Those hidden desires that never truly (if ever) go away!

They don’t my friend.

I’ve been thinking of some very important business deals for an unrelated business over the past few days, some upcoming trips and so forth.

I’ve been watching movies – for a change, not the ones with femme fatales, hehe. (though thats never far from my mind!) (a lady yesterday in a movie, her feet with tired, high heels, she also stomped on a guy’s foot, such a QUEEN! Hehe) …

And yet, every morning when I wake up, femdom is never far from my mind.

True, over the past coupla days it’s been mostly business. But, Sophia Ma’am has returned to my mind – if she ever went away. Hehe.


As Madam says when I ask her to drink with me. Hehe

(Which isn’t accurate entirely, as I was at her feet while she sipped red wine, but thats different. Hehe. Husband bought the wine, if you can believe that! – or through his company or what not, always a smart one is Sophia with regard to moolah – it’s the MOST IMportant!)

“How much is your deposit in BANK!” 

That first day, that first question.

She is SO NICE!

Ma’am you really are!

And …

“Keep dreaming!” 

“Never! Not a chance!” 

“You can never touch me or have sex with me, do you understand!” 

(as if I needed more persuasion. Hehe).

“Mike, go take the rubbish out”. 

“Make me a sandwich!” 

“Come massage me, so tired!” 

And so forth.

She’s really tired these days, for that matter. Hehe.

But, she’s so nice.

And those hidden desires that never go away?

Take anyone as an example.

Could be a Bozo off the streets like that Glyn guy – or perhaps an outwardly successful upper level manager, or “mid level manager” (the guy that left a great review for Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots!) …

He has it all, nice wife, beautiful kids, nice and beautiful interchangeable here, house in the burbs, plenty of investments, secure from the financial mess all around…

Yet …

He wakes up every morning and goes to bed every night wanting MORE.

He wants a life that is not STAID, plain and BORING. 

He wants MORE from his partner, yet, he knows when he says it, he’ll get knocked back.

Deep down inside he knows “follow your dreams no matter what” is right.

He’s too scared to.

You know, job security, stability, family, all of that … (nothing wrong with all of that, of course, but …!)

You only have one life, my friend.

Bottom line.

And your true, innermost desires never ever go away.

You know it, I know it, we all do.

THAT is why I set up this business, to cater (discreetly) to ALL your fetishes – and more will be added on here too.

And I know there is nothing more you’d want for Xmas than female Santa with sweaty feet making you put her stockings in your mouth like Ms Priyanka did me …


So, my friend – the best place to shop for DEALS – and discounts – and xmas shopping in general – without the maddening lines, non existent deals and so forth elsewhere (I mean, they sell stuff worth $1500 for $3000, then claim it’s discounted at $1700? Give me a break!) …

Is right here.


With all else going on, you sure do deserve it. 

And get started right here – the pathbreaking book on attracting femdom to you like moths to a flame.

Best ,

Mike Watson

PS – The best for the BEST – YOU!

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