Spicy and Erotic Fetish was founded by Mike Watson, and our goal is to bring YOU – the avid femdom and indeed fetish enthusiast, the very best in fetish products out there. We are serving a massively underserved niche, and these are all things/issues everyone thinks about – but RARELY ever talks about – especially not openly.

We aim at changing that, my friend. We aim at bringing these “deep hidden desires that never go away” out into the OPEN in a SAFE, SANE and Consensual MANNER!

Supported as we are by a loyal and growing customer base, we continue to grow at a rapid level, and we look forward to serving you!

About Mike Watson

Mike Watson is a writer, entrepreneur and fitness fanatic. Amidst “pounding” out books as and when the “will strikes him”, he also finds time to tend to his other writing and business ventures, and fitness pursuits.

Most, if not ALL of his writing is done “in the flow”, and is also written in a brutally honest, straight from the heart manner. As he says in his books (well, most of them) – “reality mixed in with a healthy dose of creative license (or spice) is what works the best” – and it is in that vein that most of his works have been written.



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More on Mike Watson and why I’m writing this….. 


Why I am writing this?

For those that know who “Mike Watson” is on a personal  level, what is written beneath should come as no surprise whatsoever.

But I’m writing this for those “not in the know”, and being that there is naturally a sizeable percentage of browsers that DON’T have a clue as to who I am (or, who “Mike Watson” is), let me provide a brief introduction.

I’m also writing this to emphasize that a lot of what I write about comes not only “straight from the heart”, but also from personal experience. Experience is a great, great teacher, and NOTHING, I repeat, nothing, strikes a chord more so than personal, heartfelt and INTERESTING, CHARGED experiences told in the form of stories do.

First off, I am writing under the “pen name” of Mike Watson. “Michael” is my “English name” and what I have been called in China, though my real name is NOT an English name – it’s actually an Asian name.

The Chinese have this tendency to adopt “English names” when chatting with foreigners, or even when doing business in general. Conversely, English itself is something that most of them regard as a “necessary evil”, and it’s treated accordingly.

I’m NOT Chinese, by the way …

I’ve never quite understood this part. English is still quite obviously the “global language of communication”, and to treat it with disdain isn’t a very practical thing to do (and that goes completely against the uber practical nature of the Chinese in most other regards).

Other hand, adopting English names? For one, it’s best to use your own name – and second, if someone really didn’t like said language, why would they have a “name in that language”?

Makes no sense to me, but whatever. This is not about the Chinese in general. It’s about Chinese ladies, and my attraction to them (and I’ve been fortunate enough to be “successful” with a variety of these lovely ladies – thank you, Ladies!)

Moving on from that, I am Asian by race (and I’ll get into that at a later stage).

As you might imagine from the cover of the book, female domination in all its wonderful, delicious and oh-so-sexy guises has ALWAYS been an interest of mine ever since I can remember.

No, I’m not going to get into the “whys and wherefores” of that here either lest we stray from the point.

I’ve been an actual contributor to many a fem-dom related forum (verifiable fact).

I have in fact been fortunate enough to have communicated on a semi-personal level with a lot of ladies who are “professional” Dominas, some of whom are quite literally at the very pinnacle of their profession (if I may use such a term to describe BDSM).

To these ladies I’d like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU. It was indeed an honor and a pleasure.

This is one main reason I’m writing this, but not the only reason. After all, those that have bought my books should know who “Mike Watson” is on a personal level as well. I’m pretty sure some of them are wondering about why most of my works are set in China, and it’s not just because I’ve lived there for several years.

Thanks again, guys. The work I’ve done with you guys is in part the reason I thought about putting these most personal thoughts out there in public.

MOST OF ALL though, I’d like to extend a very heartfelt THANK YOU to all the Chinese ladies I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, and share my thoughts with, both fetish wise and non-fetish wise.

This includes dominas, prostitutes, “office workers”, “girl friends”, insert term of choice.

And it is Chinese ladies in general that I’ve had, my own standards (pretty lofty ones if I may say so) astounding success with for years.

Guess what though. I have NEVER once consciously thought about race when dealing with women.

In other words, it just happened with NO effort from my end (or at least, what might not seem like effort, for lack of a better way to describe this).

Though this “treatise” is about Chinese women and my attraction for them, I am by no means saying that women from other races aren’t attractive. In fact and for what that’s worth, I am currently in a long term relationship with an Indian lady.

But, I’ve always been attracted towards Chinese women, and their characteristics (good or bad).

Why, you may ask?

Why is a moth attracted to a flame?

Why is a honeybee attracted to pollen?

Why are men that respect women at a deeper level than just fetish/sex the ones that “get laid” all the time without even thinking about it or – get this – even “desiring” it?

Why do we always “succeed” at things we rarely think about on a conscious level? 

There’s a scientific and rational explanation for all this, of course, especially the last one which is key.

But the key thing my friends, is FEELING – and vibration. And THIS vibration, these VIBES, my friends, are what CONTROL ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE BAR NONE.

And try as you might, you cannot change who you really are. This is something I mention repeatedly through a few of my self help manuals (written under my real name), however, it bears mentioning here as well.

If there’s something you really like, you have “feelings” for “it”, whether you consciously choose to or not.

This feeling is what attracts that “something” to you, without you even trying.

And esoteric though that last bit sounds such is life when your truly “in the flow”, and thats something I emphasize over and over again in all my books and writings.

Enjoy the site – and more so – the BOOKS!


Mike Watson