A MUST READ for all you SISSIES (and faggots ;)) out there!


Dear Reader,

THIS is the one compilation you simply MUST READ if you’re a sissy – or wannabe sissy – or simply a submissive male – or into femdom for that matter!

This contains three world famous and pathbreaking manuals for the prospective (or current) sissy, and let me tell you right now, NO sissy’s life is complete without the tips and advice in these books! 

First off, you get the scintillating RED HOT book on worshipping COCKS – and if there is one thing a sissy should be well accquainted with it’s his Master’s and SUPERIOR’s COCKS! Especially and ONLY those his Madam , his Mistress, his OWNER enjoys regularly.

And if there is ONE thing a sissy should NOT be well acquainted with – its his OWN cock.

A sissy cock exists to LEAK and release, and thats it. Master’s cock exists to be PLEASURED! BOY! 

Plenty more such tips in the book!



NEXT up, the world famous course on becoming a sissy – and if you’re already one, improving your sissy skills! Remember, it’s all about conditioning, boy. You can NEVER condition yourself enough and that holds doubly true for femdom!

There is something for everyone here, and even you dominant MALES will love reading this red hot collection of MUST read tips for any sissified male. 

And of course, you dominant ladies will love this. Must read for you as well, if just to reinforce your utter dominance over him (and it should be that way!) with these tips!

This one was very well received. And it’s part of the SISSY READER too!



And last, but NOT LEAST!! And this DESERVES all the tremendous fanfare its already got … 


Even WRITING that book made my hands shiver with utter lust – I dont know how I got it done!

But got it done I did, and these tips are truly the icing on top of any sissy cake. And trust me, once you go TRULY SISSY, you never ever go back … BOY!

This ONE book alone makes the compilation worth it, and it’s part of it!


Well, my friend, need I say anymore?


It’s a package and BARGAIN deal – at a THROWAWAY PRICE that will NOT LAST too long, that I CAN guarantee!

Grab this NOW.



Mike Watson