“It’s always about HER benefit, boy, and you better not forget it!”

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the THIRD installment of Sin City Diaries – – and if you’re with me thus far in terms of the series, you won’t need any introduction at all to what this series is about. Just in case you aren’t, though – – these are basically collections of 10 REAL LIFE femdom tales (those NOT mentioned in my books or other writings!) – – that occurred over the years in a Southern Chinese city very close to my heart indeed (for obvious reasons, hehe) in mainland China.

I’ve always maintained that if you’re into true femdom, then mainland China is the place to be. And as you read about how Princess Jessi hooked me with one glance … or how “Madam Bao”, a so called massage girl not only smilingly took my money – – and did NOT give me what she promised and got away with it – – or as you read about the lovely Venus, who was secure and confident in the knowledge (and then some!_) that her husband was her SERVANT (and again, then some!)  – – you’ll truly come to understand the truism and meaning of the subtitle in the second installment of the series.

“A true sub’s place is not AT her feet. It’s always BENEATH it!”

And of course, the other eternal TRUISM for TRUE femdom lovers …

It’s always about HER benefit, boy, and you better not forget it!

Are you truly submissive? The following should answer this question!

Something I’ve written about a lot in all my writings is the topic of “if you’re truly submissive” as opposed to it being simply a “kink” – or as opposed to being a “switch”.

It’s an interesting topic indeed, but more than that, believe it or not – whether or not your TRULY submissive – and TRULY want to (note – this is different from “am” or “are doing right now”) serve a dominant Lady as she deserves to be – has a very important part to play in terms of attracting the right women into your life.

I have often spoken about (and written about, hehe) the various dominant Chinese ladies I’ve met in my life – and get this.

NONE – I repeat, yes, NONE – of these ladies came into my life as a result of any direct or even thought out effort!

It was all truly a case of me attracting what I thought about – and FELT – at the very deepest levels of my core, and those vibes ended up attracting ladies that FELT the same way (whether they knew it or not).

And so it, is it any wonder that I’ve had all the experiences I have had  – and the somewhat (as people say!) different and “enthralling” life I’ve been privileged to have thus far?

And in that regard, of course – a huge, huge thank you to ALL the ladies I’ve been involved with until now. None of this would be possible with you! 

A huge thank you also to all my readers – and fans – and loyal followers on social media etc – I would not be where I am today with your support, either tacit or “direct”!

And now, for the “are you truly submissive” test. 

Last night I was at a social gathering of sorts – something I did NOT enjoy one darn bit if just for all the fake “glam and glitter” around me (I’m sure you know what I’m referring to, eh?).

It was one of those so called “highbrow” events where “look” is way more important than anything else – and the term superficial comes to mind when I think about it.

But amidst all that, amidst all the nonsense, amidst all the folks gorging on unhealthy stuff, taking selfies etc … something stood out.

What was that, you ask?

Well, there were a ton of ladies – heavily made up ladies, and most of them on the heavier side as well physically, hehe, and nigh all of them looking GORGEOUS to a “T”.

I still remember a group of 40 something year old ladies taking selfies as a group … and that is what sparked me to bring this post to you.

When you see a woman – any woman (and note, I’m referring to women you don’t know – women of the sort you “just see on the roads”) – what are your thoughts?

Where do you instantly LOOK – or want to look?

What thoughts run through your head?

Note I’m talking about thoughts “on the spur of the moments” (along with associated feelings that you don’t think about – you just experience!).

I’m talking about your first reaction – impression – and thoughts! 

The nature and SPECIFICS of these thoughts, and a few more could well determine if you’re truly a submissive or not! (and there is nothing wrong with either option, of course).

For me, the first thing I look at when I look at a woman is NOT her breasts. NOT her legs, although that’s a pet favorite of mine. I look at her feet – and thats the first detail that sticks in my mind.

After this, it’s her hands – her eyes – and her ASS … all not necessarily in that order!

Whether or not she is overweight or not matters now. Her financial status matters NOT. Her make up – or lack of it – doesn’t really matter either.

All that matters to me in terms of initial impressions is that LOOK in the eye – that naughty GLEAM – and her VIBE – and if it’s even in the slightest way dominant, well, I’m HOOKED.

