The sound of ASS cheeks rubbing against each other, the SMELL and more!

Well, so many years ago (or perhaps not, depending upon how you look at it, hehe) a 7 year old girl I was teaching English to did the following.

(YEs, Mike Watson HATES teaching English, but the lady paid me damn well – her Mom that is. PErfect Madam JOY!)

(And she was so perfect if you get my drift, hehe).

But anyway, she paid me well, and I did it for a few months after getting sick of even that (even the money wasnt enough to keep me interested).

Mike Watson is the sort of person who if he doesnt like anything (or she, hehe) just won’t DO it, period, no matter what.

You might as well try and wring blood out of a rock, or cum outta me (real man style), hehe.

But anyway …

So the little girl told me to be quiet.

She’s learning early, hehe.

And she said the following while holding a taut elastic band and twirling it.

“can you hear some “micro vibrations”” I believe she said (low frequency or something I think she used that term …)

And I nodded.

“Yes, little one”, I laughed back. “Silent but deadly fart!”

OF course, that didnt fail to amuse her.

Kids are the BEST!

But it reminded me of not just farts.

It reminded me of the asses I’ve been PRIVELEGED enough to worship, both male and female, bodacious and bootylicous or not.

The THIRD eye, or second pair of lips too. HEhe.

I wrote about the “third eye” opening on the other site.

Maybe I should write about it again. Maybe I will! 😉

On the other site for THIS here biz ….

But anyway, the SMELL of the asscheeks rubbing against each other, and the gentle noise!

The farts coming out of that asshole on occasion (I still remember Ms. Priyanka’s – remember – Madam had trouble “going”!)

Pooja Memsahib JI has no such trouble, hehe.

And her ass ALWAYS smells pungent, and fragrant, and I delight in worshipping it. She makes me do it as well with equal glee, both BEFORE and right AFTER she takes a dump!

Thankfully never WHILE.

But the second book on that series will be MANNA – or doo doo, hehe – from HEAVEN depending upon how you look at it, my friends, because we’re getting very close to actual “doo doo” worship!!

Her hole, actually.

That lovely sexy asshole winking at me.

Before a large brown TURD escapes. 


And they are NIGH ON HOLY, boy! 

Paye LAgu, Madam JI! 

And thats all I gotta say about that as ASSES fill my mind, hehe.

And his ass too!


Mike Watson

PS – I spoke about his ass too, and rightfully so. Su made me lick so many male assholes I’ve lost count, and she made me literally BEG to suck their dicks too, and I loved every bit of it.

And one of the cardinal rules in Cuck Central, Sissy Central and “Cock Worship for Sisses and FAGGOTS” is this – lick his ass first- BOY!

It truly is worth it, and the way it should be DONE! hehe.

Be sure and pick up the courses too. TRULY WORTH IT! And SHOULD be done – NOW (yes, I’m seeing how many of you are “abandoning the cart” post adding!) 

(I’ve been knowing to do discount coupons on occasion too, but you gotta take the initiative to CONTACT me first, hehe, and then MAYBE – big maybe – I’ll do it! ;)). 

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