Get yourself -or your SISSY – in the best shape of her life to do what SHE does BEST – be a SISSY! Hehe. 

25 Sissy workouts (and isometric holds) that will build the SISSY body of your dreams!

So, and first of all …

Why did I write Sissy Workouts? 


That is the bazillion dollar question the “Watson Faithful” – or everyone, really, that chances upon this website has!

A fetish “guru” – the “real mc Coy of femdom” – “The real Macca of femdom” – the only writer that does it “REALITY mixed in with more than a dab of creative license” (as opposed to the other way around) – and much more – basically the to go source for info in the fetish world, and more – but workouts?

Well, X and Y it rarely IS, my friend.

Life is shades of grey, or Z (no pun intended there).

I’ve said that fetish wise, life wise, relationship wise, it all holds true. Nothing is as black and white as it appears to be.

And your truly Mike Watson has many talents – one of them being extreme and intense workouts – which admittedly have been influenced by a certain fitness friend of mine (who in turn is the “bodyweight exercise guru” and many other things his grateful clients and fan base refer to him by) …

… But this isn’t about me.

It’s about YOU!

And sissies, and fetish lovers in general tend to not just be SMARTER than the average (you gotta be to realize that fetish is normal, EVERYONE has ’em, nothing to be ashamed of!) – and FITTER than the average (you’ll see that smart people are usually fit as well, the reverse isn’t always true though).

And I mean REAL fitness.

I dont mean the huge bloated muscles at the gym.

I mean real fitness, flexibility, health from the inside out – and oddly enough or maybe not, most sissies have bodies that are in conjunction with their desires to be pretty women – but with their sometimes very long dicks, hehe, they’re perfect “male specimens” too in many regards!

Yes, which is why the women want them to be their sissy! Hehe. One of the cardinal rules, I believe I laid out in the pathbreaking book Sissy Central – – stay in shape – but real shape, ie a FLAT stomach and sexy abs (not necessarily gym built poking out abs) is what women really want – and desire!

Tall, SLIM and sexy – and that long dick!

A strong BACK and shoulders!

And … minimal fat on the body.

THAT is what women really want, my friend, and even the gym goers know this very well.

Sissies know it too …

Bulging muscles dont cut it, friend, neither do excuses of “but I’m big, not fat” (as my friend says, if you’re fat, and have a huge gut, then you’re not fit, period, you’re FAT!).


Anyway –

Some of the position sissies love to get into – well, you’ll see they’re positions that require FLEXIBILITY. Hehe. See beneath –

Or this –


(this one for you FEMALE subs out there – yes, they exist!) 

These poses may seem simple to SOME, but they are damn challenging for the average person out there!

Try getting into these poses – or even HOLDING them – let alone “doing something in them”. Hehe.

(and before saying they’re too simple – DO ’em! With exact, proper FORM!)

CAN you do ’em – CAN you do ’em comfortably – CAN you do ’em for time – CAN you do ’em without risk of injury? DO these poses turn you on? DO similar poses turn you on – WOULD you want to get in them? (but can’t!)

(And I just answered why I wrote the book again. Hehe) 

Being a real sissy means opening up your nether regions to accept – as opposed to just eliminate.

And, these positions (taught in my book) will not only strengthen all the muscles you need “back there” – your ass, groin, sphincter, and so forth – but also the ABDOMINAL region which women so love – and all sissies so desperately crave “sexy woman”!

You’ll be able to GO for longer.

You’ll have more stamina in whatever you do.

And so forth …

And that – those are essentially the reasons I wrote the book – to teach you positions and styles of workouts and exercises that are not just perfect for sissies, but TAILORED for them – and even if you are NOT into being a sissy, these – will give you the workout of your LIFE (and I’m just getting started!).

In short, well, thats why.

All sex is ultimately about the mind.

The mind only functions optimally once the body is.

And the body only does when you treat it like ONE unit – train it from the inside out – mentally , physically, and spiritually, and you’ll see what I mean as you train the exercises I give you in this book.

