RED HOT – SCINTILLATING – REAL LIFE experiences from yours truly

– in the land that is truly a “Mecca” for TRUE femdom lovers!

10 trips down memory lane in the Southern Chinese city that will CHANGE the way YOU think about FEMDOM – forever!


Dear Reader

Welcome to Sin City Diaries – Volume #2. If you’ve read the initial diary – and have enjoyed it – then you’re likely salivating for more – and more is what I’m going to bring to YOU – in my typically “brutally honest and factual manner” that you guys have gotten used to and so enjoy.

It works best when it’s straight from the heart – – and it works EVEN better when what I’m writing about ALL actually occured!

I’ve often mentioned that my femdom tales are reality mixed in with a dab of creative license. Perhaps 99% of the former, and 1% of the latter.

Well, in this case – it is all 100% REALITY. For those of you that complain about not being able to find the right dominant lady – well – THIS diary should come as an eye opener, and further proof of the FACT that if you really, really want it – – you’ll find a way to GET it – – without even TRYING!


Before proceeding with this diary, and indeed all my other stories (I mention this in some of them), it might be prudent to mention that the (what is commonly known as) “The Great Yellow Crackdown” in 2014 completely changed the landscape of this city with regard to what I’m writing about.

Dongguan went from, quite literally, being the sex capital of the WORLD, to being a city where it still went on, but no more so and probably way less than what you’d expect in any big city.

This crackdown was so intense, and so “strict” in it’s implementation that not only was the city police chief fired (from what I read on the Internet, and from what I heard) – – but more than 30% of the city’s economy just disappeared.

Remember, it wasn’t just the brothels and the establishments and those that worked in them/ran them that went out of business. A whole ecosystem had sprung up to service the women who worked in these places – – as well as the clients, and ALL of it went bust shortly thereafter.

Combined with the general downturn in the economy around then, as well as most of the factories leaving for “cheaper shores” such as Vietnam, the writing was on the wall.

The glory days were over, and ARE over as far as I can tell.

There will NEVER EVER be another Dongguan, with the pioneering, frontier spirit it had back in those days, not like it USED to be at least!

There will probably never be towns that sprung up specifically to cater to “second wives” (those being prostitutes that were “reserved” for a certain person who of course paid them lavishly for this privilege!). The towns are still there, of course, but the second wives are long, long gone.

But the memories linger on for a lifetime, my friend. . .

The girls are still there, albeit not where they used to be, and albeit not in openly “provocative” roles as it were!

Ah, the memories from 2003-2006 … and up until about 2010 or so … ‘Twas indeed the experience of a lifetime for me, and indeed, even today, when I tell folks about “how things were”  back then, they blink and don’t really believe it.

Why did I write this book


A TRUE MALE SUBMISSIVE’s PLACE is never just AT her feet. It’s always UNDER!

And yet, such as it was, my friend. Such as it was, and this nostalgia in part is what prompted me to write this.

Other than the nostalgia, and the fact that plenty of folks have expressed interest in learning about how it truly was back in the day, this sort of a diary may also and probably will provide a lot of insight into my tales in terms of background, and how it was back in the day – – and why a lot of the stories ended up the way they did!

And as I say in all my books and writings, a huge thank you to all the Chinese ladies who pretty much made all of this possible, and made this period of my young life (at that time) one of the most educational, instructive (real life!) and FUN ever.

I’ve been to countries galore, but nowhere did I have so much of a “whale of a time” as I did in Dongguan, and that is pretty much another reason why I keep returning there throughout my travels.

Another reason I’m writing this is to add a “personal” touch to my stories.

All too often it’s easy to read the stories and forget the “heart” that went into it.

I want to make it more personal – – and THIS is the best way to do it, by telling you about the actual experiences, the actual ladies, and even the exact PLACES (well, some of them, at any rate, there are too many to list them all in one Volume). This is IMPORTANT to me, and should be for you as well!

So here’s another disclaimer. While the first disclaimer stated that there’s hardly any real fetish in this book – – the book is about what the title states i.e. Sin City diaries, the other thing to note is that you won’t find crude or de-personalized references to women here.

Sure, they were prostitutes doing a job, but to me, that doesn’t make an iota of difference. They were human beings trying to earn a living, and to be frank they did it with a far better spirit than I’ve encountered anywhere else in the world.

I’m bringing you my tales of PERSONAL interaction with them – – not just the “gory details” of what went on backdoors, although yes, there is that too!

Last, but not least, it’s important to remember that anything in life, or any place for that matter comes with the good and the bad. The ups and downs. And being this is all sexually oriented writing, it’s also important to remember that every experience I’m detailing wasn’t perfect in every way – – but yet, there was something to be gained from every one of these experiences. See if you can spot ‘em – – with a sexually oriented mindset, of course! 😉

Dive on in … I trust you’ll enjoy this first Volume of  “Sin City Diaries – Volume #2” as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you!




This book is for you if …


  • You’re interested in learning about “how it was back in the day” when Dongguan was “sin city of the world! For most people today, they cannot imagine what it was like back then – – this series is an attempt to “unravel the shrouds of time” as it were, and bring you back to what it was like back in the day … a time that will likely never return, but hey, who knows!
  • You’re interested in diaries that while detailing sexual dalliances and the establishments they were partook in, also focuses on the actual interaction between said parties.
  • You’re interested in China in general “back in the day” in this regard. (and in that case, my Chinese femdom novels would be a great read as well!)
  • You’re interested in REAL LIFE femdom experiences where you’d least expect it – – not to mention FINDOM as well, as I detail later!
  • You KNOW that true femdom is always about her having her cake – – and eating it too!
  • Learning about financial domination – – and why money is truly the most important for these Queens – and women in general – as it should be!
  • Learning about why women deserve to have MULTIPLE MEN – only to satisfy them – in the way THEY CHOOSE
  • You are WELL AWARE that women in general are Queens – – regardless of whether or not they’re paid sex workers or not!

  • You have a submissive mindset towards women in general. Now note that a lot of what I’m detailing below doesn’t necessarily require a submissive mindset on the part of the male – – in fact, most of them shouldn’t have – – but this is yet another example of “if you truly, truly desire something – – you’ll get it – – without even trying” – – and so it is with TRUE femdom lovers in general!
  • Most of all, if you’re interested in getting a “sneak peek” into Mike Watson’s mind, and the “background” behind all the stories I’ve written (and there’s more on the way as well!).


And if that is you – and if YOU are on THIS page – – it likely is – – and in that case, enough said, my friend. I’ve said my part. I’ve detailed some of the most private experiences of my life (indeed, a diary – think about it!) for YOU to peruse and enjoy (and hopefully learn from too!). I’ve told you why I’m doing this – – and I’ve given you what you can expect from this little diary of mine.

Now it’s up to YOU, my friend. I’ve done – said – and written my bit – – and I’ll be waiting to welcome you ABOARD as well!



Mike Watson

P.S. – This diary truly IS the best of it’s kind out there. Forget the “sex stories” you read about on the Internet, or the sites dedicated to “mongering”. None of that is real life, in depth – and as IN YOUR FACE as THIS diary will be. In fact it’s pretty much as if I were to take my real life diary, scan it, and send it over to you. It’s that private – it’s that personal – and it MATTERS – that much to me – and thats yet another reason you should grab it rightaway, my friend.

Do so NOW. Strike while the iron is HOT, my friend … right here ….