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Miss V Beauty Salon

The sub-title says its all: My Next Door Neighbor. I’ve replaced a letter in the main title to protect the “innocent”, but the rest of what is mentioned in the story is true, especially the shoe rack.

The imperious and dominant Madam Carrie has loaned out her “chattel” to her next door neighbor–this one takes off right where Madam Carrie – Volume Two left off in terms of the “three on one” humiliation, and takes it a step further!

If you haven’t heard the Madam Carrie series as yet—listening to at least the first two volumes might be a good start.

Or, dive straight into this—more Asian femdom from the very “king” (or is it the opposite, hehe) of Asian femdom—Mike Watson—and as always, reality mixed in with a dash of creative license!

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Kennedy Malabo, who had a problem with his Audible account when he first tried to narrate this book. He PERSEVERED, and finally got it resolved, and then got in touch with me to narrate this  -a true case of being “truly interested” in the project – and it shows in his narration! The “foreign” accent adds a touch of mystique to the narration as you listen. Super job – Enjoy!

Owned by Madam Aa Ling

An I.T. professional is struck by “lean times” and moves to Southern China, where he meets the gorgeous, and oh-so-dominant from the word “go” Aa Ling at a local “bordello” (brothel). He quickly learns that his desires don’t count—and the meaning of what I keep saying so often about true femdom not being about looks, body type, or any external “nuances”. A lady of the night can dominate you and keep you in hand just as any other lady can, and this book is living proof of that fact!

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Amanda – or Eva, as the case might be, whose done another super(b) job of putting the VIBE INTO THE STORY – listening to that voice truly and literally makes me weak as always! It’s no wonder her narrations sell like HOTCAKES. You guys will LOVE THIS ONE, an old classic from the Watson library, as hot as ever!

Serving Ann


Serving Ann is one of those works that I never quite got around to completing in its entirety. As opposed to Sophia Bai and a few others, this one was supposed to be more than a few volumes, but as of now, I’ve got only one written.

While femdom is no doubt the central theme as with the other books, “true” femdom is often not so much about external looks and appearance as it is the mindset, which usually manifests itself via “that look in the eye” (as I seem never to tire of mentioning in the books, hehe). This story is a perfect example of just that.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Cynthia Bickford, who has done such a superb job of this narration that I’m left … well, tongue out, hanging on to her every word! She’s got a FANTASTIC older lady vibe going on, perfect for this book and many others she’s narrating for me, and she is GREAT to work with, was more than happy to take my initial feedback on board (and I’m glad she did, or we wouldn’t be at this stage – haha) – uber professional, I cannot say enough good things about you, Madam Cynthia – hehe. And you guys listening will love this!


25 Odes to Alpha Males in Underwear!

That bulge his package makes, my!

It’s so sexy! I’ve written about this before, but as I sit here trying to decide what size of underwear to buy–since my two millimeter peter got even smaller after the Vietnamese lady pointed it out, hehe–and since I like wearing “bikini” cuts these days (haha not really)…or actually, what style of underwear to buy, I kept seeing all these ads of men in underwear.

How many of us can claim our eyes don’t get (either sexually or not) naturally drawn to the male, manly bulge in that underwear?

Nothing quite brings out the sissy in you as cock in front of you–so tantalizingly near, yet out of reach–even if it’s plain white underwear like Rueben wore that lovely night I’ll never forget–the treasure that plops out!

Bulges all look the same, unless you have a two millimeter or less peter, of course. Hehe.

Yet, the nipples, the men, the penises associated with them are all so vibrantly different!

Look, every female sole is different, Radha Ma’am’s are screaming anklet at me now!

And I so want to buy her one!

Maybe I will, if she puts her foot on my head, blesses me, and permits me the honor!

But the same way, that bulge–the smell of the bulge, pulling the pants down, its a different experience each time, and the cock is different each time too!

And every cock needs special care my friend–for it’s special cock type.

And this audiobook is the one and only course out there that teaches you cock lovers how to devote special care and attention to that long thick manly organ we so all love, and are mesmerized and hypnotized by!

Penis, my friend, penis.

Once it pops out in front of you, there is no going back!

And you know it…Hehe.

Anyway, way too much has been written about the cock, and not the “bulge”…..

Publisher’s note – This book was narrated by Jon Ladd – who did an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC job of narrating it from the get go – I could literally see and feel the passion he had for the book, the content, the material – it showed in his voice from the initial audition he sent in – and he has been nothing but professional and co-operative since. We look forward to working with him on more of our manuals. Enjoy this book – and the narration! It’s HOT!