But first, a bit on visualization …


One of the things I do when I train, or write, or do anything in general – and something YOU should do as well, is keep your “overall goals” in mind, my friend.

Its one thing to “do the thing” – but it’s quite another to “See yourself doing the thing first” and then do it!

If you were to ask me what the SECRET out there in the open – in my pathbreaking book “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” is -it is this. Right there. Out in the open, and yet, like Napoleon Hill said so famously in Think and Grow Rich, I could tell you the secret myself and I have here, but it won’t matter until you discover it for yourself.

Truly, and this is something the Watson faithful know so well, you “attract” what you DEEPLY believe in and want, not consciously “think” or think you want and so forth.

And this attraction wont happen in a manner that you consciously think it will but it WILL happen, and the results will ASTOUND you – if you let them!

This works in all spheres of life.

My friend who teaches me all I need to know about fitness (and therefore I teach YOU – and I teach him the other stuff) – has a student Tracy who he once wrote about in a book of his, an English student that along with a lot of others he taught could barely SPEAK English when she started.

Three months down the line, she was better off than all the other students – how?

They all got the same “tuition” imparted to them, but what Tracy did – and listened to in terms of advice from him was to VISUALIZE and see herself at her goal FIRST.

And this applies regardless of what your goal is!

Fetish wise, as you workout, THINK of the results you want to accomplish fetish wise.

Visualize them as if they had already HAPPENED.

And go ahead and train while you do that.

Not only will get an extra BURST of energy if you do it right – and if you deeply believe in what you want – but you’ll clear your mind and gain a laser focus upon YOUR goals – not what someone else has set for you – like never before.

These, my friends may seem like mere words.

But in this paragraph here, if you read between the lines, I’ve explained sexual transmutation and visualization, two of the most confusing things for most people – very explicitly, and as someone recently said “economical in words, but glorious in action”. (no, I’m not drawing that from a Communist playbook on something, hehe).

Most wont get it, those that do – well, APPLY!

I could write a tome more on all this, but if you’re interested in visualization, well, contact me and I’ll direct you to some books written on it – REAL stuff – real stuff that works.

For now, just remember to incorporate the practice into your FETISH too!

And while you workout with the exercises here, THINK – along the lines of what you want to accomplish!

And physically, well, get in shape for the extreme positions and contortions. Hehe.

BENEFITS you can get from this book (specifically for sissies and fetish lovers) – 

  • The first and most obvious benefit is overall fitness, and  a body that women actually LIKE and want i.e. minimal fat on the midsection, a trim and toned midsection, abs that aren’t glaring in terms of how they show, but “beneath the skin” rippling like a cat – and a strong lower back – strong shoulders – and so forth. Understated often works best in terms of fitness!
    • (there is a reason the word COUGAR was chosen, hehe – as well “feline”…!)
  • This book will work for LADIES too – or submissives of any nature!
  • BOUNDLESS energy and stamina which are needed for … well, do I need to mention it? by following the routines in the book.
  • Explicitly strengthen and open up the areas which most training programs IGNORE – the hamstrings, back of the body – the GROIN (especially)- and while doing so, you’ll notice the anus and sphincter and butt muscles in general (sissies, take note) strengthening, loosening, and more! (all of which is needed to … well, use your imagination there!)
    • Lose fat at warp speeds for those of you that are fat.
  • Some of the exercises will be a workout unto THEMSELVES for you guys (and girls) out there.
  • Improve your digestion beyond belief.
  • These exercises target the sexual “karmic” areas – which most “Western” schools of training ignore, and the sheer ENERGY and bliss you’ll feel while “high on sexual feelings” all day when you get into these workouts and do the visualizations like I recommend is BEYOND belief.
  • You’ll be ready to stretched out, spreadeagled, shackled, paraded around and more – WITHOUT risk of injury!

And much, much more …

Get this book NOW, my friend.


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Mike Watson