16 Ways to TRULY MORPH INTO  the cuckold you’ve ALWAYS WANTED to be!


Dear Reader,

Though cuckolding is a common and hot fantasy for a lot of men into femdom – – or humiliation (and/or, I should say!) – actually transitioning from “fantasy” to “reality” is something most people struggle with.

And if you’re part of that large group, I understand. It wasn’t always easy for me to convince MY S.O’s at the time to participate in this wonderful form of play — and some flat out denied at the time.

It took me a long, long time to understand what really “works” in terms of BOTH partners being REALLY (emphasis!) open to the fantasy and play, and fully embracing their respective roles in it.

Remember, cuckolding takes things one step further. Until now you’ve likely limited your play, no matter how base or humiliating to your Lady and yourself – – or perhaps other ladies on occasion, but if you’re a guy, you’ve likely never brought other men into the picture although you’ve wanted to many a times!

And if you’re a dominant lady, you’ve probably often wondered just why exactly you can’t bring other men in on command to satisfy you – – but have yet struggled with the “I’m in a relationship” conundrum, and then never gone ahead with the fantasy.

But our base desires and fantasies never go away, my friend.

We are who we are a deep subconscious level, and the subconscious will KEEP pushing your base desires to the surface until they’re met.

Have you ever noticed that the things you think about the most are the things that HAPPEN in your life?

The thoughts that you put the most emotion into – – be they positive or negative – – are what makes events manifest in your life – – and this is a truism that cannot be escaped, whether we’re talking vanilla life or BDSM.

The subconscious is key to who we are, and it is key to get the subconscious to accept what we do on a sexual level as well as in real life to avoid any sort of emotional backlash from our actual physical actions – – and my experience in this regard combined with my extensive experience with femdom and related areas in general makes me the best person to bring you these tips in an easy to understand, down to earth, yet brutally frank manner that characterizes all my writings.

And THIS is where most cuckold relationships end up failing as deep down inside, people struggle to accept the fantasy for what it is – – and therefore attempts to translate it into reality end in failed relationships, misery for both the partners, and way worse.

And many, many years ago, yours truly was no exception to the rule either.



Why am I qualified to write this? 

I’ve had plenty of homosexual fantasies – – and encounters along those lines as well which initially left me feeling “powerless” and “used” – – but upon probing these feelings, I realized that it was actually a part of me I was trying to repress all along for fear of “shame” from the outside world.

Starting with the first time I sucked cock in a motel, to the two or three times I sucked dick after that – – and the many times after THAT – – I’m no stranger to the myriad of emotions accompanying the actual experience.

I’m NOT a stranger to the sheer rush I got from submitting to another man – especially with a lady witnessing it all – – a lady that I was dating a while ago, to be frank!

I’m not a stranger to the “guilt trips” my self experienced as well post my first few encounters – – clearly a case of me not being comfortable with revealing who I was at my deepest levels, and I offer tips to remedy this sort of thing in this manual.

And given I’ve worked past all this, this manual is an attempt – – an honest attempt to bring cuckolding out in the open – – along with providing workable TIPS for BOTH partners to make the relationship last at a deep and satisfying level for the long term.

In other words, I have been in the trenches, and am now sharing the info I’ve learnt over the years with YOU in an easy to read, information packed little manual yours for download right after payment.



Who did I write this manual for?


Everyday couples and experienced BDSM practitioners that want to incorporate this sort of play into their lives, but aren’t sure how to (from a physical standpoint). The only requirement is that it be kept SSC (safe, sane and consensual) and that an open mind is kept at all times!

You’ll notice, of course that most of the tips are geared towards MEN … but there is plenty of talk about both the female and male psyche.

If you’re a man, this book will show you how to introduce your S.O. to the joys of cuckolding, and also to open YOUSELF up to the same joys of “giving” – – and believe me, the more you “give” in this regard, the more eventual pleasure you’ll receive!

If you’re a woman, the tips will help you as well – – not just in terms of “what” or “how to”, but also in terms of understanding how cuckolding works for BOTH the male and female (this is key – – a lot of literature makes it all about what get the man off, but in reality, the female aspect is far more important here!) at a deep subconscious level.

This book is for you if you’re a dominant lady looking to take things to the next level in your current D/s relationship.

It is also for you if you’re a submissive man looking to learn about the joys of cuckolding … and a man that is not scared to explore his inner self, and acknowledge his innermost desires!

A great review from a reader Daniel Rose, one of many who have benefited immensely from this one of its kind manual! 


Am I experienced in this personally?

