Submissive Musings (in mainland China) – Volume #3

Madam Su, and the JOYS of being TRULY cuckolded …

Be careful of what you truly DESIRE – – you might just GET it – – and THEN SOME!


This is the THIRD in a series of many “musings” mixed in with observations and experiences from a personal standpoint. I’ve been involved in femdom for many years now, and none more so than with ladies from mainland China, who’ll play a regular, if not almost “constant” part in the series of writings to come, and with good reason.

Those that are regular Mike Watson readers know no doubt by now my strong preference for femdom in terms of BDSM. Those “in the know” also know of my various writings and musings on the issue. And yes, I write a lot, but for whatever reason, a monthly newsletter was never truly on my mind – at least not until several readers urged me to detail my experiences with Madam Pearl, and so I did.

Strangely enough, this newsletter (unlike the daily one most of y’all are likely signed up to) got consigned to the “bin” in terms of regular updations. The last one was Volume #2 – featuring the imperious Madam Sherry, who literally “uses and discards” men (that story hasn’t come to a logical conclusion as yet even months after writing it!).

Anyway, this is Volume #3 – – with cuckolding and of course HUMILIATION (and femdom while we’re at it) being the main themes.

The imperious and ravishing Madam Pearl was the heroine of the last tale, and Princess Sherry her of the dominant nature, captivating eyes and sheer VIBE (that pretty much laid me out flat the first time I “laid eyes” on her, albeit online) was the heroine of the second tale.

And now, it’s the imperious and lovely – – and RAVISHING – – and oh-so-confident Madam Su that is the heroine of this tale, and rightfully so. When it comes to cuckolding, she stands out – – no pun intended (or maybe it is, hehe).

Most of the literature and fantasy etc that I see out there on this topic is lacking from ONE angle – – the MENTAL standpoint, and “why” these activities are a huge turn in the manner they are.

At the end of the day, I’ve always found external looks to be just that – – external.

It’s the mind that’s most important, and consequently, the vibe that mind gives off, that communicates itself to the other person surely and about as directly as cold water being splashed on your face on a wintry Sunday morning.

Sure, looks are the “physical” package, but all the good looks in the world serve no purpose in this regard if not accompanied by a dominant vibe, and it’s this vibe, this analysis of the situation itself which I find lacking in many narratives that I’ve read.

Of course, none of this means I’m writing a scientific journal here. I’m not. In fact, a lot of this will be experiences and actual events that occurred, that you, the male submissive will probably enjoy (and will probably have a raging hard on reading it the entire time).

Without further ado then … GRAB Volume #3 – – and be on the outlook for Volume #4 – – in the works as we speak!