Sin City Diaries

An inside look at the writer’s life in “them good ole days” … back in the day! 


While those familiar with  Mike Watson’s writings are fully aware of the fun he’s had when it comes to dominant ladies in general, and specifically, and for a very large portion of his life, Chinese ladies, what I have not explored (on paper, that is!) as yet is the background behind the various stories I’ve outlined.

It’s all reality mixed in with creative license as I’ve said … but NOW, I’m coming out with the REAL background behind the stories.

You may know, for instance, if you’re read “Owned by Madam Aa Ling“, that Madam Aa Ling literally went from working at a brothel to pretty much owning and running her American client’s life, but did you, for instance, know about my REAL meeting with Madam all those years ago?

The first time she kissed me, so full on the lips that it felt like I knew her from ages, and ages ago … 

Or, for instance, you may have read that a lady at a foot massage parlor in China was the one that re-opened my eyes (and cock!) to the joys of nipples play, but did you know HOW I met this lovely lady and the many subsequent meetings and encounters I had with her?

Probably not, and it’s in THIS spirit that I’m writing the first Volume of Sin City Diaries now, and creating this page. Many more to come in the future as well!


Volume 1 – – Volume #1 in this series deals with 10 REAL LIFE experiences from Mike Watson’s life – – experiences that later featured in many of his novels!

Volume 2 – – More real life experiences — which haven’t featured in my novels as yet – – so the ONLY way you’ll know about them is to read this particular diary!

Volume 3 — More real life experiences, and again, NOT featured in my books thus far – – and even MORE real than some of the other experiences, if I might say so!!