Best selling femdom courses and manuals from Mike Watson. A must grab, each of these!


BALL BUSTING 101 25 ancient, SCINTILLATING, FORGOTTEN AND RED HOT “secret shamianic” ways to BUST HIS BALLS until he begs for mercy and NEVER asks for sexual favors again!

ASS WORSHIP 10120 Different ways to worship ass that will have HER – and HIM! – BELLOWING for more!

15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE – If you’re interested in ruined orgasm – but not quite sure how to administer them – or get the most out of them – then this little manual is the ticket!

Humiliation CENTRAL – THE manual for you if you’re in any way, shape or form interested in being humiliated  (or the one DOING the humiliating) – and chances are if you’re on this site – you are!

A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland (for the submissive male) – Chinese ladies are by far the most “naturally” dominant ladies out there – -and it behooves any true male submissive to gain a proper understanding of what makes these wonderful ladies “tick” at their very cores!

16 INCREDIBLY POWERFUL AFFIRMATIONS to attract FEMDOM to you  – After you read the course above – – and implement what it says – the next step is to grab this one – and get your femdom affirmations going! Do so religiously, and you’ll truly attract REAL FEMDOM to YOU – like a MOTH to a FLAME – on AUTO PILOT!

Cuck Central – An absolute must read if you’re interested in taking your degradation to hitherto unimaginable levels by incorporating cuckolding into your lifestyle. Believe me, once you go cuckold, you NEVER go back!

Sissy Central – 25 ways to morph into the perfect sissy. A MUST have for those of you (and there are tons!!) interested in sissification and/or related fantasies!

SISSY-GASM CENTRAL!17 ways to give him (or yourself) the sissygasm of “her” sissy LIFE – and the DEFINITIVE and ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND COURSE ON SISSYDOM! YES!

NIPPLEGASM CENTRAL!16 ways to give him the nipple GASM of his LIFE – and have him SALIVATING – for MORE! (with REAL experiences – and a BONUS!). Take your submissiveness – and your DOMINANT SIDE to hitherto “unplumbed” (pun intended) and UNSCALED (pun intended, Madam!) LEVELS!

Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots25 Ways to WORSHIP your MASTER and his COCK like the FAGGOT you truly ARE, BOY!

PENIS CENTRAL! – 25 different types of those LUSCIOUS DONGS we all LOVE, and how to worship them so they keep coming back for MORE!

PROFOUND POSES17 poses that will GET in your MIND – SEAR that LOOK into your SOUL – and EMBLAZON TRUE FEMDOM ONTO YOU like nothing else!

FEMDOM Central15 femdom experiences that will leave you GASPING for breath – and SALIVATING for MORE!

FEMDOM TIPS – Volume #1 – 25 real world, RESULTS oriented and workable tips on femdom that will turn you into the perfect “tool” for Her pleasure.

FEMDOM TIPS (Volume #2) –  25 MORE real world, RESULTS oriented and workable tips on femdom that will turn you into the perfect “tool” for Her pleasure.

FEMDOM TIPS (Volume #3)25 SIZZLNG, red HOT and PRACTICAL femdom tips for the TRUE femdom lover and ENTHUSIAST …

15 ODES to PERFECT Madam Susan … -Why? Why Susan? Because she’s just so PERFECT! So commanding, such a GODDESS, so NATURALLY DOMINANT, so perfect!

11 MISSED FEMDOM OPPORTUNITIES – and how LEARNING from these experiences can benefit YOU the prospective femdom enthusiast (male or female!)

Sissy WORKOUTS! – Get yourself -or your SISSY – in the best shape of her life to do what SHE does BEST – be a SISSY! Hehe.