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Dear Reader,

Way back in the day as I said I used to participate in a lot of femdom forums (well, not a lot, but the ones that were run and administered sensibly).

And not all were.

I remember being booted from one forum for simply stating my opinion on something in a very respectful manner indeed, simply because the lady that ran the forum didn’t agree with my opinion.

True, she didn’t boot me straightaway. She told me “not to discuss it”, and I suppose if we were sessioning, then yes, I would deserve PUNISHMENT for not obeying her.

But we weren’t.

It was a public form, and we were discussing another member who I believe had been verbally abusive to her (or something along those lines), and as I stated my opinion again, I was booted.

And I got several messages from the other ladies stating “So much for you and your femdom! You couldn’t obey her, could you?”

To me, that ain’t true femdom, my friends.

Sure, it’s about her and it’s a one way street, but working up to that point requires love (gasp! But yes, it’s true), CARE (another gasp!) and PATIENCE!

Not to mention a true understanding of the human psyche if you really want to be in it for the long term, and both the “dominant” and “submissive” mindsets and what makes each tick.

The imperious Princess Joanie truly KNEW what made me tick . . . as well as what makes YOU, the true SISSY tick! 😉

Look at the LOOK in her eyes. That way she POINTS at you . . . Oh MY!

True femdom if ever, and Chinese ladies – and Indian ladies as well, hehe are the very best at it – – and I should know.

I should know, my friend, and if THAT sort of true vibe turns YOU on, well, what I am offering is for YOU. More on this later, and for now, back to the tale I’m “regaling” you with at this point! 😉

And so I “gave” from my knowledge freely on those forums (at that point I was working a full time job in mainland China that paid me VERY WELL indeed and so I never even thought of starting my own thang until then) . . . and enjoyed the interactions I had with other fellow femdom enthusiasts, truly dominant ladies, and more!

I believe there were three forums I really spent my time on, and while I ain’t gonna to get into the specifics here, let me tell you something my friend.

The Universe always rewards when you “give freely with an open heart”

At that point, I had NO intentions of making money off any of this or even starting a business.

But I participated anyway, and one of the ladies (truly a PIONEER when it comes to femdom) was so happy with my participation that she gave me free access to her members area as well as several GIFTS (and yes, it was unexpected) on my birthday!

And its those small things that keep life interesting and make me love femdom and TRUE HUMAN Interaction more than anything else . . .

Anyway, the point of me saying all this?

Is this . . . that often times, we as fetishists do NOT find a safe “community” to indulge in and talk about our basest fantasies and desires.

And despite there been several “free” forums out here, here is the FACT for as it stands – FREE rarely, if ever really WORKS . . . as intended!

Forget Fetlife, and the other “so called true fetish forums out there”. Most of them are populated by men that want to jerk off to free porn and send women lewd pictures of their private parts – a complete no no and a huge ugggggh for obvious reasons.

Try having any sort of sensible discussion these days on FetLife, or any sort of unmoderated free forums, and you’ll know what I mean!

And therefore . . .

The WATSON faithful membership . . .

(free access to ALL Watson books, courses, and also free access to yours truly via the FORUM!)


But anyway, and in general, the true fetishists amongst us do NOT find an environment conducive to true femdom and while the knowledge in my products goes a long way towards addressing this and you creating your own environment for the same, the fact is it ain’t that easy.


I’ve been underfoot . . . and then some!

Just a few years ago I created a femdom only WeChat group.

The members were mostly from Fetlife. Heck, I could probably still point you to the thread. . .

And it was FREE. No fees etc.

The downside?

Everyone and their mama joined in, and it soon became a free for all – – a group that did the exact opposite of what I intended it to in the first place.

There was only ONE person in that group who I won’t name that I truly respected for the opinions he brought and the VALUE he provided to the group . . .

Anyway, free doesnt work my friend. Try if if you want, but you’ll be disappointed (if you haven’t been already).

Ain’t nothing free in life, as they say, and that includes femdom too. Other hand, those that are willing to invest in true value . . . well, guess what.