Most men, including subs tend to describe women as “having big ….” or perhaps “not in good shape” or … any number of other things.

That isn’t necessarily bad, of course, but a true sub?

A true sub would probably never ever think of those things – and his first thought would be one of dropping at her feet – kissing them – carrying her bags – and generally humiliating and debasing himself galore in front of her!

A true sub would probably NOT think of sex – if ever at all. I know I don’t – and I’m far happier being denied – and my own pleasure, strange as it might sound, originates from worshiping her sexually in bed – and giving HER freedom to do as she pleases with other men!

I posted this on Twitter a couple of days ago, and I’ll post it here again –

Worshipping her , and should be at the TOP of every true male sub’s list – not necessarily in that order tho! ?

And that is truly how I feel – and how any REAL sub should feel!



When I see a lady, my only “sexual” thoughts are to serve her – and in bed, it’s only my tongue in her ass – as she relaxes, and enjoys – and perhaps prepares for a real man to ravage her thereafter!

It’s always about HER – and always about her having the best of both worlds, in other words!

And so forth.

Get into that sort of mindset – and STAY there – and you’ll be attracting female dominance to you like “moths to a flame”. Yes, there is a reason I mention that on the homepage!

And THOSE are exactly the sort of experiences I’m writing about in Sin City. Not for me the numerous recantations of the net where “players hook girls” and “use them”. For a true male submissive, its about being used – – and getting used to ENJOYING being used – – and thats just how it is, my friend!

And without further ado, now …

This book is for YOU if … 


  • You’re interested in learning about “how it was back in the day” when Dongguan was “sin city of the world! For most people today, they cannot imagine what it was like back then – – this series is an attempt to “unravel the shrouds of time” as it were, and bring you back to what it was like back in the day … a time that will likely never return, but hey, who knows!
  • You’re interested in diaries that while detailing sexual dalliances and the establishments they were partook in, also focuses on the actual MENTAL interaction between said parties.
    • Remember, the MIND is most important when it comes to TRUE femdom!
  • You’re interested in China in general “back in the day” in this regard. (and in that case, my Chinese femdom novels would be a great read as well!)
  • You’re interested in REAL LIFE femdom experiences where you’d least expect it – – not to mention FINDOM as well, as I detail later!
    • .. and of course, knowing your ROLE – – which is always beneath her – – as soon as you meet her, and it matters not what her job is – – or how much money she makes – – but how much YOU make matters, of course!
  • You KNOW that true femdom is always about her having her cake – – and eating it too!
  • You are WELL AWARE that women in general are Queens – – regardless of whether or not they’re paid sex workers or not!
    • And if they’re in the category above; you pay … to make THEIR LIFE EASIER!
    • And if that bit is humiliating for you … well, good. That’s what a true male submissive DESERVES.
  • And while we’re at it, why just paid sex workers? It matters NOT if they’re foot massage workers – – traditionally seen as a “lower echelon” in society … as you’ve seen in previous Volumes of this book, they are anything but … and …
    • Your job is to be submissive to them … and amuse them, as the client who they can humiliate – – and get PAID for it!
  • You have a submissive mindset towards women in general. Now note that a lot of what I’m detailing below doesn’t necessarily require a submissive mindset on the part of the male – – in fact, most of them shouldn’t have – – but this is yet another example of “if you truly, truly desire something – – you’ll get it – – without even trying” – – and so it is with TRUE femdom lovers in general!
  • Learning about financial domination – – and why money is truly the most important for these Queens – and women in general – as it should be!
  • Learning about why women deserve to have MULTIPLE MEN – only to satisfy them – in the way THEY CHOOSE!
    • And why THEIR SEXUAL pleasure is always the most and only important thing!
  • You know that when it comes to a woman, the lowest parts of her body are literally your SHRINE!
    • Her feet – -and especially her soles, whom you should get to know WELL!
    • Her asshole – which you should get to know EQUALLY well!
  • Most of all, if you’re interested in getting a “sneak peek” into Mike Watson’s mind, and the “background” behind all the stories I’ve written (and there’s more on the way as well!).


Grab it now – if you’re a fan of the Watson style of writing – – you will NOT want to miss this!



Mike Watson