Outing you small dickies and BETA FAGS one by one! ?


Since so many of you have sent me pictures of your tiny dickies, asking to be outed -and since it’s now happening on Twitter too, here goes!

You pathetic cucks, LOSERS, sissies and BETA FAGS – SHOULD BE OUTED, we all know that!

And for a TINY fee of $50/month – I’ll post YOUR dickie here – along with plenty of others – and your Face too – and your posting will be ALIVE AND VIEWABLE as long as your payment is! 

Forever – in PERPETUITY! Remember, to be outed like this on the #1 premier femdom / fetish site – something not to be taken lightly, and this price above I’m offering it for, truly “priceless” if I say so myself – so any true sissy will want to jump on this – NOW

And People are LOVING IT!

TESTIMONIALS (more on the way shortly!) 

Rob from the USA, and his reaction on being OUTED!

Requirements –

  1. Send me a bit of a blurb about you – and your tiny dickie, basically, anything that can “identify” you without being too “personally identifiable” if you get my drift. NO personal documents please!!
  2. Send me your picture!
  3. Your small dickie, along with your FACE – the most important, so we CAN ALL LAUGH AT YOU!
  4. Any other stuff you’d like to be posted, and any Madam’s you’d like me to send it to, or Masters!


The $50/month is a recurring payment that covers you being outed on this site – forever! 

And #4 is a one time “sending” that will be done for FREE if you so choose . . . Hehe.

(additional sending to be CHARGED per requirement)

Send away, dickie boys!

And remember, dickie boy – SEND a description and PHOTO – full – via email to me! Or i’m not going to post anything, PERIOD!

Lets do this RIGHT. or not at all!

Suckie Suckie, get going! ?




Mike Watson

PS – Ain’t THIS cock luscious? Compare it to yours, dickie!


Start sending, BOY!

PS – Dickies and more “outing” information will be posted HERE .

PS #2 – Passports, drivers licenses and other documents will not be posted (for obvious reasons) unless you EXPLICITLY ask (in which case yes, I will do it!).

PPS – Before sending in your payment, remember to read the ….

TERMS OF SERVICE for being “outed” – 

  • Membership to the Watson faithful does NOT include membership to this section. 
  • Outing is ONLY done on a “per request” and consensual basis ie. you have to REQUEST to be outed in order to BE. 
  • Once outed, there is NO going back.  i.e all requests submitted are final. Mike Watson and/or SpicyandEroticFetish are NOT responsible or otherwise liable for any humiliation or other effects resulting from (either directly or indirectly) your info being publicly viewable on the Internet. 
  • As has been noted in our general REFUNDS policy – there are NO REFUNDS OF ANY NATURE offered. However, you are more than welcome to cancel your subscription as and when you deem fit to – and your picture and info will be removed at the end of the billing period which you have already paid for. 
  • If you accidentally send over info you should not have, please inform me, and information posted will be retracted (pun!) on a “case by case” basis. 
  • If your picture or other information is posted HERE, but you did NOT request it, please CONTACT us asap, and we’ll have it looked at asap.
  • EVERYTHING needs to be SSC and LEGAL! (safe, SANE, CONSENSUAL, and legal – NO UNDERAGE submissions accepted, ditto for bestiality and such!)

You agree to the above terms and conditions upon requesting to be outed (and accepted after receipt of payment). These terms and conditions are non negotiable and FINAL.

Have fun, sissies!