That ain’t Mike Watson saying it. Thats a Law of the Universe, my friend. Invest in something you cherish and truly WANT, and it’ll come back to you manifold in many a way . . .

Without further ado, then here are the . . .

The benefits you’ll get from this membership

(ever expanding (no pun intended!! ;))by the way – this is a new idea, albeit very well received, and I plan on having a suggestions forum for you guys on this too within the membership area).

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  • A FORUM where you can discuss anything fetish related (so long as it’s legal, of age, etc- SSC, in short) and hang out with fellow fetishists, and NOT be criticized or “castigated” or “told to go to counseling” (as I was!) for your fetish!
  • Start to attract the dominant lady of your dreams without even “following” what I’ve laid out in my books and courses – simply by letting the VIBE affect you, my friend – and it’s TRUE! We REALLY really succeed at only that we really want, and VIBE and feelings are key to getting what we really want!
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The WATSON faithful membership . . .

(free access to ALL Watson books, courses, and also free access to yours truly via the FORUM!)

Now, at this point given the nature of what is being discussed, it might also be prudent to bring up who this forum is NOT FOR . . .

It’s NOT for you if . . .

You’re interested in “freebies” alone and “jerk off material. It’s NOT for you if you’re interested in simply messaging me or other ladies with idiotic, inane and STUPID requests “out of the blue”, willy nilly, without taking the time to get to even TRY and know here with rubbish like “Can I be your slave”?

It’s NOT for you if you’re looking for “free pictures”. If thats you, well, sign up for the free list and follow my Instagram, but thats about as good as it’ll get, buddy. Nothing more than that.

It’s NOT for you if you think “femdom is easy” and “its all about whips and chains” and “how dare she charge for access to her feet!” (other such nonsense as well, but you get my drift!).

If you’re a porn addict and just interested in “quickies” in front of the screen – NO – this aint for you. Please stay AWAY (as Madam Sophia would say, hehe ;))

And its NOT for you if you’re not willing to approach femdom and BDSM in general like the ART it is.

And so forth. I realize this will probably by itself “weed out” most of those coming to this page, but thats fine.

(Though I WILL say though that those that jump on this will probably get more than they ever do from all their porn memberships. I mean, trust me my friend – sex in general, and BDSM SPECIFICALLY is always about the MIND first and anything else later!)

At the imperious Garima Madam’s feet . . .

I only want the best – and put out the best in terms of products and courses, and accept nothing else, my friend.

And in terms of femdom – true femdom – I only want to associate with those that are truly INTO it, and are looking to proceed in their journey of finding the dominant female of their DREAMS.

Like attracts like, my friend, as I’ve said so many times. And if you want to attract true femdom to you like MOTHS TO A FLAME, then that above line is something you really need to consider!

And last, but not least, HOW will this work?

Well, simple.

You sign up using the button below. It is a recurring ANNUAL membership so you don’t have to worry about “remembering to sign up again next year”. No more lost credit cards, missed payments etc as we’ll bill you automatically at the end of your billing cycle.

And that, my friend is that … Really, it’s that simple! Just DO IT is all there is left to say! 

Whew, that was a lot to write in 17 minutes or so – talk about being “in the flow!”. Thank you Madam Suvi . . . 😉

The imperious Aa Ling, and the tale of how she took me in hand is WELL DOCUMENTED, boy! 😉

Long story short?

If you’re a true fetish lover, then this is truly for YOU, my friend. Sign up now – you Watson faithful won’t be disappointed!

Well, my friend, I’ve been writing this for a while now (as I’ve been leaking, hehe – if you read my last email, you know why!). I’ll sign off now and go prepare tea for Princess Tina, and while I serve her, it’s time for you to take action, and do your thing.

Do so right now. The very best in membership to a TRULY female dominated forum . . . and a MECCA and MEDINA for TRUE femdom lovers awaits . . .

The WATSON faithful membership . . .

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Mike Watson

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