A Complete Guide to Understanding Dominant Chinese Ladies from the Mainland…for the Truly Submissive Male…

This book has been written for a very specific purpose, and more importantly a very specific niche, both of which should be apparent enough from the title.

In a nutshell, this is for submissive males—truly submissive males (as opposed to those who choose to “top from the bottom”) and should be listened to with a mindset akin to this (if you aren’t in the above category).

It is for submissive males looking to find the dominant lady of their dreams—or more accurately the dominant Chinese lady of their dreams. Of course, most of what is mentioned herein is not specific to any particular ethnicity—but I’ve found it to hold most true for the ethnic subgroup I have mentioned.

A lot of what I say might come across as controversial. So be it. I’ve never been known (either in person or my books) for sugarcoating things and not saying it like it is—if anything I’ve been brutally honest my entire life, and this same style permeates my writing in all areas.

If all of this sounds like a style you’d want to partake of, dive right in!

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Amanda who was – is – a natural at this! From the minute I heard her voice “by chance” (as she doesnt normally do audiobooks) I knew her vibe, voice, the way she narrates – and more importantly her THOUGHT PROCESSES – everything was just spot on and perfect! ABSOLUELY superb – I’m working with her on other books too as we speak! Thank you, Amanda!

15 Ways to Give Him the Ruined Orgasm of His Life!: …And Leave Him Groveling for More.…


If you’re at this audiobook, you likely know what a ruined orgasm is, and you’re probably interested in it as well.

And I don’t blame you. Ruined orgasms are one of the best “tricks” in the BDSM world that can be used to a keep a male frustrated, docile, and obedient–and salivating for more no matter what you might dish out to him, ladies!

Unfortunately, this excellent “tool” is often overlooked and underutilized, which is a pity.

Despite the immense interest in this (both from a male and female standpoint), most of the porn vidoes and literature out there on this do not delve deeply into what makes the ruined orgasm so intensely pleasurable and satisfying for both parties if done right.

Neither do they talk about the different techniques that can be used. I’m constantly amazed at the “same ole same ole” I keep seeing out there in this regard.…

And I don’t know why–but despite the mental aspect of it being the most important, this is something that is rarely talked about when it comes to ruined orgasms–big, big mistake, folks!

This manual was written to tell you that ruined orgasms are something you can–and should–incorporate into your “play” or even vanilla life, but do so safely and correctly.

And do so with the knowledge that this one tool opens up limitless possibilities in your sex life…and has manifold impact and benefits for both the Domina and her sub!

Use these 15 tips to spice up your sex life like never before–tips that you’ve likely not seen (or experienced) elsewhere!

15 Ways to Give Him the Ruined Orgasm of His Life! will not only give you 15 different scintillating tips on how to achieve that “perfect” ruined orgasm–but will also give you a rundown on what you should and what you should not do when engaging in this sort of play.

It’ll give you the benefits–real life benefits (other than sexual, of course) that both parties will experience as a result of incorporating this sort of play into their lives.

And of course, much more more–all written in the traditional “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license” Watson style!

Grab it now.

Publisher’s note -Narrated by “Madam” Amanda – truly her voice reminds of that lovely IRON hand in an even lovelier velvet glove. She is truly going from strength to strength in her narrations – do have a listen, and review the book – that voice alone makes it worth it, smooth, soft, MELODIOUS – and informative at the same time. I could listen to it all day. So – SWEET! And therefore, perfect for the topic. Thank you again Amanda!! 🙂

Cuck Central


Though cuckolding is a common and hot fantasy for a lot of men into femdom–or humiliation (and/or, I should say!)–actually transitioning from “fantasy” to “reality” is something most people struggle with.

And if you’re part of that large group, I understand. It wasn’t always easy for me to convince my SO’s at the time to participate in this wonderful form of play—and some flat out denied at the time.

It took me a long, long time to understand what really “works” in terms of both partners being really (emphasis!) open to the fantasy and play, and fully embracing their respective roles in it.

Remember, cuckolding takes things one step further. Until now you’ve likely limited your play, no matter how base or humiliating to your Lady and yourself–or perhaps other ladies on occasion, but if you’re a guy, you’ve likely never brought other men into the picture although you’ve wanted to many times!

