Sin City Diaries Compilations (Volume 1-3)

And why mainland China truly IS the BEST place to be for REAL femdom!

REAL – back in the day – REAL stories, REAL occurences … from a FEMDOM standpoint!


Dear Reader,

If you’re here, then you likely KNOW what this page is about. It’s about a town where I’ve spent most of my adult life – – a town that has gone from being a sleepy little hamlet in Southern China to a massive, bustling (well, until a few years ago, anyway) industrial HUB … and many other things, but for the purpose of THIS narrative, what was known as the “Sin City of the world”.

Move over Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya.

Move over Vietnam, although yes, it’s getting there from what I hear.

And move over Vegas too, hehe (and yes, ’tis true, and when you read the stories – you’ll see WHY!)

The Sin City series is an attempt to bring YOU, the casual reader and (or, and this is probably true) the FEMDOM enthusiast – and if you’re looking for real stories of FEMDOM in Southern China – – in ways so humiliating that you’d never imagine it possible, then this manual is for you.

If you’re looking for femdom in the most mundane of situations, this book is for you.

If you’re looking for femdom – REAL, DOWN TO EARTH femdom … from people you’d LEAST expect, and in situations that again, you’d least expect, and ladies that are DIRECT and BRAZEN about it – well, this one is for you!

My world famous (by now, hehe) experiences are detailed in the three Volumes I’ve put out thus far, and for you “all in one” lovers, well, here is compilation ONE. More on the way as time “flies”, hehe.

Each of the Volumes contains 10 true trips down memory lane, so you get 30 here!


30 true trips down memory lane featuring …

  • The lady of the night that looked at my ejaculate in such utter disgust, that you’d think she was the one paying me … and not the other way around!
  • Madam Su, and how EXPERTLY she cuckolded me … and so natural was it, that it felt like I was always meant for it!
  • The imperious and gorgeous Princess Anya, who wanted me to pay for everything … from the word go – – BEFORE I met her. A must read, this one, hehe.
  • The lovely Venus, and how she was BLUNT about the fact that she wanted to have her cake, and eat it too, and while KEEPING her cucked husband, hehe.
  • The massage worker that JERKED HER HEAD back in DISGUST … utter disgust, as I CAME. . .
  • The massage lady that made sure to ruin my orgasm, despite me having paid for it …
  • Princess Sophia, and why my BANK account is the ONLY thing that matters to her!
  • Princess Hebe, and why she NEVER needs to answer anything … but YOU DO!
  • More massage workers that did their best not just to MILK ME … but also milk my bank account, hehe.

And many, many more my friend. Those are actually just a few off the top of my head that I decided to put in as a “teaser” (of sorts), hehe.

This book is for YOU if …


  • You’re interested in learning about “how it was back in the day” when Dongguan was “sin city of the world! For most people today, they cannot imagine what it was like back then – – this series is an attempt to “unravel the shrouds of time” as it were, and bring you back to what it was like back in the day … a time that will likely never return, but hey, who knows!
  • You’re interested in diaries that while detailing sexual dalliances and the establishments they were partook in, also focuses on the actual interaction between said parties.
  • You’re interested in China in general “back in the day” in this regard. (and in that case, my Chinese femdom novels would be a great read as well!)
  • You’re interested in REAL LIFE femdom experiences where you’d least expect it – – not to mention FINDOM as well, as I detail later!
  • You KNOW that true femdom is always about her having her cake – – and eating it too!
  • You are WELL AWARE that women in general are Queens – – regardless of whether or not they’re paid sex workers or not!
    • And if they’re in the category above; you pay … to make THEIR LIFE EASIER!
    • And if that bit is humiliating for you … well, good. That’s what a true male submissive DESERVES.
  • You have a submissive mindset towards women in general. Now note that a lot of what I’m detailing below doesn’t necessarily require a submissive mindset on the part of the male – – in fact, most of them shouldn’t have – – but this is yet another example of “if you truly, truly desire something – – you’ll get it – – without even trying” – – and so it is with TRUE femdom lovers in general!
  • Learning about financial domination – – and why money is truly the most important for these Queens – and women in general – as it should be!
  • Learning about why women deserve to have MULTIPLE MEN – only to satisfy them – in the way THEY CHOOSE!
  • You KNOW that true femdom is always about her having her cake – – and eating it too!
  • You know that when it comes to a woman, the lowest parts of her body are literally your SHRINE!
    • Her feet – -and especially her soles, whom you should get to know WELL!
    • Her asshole – which you should get to know EQUALLY well!
  • And while we’re at it, why just paid sex workers? It matters NOT if they’re foot massage workers – – traditionally seen as a “lower echelon” in society … as you’ve seen in previous Volumes of this book, they are anything but … and …
    • Your job is to be submissive to them … and amuse them, as the client who they can humiliate – – and get PAID for it!

Most of all, if you’re interested in getting a SNEAK PEEK into ole Watson’s mind as we “unravel the shrouds of time”, well, this book here WILL DO IT, and HOW!

And more, of course!


Truly a grab at the $128.88, $99, $68.88 price it’s been offered, my friend, a price that will NOT last forever. Go ahead and grab this little ditty NOW!


Mike Watson