. Phimotic dongs – partial

8. Thick “garden hose” / short dongs.

9. Thick and long!

10. Micro penis.

11. Perfectly shaped head dongs

12. “Square” headed dongs

13. Curved to the side dongs

14. Straight, long, uncut, but foreskin fully retractable!

15. Straight, long, cut

16. Extra long dongs

17. Dongs with DENSE pubes attached

18. Dongs with shaven pubes

19. Dongs with “small yet full” balls

20. Dongs with “large, low hanging” balls

21. Dongs with misshapen heads

22. Dongs with “drooping heads”

23. Extra thick, extra long, phimotic dongs.

24. Extra thick, extra long semi-phimotic dongs.

25. Straight and short dongs.

Get your lovin’ on NOW.


Mike Watson