And if you’re a dominant lady, you’ve probably often wondered just why exactly you can’t bring other men in on command to satisfy you–but have yet struggled with the “I’m in a relationship” conundrum, and then never gone ahead with the fantasy.

But our base desires and fantasies never go away, my friend.

We are who we are on a deep subconscious level, and the subconscious will keep pushing your base desires to the surface until they’re met.

Have you ever noticed that the things you think about the most are the things that happen in your life?

The thoughts that you put the most emotion into–be they positive or negative–are what makes events manifest in your life–and this is a truism that cannot be escaped, whether we’re talking vanilla life or BDSM.

The subconscious is key to who we are, and it is key to get the subconscious to accept what we do on a sexual level as well as in real life to avoid any sort of emotional backlash from our actual physical actions–and my experience in this regard combined with my extensive experience with femdom and related areas in general makes me the best person to bring you these tips in an easy to understand, down to earth, yet brutally frank manner that characterizes all my writings.

And this is where most cuckold relationships end up failing as deep down inside, people struggle to accept the fantasy for what it is–and therefore attempts to translate it into reality end in failed relationships, misery for both the partners, and way worse.

And many, many years ago, yours truly was no exception to the rule either.

I’ve had plenty of homosexual fantasies–and encounters along those lines as well which initially left me feeling “powerless” and “used”–but upon probing these feelings, I realized that it was actually a part of me I was trying to repress all along for fear of “shame” from the outside world.

Starting with the first time I sucked cock in a motel, to the two or three times I sucked dick after that–and the many times after that–I’m no stranger to the myriad of emotions accompanying the actual experience.

I’m not a stranger to the sheer rush I got from submitting to another man–especially with a lady witnessing it all–a lady that I was dating a while ago, to be frank!

I’m not a stranger to the “guilt trips.” I myself experienced them as well post my first few encounters….

Publisher’s n0te – Narrated by Daniel Rose, whose done one of the most professional jobs of explaining this via one of the most professionally done narrations I’ve ever heard – thank you, Daniel! He learned a lot from this book (in his own words), and was impressed by a lot of the “myths” being busted – and so will YOU – dive in! 🙂


Cuckold Compilations


Lots of people have listened to my books and stories, and have enjoyed them immensely–so why this compilation?

Well, first off, because some people want to skip past what they consider to be the “fluff” and get right down to the “meat” (no pun intended!) of the matter.

Some folks just want to get down to the actual hot sex scenes, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all if that’s your thing.

Personally, I’d rather have a story upfront and then get to the sex. It feels more real that way, but hey, we’ve all been there. Sometimes, we just need a nice raunchy story without the “hang ups”–much like women who love to cuckold their men sometimes just need a nice long fuck without the hang ups!

So that is one reason.

Second, because I’ve got such a wide variety of books and novellas out there that chances are that you haven’t heard them all.

Each of those books contains gems by themselves, and I’ve dug some of them out and compiled them into an easy to listen format for you right here.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, I’ve included two experiences here that greatly define how I currently feel about cuckolding or “m on m” in general. These two experiences are not included in any other book or writing that I’ve penned–and are deeply moving, emotional stories from yours truly that (though they occurred years ago), I remember clearly as I can see the black and white words on this computer screen.

What separates this book from the other “cuckold compilations out there”? What is the “submissive” twist you’re referring to?

Well, that’s a great question indeed!

Most of the cuckold literature I’ve seen has been indeed with a submissive twist. The word cuckold itself lends itself to submissiveness–either to the dominant male in the scene, or the woman involved, but here is the point–most of the cuckold literature out there (at least what I’ve seen) is BDSM oriented.

And that is fine, of course. Most of you seeing this are probably into BDSM, humiliation, or domination of some nature, and cuckolding can be a natural progression to submissive tendencies for many a submissive man and a dominant lady.

But here is where this book splits off the rest.

That being, the submissive twist–and the fact that a lot of these experiences can be read and enjoyed by gay couples as well–in other words, homosexual couples that are perfectly comfortable with their preferences.

Gay couples don’t always include women in their cuckold fantasies/experiences.

Gay couples into cuckolding may or may not be into BDSM.

Gay couples may or may not be into humiliation (although cuckolding by its very nature lends itself to a certain degree of humiliation, unless you’re an “alpha cuckold”).

But cuckolding is almost always submissive to a degree, regardless of whether it’s a gay couple doing it or the femme fatale in 25 Million Dollars that’s making a “cocky” (pun intended!) young Greek upstart do it–or whether it’s Madam Su making ole Watson do it!

