Dominants are not sex workers.

Yesterday I wrote about the idiocy of subs trying to top from the bottom.

Read that post first before this one if you haven’t already.

The mentality a lot of folks have about BDSM and those involved, especially dominants – they’re “nothing but prostitutes”.

They use their bodies.

Which is the stupidest thing to say for many reasons – bdsm is all about the MIND and even these topping from the bottom tiny dicked wankers know it.

There’s no mind involved in prostituition. Just body. BDSM is ALL about the mind and while yes, sexy feet, dicks, asses, whatever you’re into helps – they are all ultimately accessories – and NOT the main turn on.

There is a huge difference between paying a prostitute for a blowjob or footjob or whatever – and tributing a dominant to be truly dominated.

In the former case, the prostitute performs a service and leaves. No responsibility beyond the initial task, could care less.

That’s not the case with an ongoing dom sub session.

It’s like the lunacy of teaching English in China I have spoken about in the past where adult students attempt to “instruct the instructor how to teach” (see Krystal the Teaching Assistant that was anything … but! and a lot of my other novels for this theme – a true theme) “because we paid a lot of money” (and because they don’t really want to learn English – more of a face thing for rich women with money to burn) …

They pay quite well in some cases yes.

But would you go to a karate instructor and instruct him or her how to coach you?

Swim coach? Driving instructor? (Brings to mind a cuck last night who could barely park – I had to end up instructing him while the woman next to him giggled. Typical cuckold) …

I don’t think so.

Same thing applies to BDSM, even more so.

There is no script.

True dominance means the sub trusts, obeys and submits fully.

It also means the Dom is in it for the long term and not just “to make a buck” as a lot of these cheap idiots mentioned in the “topping from the bottom” post seen to think. It’s an ongoing investment from the Doms end – and much like a life coach lays out a plan for success – so does the Dom (in terms of getting you to your ultimate goal).

There’s no solution for cheapskates of course. Give them a 49.99 product for half that, they’ll want it for 9.99. Give it to them for that, they’ll whine about $0.99 bluelight specials while happily shelling out for utterly useless and mostly unused spends like gym memberships, Netflix, guzzling fat inducing beer nightly etc. Apparently those are investments for these idiots.

But I’m not talking about just them.

There’s people that have the right attitude towards money ie “what I spend comes back to me multiplied” – but they too have this thinking of “we pay so we set the rules”.

You don’t.

That’s called topping from the bottom…

And that’s that.

My book A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China explains the theme very well – if you’re truly into femdom, maledom etc – get this book along with the affirmations now.

And learn.

And that’s that.


Mike Watson

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