Mike Watson Femdom Books


Compilations (A Double – or more – “punch”; NO puns intended, hehe)


INDIAN FEMDOM – Compilations for many Mike Watson classics – such as the “Serving an Indian Goddess” series, Garima Madam, and more!

CHINESE FEMDOM – Chinese femdom compilations can be accessed here.

INTERRACIAL FEMDOM – Interracial, or “mixed” femdom compilations (from the above two categories here!)

Femdom TIPS – Compilations!75 REAL WORLD, practical and WORKABLE femdom tips for the TRUE SUBMISSIVE.

Penis Worship – the Compilation – By far the MOST COMPREHENSIVE COMPILATION ON PENIS WORSHIP – NEVER seen before mindblowing tips that will have any penis owner BEGGING for more!

Sin City Diaries Compilations (Volume 1 – Volume 3) – REAL LIFE stores of TRUE femdom from BACK in the day!

Submissive Musings Compilations (Volume 1 – Volume 3) – More IN-DEPTH and TRUE stories of femdom – each part has a heroine, so to speak – and that volume is dedicated to HER! Again, a must grab for Mike Watson fans.

The SISSY READER! – A must read for all you sissies out there. Includes BOTH Sissy Central and Sissygasm-Central – as well as Cock Worship for Sissies and FAGGOTS! Truly a BARGAIN GRAB.

Femdom ODES – the READER! – 90 Odes to the some of the most RAVISHINGLY, naturally DOMINATING females I’ve been fortunate and privileged to meet – and serve – one being my WIFE!

Profound Poses – The Compilation – Volumes 1 and 2 – 34 STUNNINGLY DOMINANT poses that will GET in your MIND – SEAR that LOOK into your SOUL – and EMBLAZON TRUE FEMDOM ONTO YOU like nothing else!

32 INCREDIBLY POWERFUL AFFIRMATIONS to attract FEMDOM to you – like a MOTH to a FLAME – on AUTO PILOT! Attract TRUE and LASTING femdom to YOU – NATURALLY- with NO conscious effort – on AUTO PILOT!!

30 PATHETIC, SNIVELING odes to Royal, PERECT, Goddess BHAGWATI – The DARK SKINNED, downtrodden Indian maid that has reduced me, and continues to – to a GIBBERING MESS AND WRECK! MY!