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Dick Cochran, who despite having “just a little knowledge” – but LOTS OF curiosity, (genuine at that which is KEY – no pun intended – haha) – did a superlative job on this narration – you’ll love it! 🙂


15 Odes to Royal Bhagwati Devi

Who is Bhagwati Ma’am?

Well, if you’re on the list–you know who she is, the regal older lady whose supposedly a maid for me, yet her understated dominance, that older lady vibe she gives off, that perfect body, those eyes, that vibe, all of it (explained in part in 25 Odes to Indian Maids That So Deserve It!)—that has driven me literally insane with unsated, unfulfiled lust like never before.

The lovely sexy older dominating Indian maid that has me on edge–literally–for months on end. She knows it too!

And every time I see her, I almost cum in my pants without even touching myself, and I’ve been fantasizing, really, with deep feeling for something that hasn’t happened as yet–kissing her feet in public, opening the door for her, treating her like the royal goddess she is, not the maid–and Madam knows it (so does my SO, who of course wants to fire “my girlfriend” as she calls her).

Much like Owned by Madam Aa Ling, neither one of the ladies there had anything remotely like this done for them, and they so enjoyed it when it was. Once you try it, you never go back, and that’s another joy, thrill, and supreme pleasure and honor in worshipping downtrodden ladies from India and China, used and abused, they deserve it so!

All ladies do, of course!

Publisher’s note – Narrated by ‘Nym’ – who despite “starting out” in the field with NO experience – has done a superlative job under our “tutelage” – she was very open to feedback, redoing things when necessary – and most of all, is in LEARNING mode – always, as we all should be – and the end result is a superlatively done narration. Listen -and enjoy, and thank you, Nym!

25 Odes to Indian maids – they SO deserve it!

There are few ladies that arouse such degrees of sheer and utter devotion fueled lust in me than the below two categories:

Downtrodden ladies–especially in poor parts of the world, which includes maids, sex workers, and women that are treated as garbage in general–they should not be!

Older ladies–this constant pressure of having to be young and beautiful–it sucks. Nothing wrong with that of course, but we all age, and in any case for a woman, the mind is most important.

The vibe is what matters, not her age, looks, or anything. She’s a woman–so she’s superior, it’s that simple, and as I think of the older lady in the park sunning herself, damn, I just have to say that again!

I remember an ex telling me “I’d love to give a rickshaw puller in India a foot massage!”

This was years ago, but she was right from the serving perspective.

Doing it to downtrodden folks is always something that has a different meaning, and is more meaningful–shows more gratitude!

Every time I’ve seen a maid in India, the thought of female domination has crossed my mind, and in a very powerful way!

Or even “domestic help” (female) as they call them in the Indian subcontinent.

And being that yours truly grew up in “that house” when young, and had the opportunity to be ”served” by Manju–and some of the other maids there–who would probably giggle to an extreme at that time if they even knew what was going through my young mind! Well, there was plenty of “opportunity!”

You like maids, I remember a colleague at work once snickering.

I grinned and remained silent (the lady in question was a particularly beautiful young “helper” in a professional sense, not so much housemaid).

But it’s the same reason I love powerful women so much!

And the same reason I worship ladies of the night in China with so much devotion!

Because the downtrodden ladies do deserve it!

In India, that seems to be the female household help that are still, unfortunately, in this day and age, treated like garbage.

But really, being dominated by one that is all the time in real life….

Serving her like the queen.

Watching her relax.

Watching that look of satisfaction in her eye magnified, as she takes out all the indignities heaped upon her unto me.

And that, my friend, is truly a massive turn on, pun intended!

Benefits for every true femdom lover–both male and female–from getting, reading, and imbibing the contents of this “never seen before” manual:

  • Understand what real femdom is about–it’s one thing to “pay for it” and ask her to dominate you–it’s another thing to do it in real life–and in a manner that hits home for the most downtrodden of folks, understand what it means to put these ladies on a pedestal.
  • Understand it’s never about her looks, age, social status, makeup, weight, or any of that garbage! It’s about her vibes, and it’s only by serving someone whose being forced to serve all her life with no respect given that you can truly understand this!

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Nym again, another perfect narration by a narrator “new to this” – she’s done another perfect job. Thank you so much, Nym! (and, great to work with, took all my feedback on board etc..)