Can you get away from who you really ARE?


Like I wrote about here, those hidden desires will never go away no matter how “hard”- no pun intended – you try.

You can force the thoughts away, but your subconscious mind knows what you truly want and NEED. Much like an elastic rubber band snapping back after being pulled to its limit, you’ll revert back to what the subconscious knows you need.

This concept was explained very well in Dr Maltzs pathbreaking book Psycho Cybernetics which among with Claude Bristols “The Magic of Believing” and all of the great Napoleon Hill’s writings are MUST reads for everyone (oh, Emersons Laws of Compensation too). And no, I don’t get anything by recommending the above books to you.

Unless you find a way to reprogram the subconscious that is, such as how I lay out in my book A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China. It’s exactly how I attract anything I want in life – almost on autopilot.

Not everyone knows – well, they “know” but don’t understand that the best Doms were all extremely submissive at some point in their life. You have to be in the other persons shoes FIRST and take it FIRST and willingly before you can dispense it!

Read this.

That was when I wrote the Krystal…series – at my most submissive at Happy Giraffe school!

Down the line I reprogrammed my subconscious mind towards the extremely dominant which sounds impossible to most. But, not everyone can do that – wait – let me rephrase. Not every one is, importantly l, willing to take the steps and action required to do so.

Recently Moo Cow Gabriella who was reprimanded for attempting to top from the bottom , being rude, cheap, wanting it all for “free”, but most importantly, completely unwilling to follow any form of instruction – replied with “I’ve escaped before! I’ll escape again!”.

“I’ll stop getting aroused at the thought of being a cow”.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Put a juicy penis head in front of the cow, she’ll be on her knees, angrily sucking it like her life and existence depended upon it. Hehe.

Foot, dick, whatever the sub is into.

“Why don’t you just let me go and I’ll live my life as an unfulfilled sissy!”.

Well,first because I never let go. Once you’re mine you’re mine. Second, she isn’t even officially in the stable as yet so it isn’t my place to “let her go”. Poor thing. Writhing in agony and frustrated to the T at not getting me, she (you’re one of a kind, Master Sir – which I am of course, hehe) the Goru makes these comments.

As Colonel Trautman said in Rambo III (outlined in Serving an Indian Goddess) “when are you going to come full circle John”?

The war weary veteran hiding out in Thailand doesn’t get it.

The Colonel explained to him that he was hiding from who he was, what he WAS at his core.

“Let me tell you a story John. A craftsman made a wonderful statue and when asked how he did it , his response? “I didn’t make anything. I merely chipped away the rough edges”.

(I’m paraphrasing – exact words in the book – but that’s the gist).

“We didn’t make you this fighting machine”, he continues. “we merely chipped away the rough edges. You’re always going to be tearing apart at yourself until you come to terms with who you are – a full blooded combat soldier!”.

Rambo responds with “I don’t want it anymore”.

Colonel simply smiles and says “too bad. You’re stuck with it!”.

Again, the whole dialog is in the book but it bears pertinence to what we are discussing here.

And why we do all we do.

Noone is happy living and unfulfilled life.

Idiots will reply with “I’m happy being unhappy”.

Which is a statement so retarded it doesn’t even need a response.

Accept who are.

Importantly, take the actions you need to GET to where and who truly are deep down inside.

These aren’t just words on paper/screen.

They are how life – any life – should be lived.

And that, my friend is that.

Back soon. .



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