You bet I am! My current sex life involves nothing but humiliation, denial and NO orgasms, and curiously enough it’s done (for the most part) without my S.O. forcing it either. And yes, I’ve had plenty of instances where I’ve sucked cock … and plenty of instances where I’ve fantasized about doing so as well, and then done it. Cuckolding and big black cocks (or cocks of any color) are a recurring theme in my books, and for good reason! 😉

On that note I’ve been meaning to update my recent adventures with Madam Su as well. Stay tuned in that regard – – as well as for more on the regal Princess Joanie who quite literally never left my dreams ever since I met her last November (Nov 2017 to be precise).


What a reader – ONE OF MANY – LEARNED from this book! 

Daniel Rose (CA??) recently sent in this review : –

Hello, Mike! Sorry that I haven’t been able to reply. I have been extremely busy the past few days as I have quite a few jobs coming in and it is difficult to manage everything in time.

I really enjoyed reading out your book however, it was really interesting and exciting. There’s a lot of new things I’ve personally learnt from it and I’m glad you were able to share your own personal experience as it really shines in the book and does a good job of conveying your personality as a whole.

I really hope that it receives the traction it deserves as I know that you put a lot of time and effort into your work judging by how many books you aim to put out all the time. I can tell you’re passionate and I respect that! As for the review, I’ll try to submit one a bit later today.

I don’t usually write reviews so I’m not sure if there’s any requirements that need to be met beforehand but I’ll have a look into it. All the best, Daniel Rose.

Submit a review?

Well, Daniela, you’ve – Daniel, I should say, hehe -you’ve already DONE THAT – Daniela submitted some for the other books as we all know.

but what he means is he will submit a proper written review on Amazon and I will bring that to you too my friend.

Now, this book will be on Audible soon, and you’ll want to get it THERE too.

But while he hasn’t mentioned what exactly he learned, I’ll bet “busting (no pun) the cucks with a small dick myth” is one of the many things he learned.

I can picture him thinking “hmm, and here I thought cucks all have (it came out as sucks when I wrote it, hehe) small dicks so they get off on it!”

The entire Audible narration has been done so smoothly and perfectly I can’t believe it, truly, when you picture something and DESIRE it with full faith and GUMPTION – the Universe parts the OCEANS for you, and I can see Jesus parting them right now as we SPEAK!

Anyway – this book is already getting traction – thanks Daniel! And thanks as well for your kind words – yes, being passionate is what it’s all about, and it shows, and its nice to be appreciated in that regard especially when it’s well warranted.

You guys will want to get this NOW.

And start LEARNING what NO-ONE else teaches you about cuckolding, if you truly want to live the cuckolded life of your dreams, and believe me, real life is about 100 x more exciting than purely the fantasy.

I’ve been there.

I’ve done that.

I continue to.

And I keep sucking and getting more BLOBS on that (interesting how a certain Paula’s email attachments show up as named “blob” hehe) T shirt!

So should you, my friend. So should you, and as I get done with a sissy workout of my LIFE – I bring this here to you.



What YOU WILL learn from this manual


If you’re a dominant Lady …


  • You’ll learn how to take your current D/s relationship to the next level altogether – – in a way that there will never truly be a point of “return”!
  • How to “have your cake and eat it too” – – not only in bed, but in LIFE as well.
  • How to develop an unshakeable sense of confidence – – that comes from doing what it normally “forbidden”, and yet getting away with it – – and the sense of having several men lusting after you at once, and being in the position to pick and choose the one YOU want for the night – – with NO drama from your S.O. in this regard!
  • How to well and truly ensure that YOU are the one getting off the most on cuckolding – – and how to blast past the “does he truly care for me” barrier which is so common with couples into this sort of thing. (Hint – – YES, he does, if it’s done right!)
  • How to make sure that YOU are the one pushing him to get involved in said scenarios – – as opposed to what it is normally i.e. the man “pushing” his S.O. to get involved in something she’s “not really into”.
  • How to reinforce your place at the TOP of the hierarchy as the alpha female you truly are – – with your choice of men as and when you see fit!

If you’re a man …


  • Ensure that your D/s life is never the same again once you incorporate other men into it. It’s one thing to involve other ladies, but as soon as you start involving other MEN into it – – if just in word to begin with – – the entire dynamic changes – – in a deliciously sexy manner!
  • How to ensure she’s relaxed and ready to cuckold you – – and how to make sure she slowly morphs into the Dominant lady of your dreams that you’ve always craved!
  • How to remove all “whys and wherefore’s” in terms of “why do you want to be humiliated like this”, and “why would you want me to do that”. The key lies in influencing your subconscious to believe that what you’re doing is the right way – – for both of y’all – – and this little manual gives you the affirmations and way you need in order for this to start happening!
  • How to realize and EXPERIENCE the pleasures of “sharing truly is caring”
  • How to understand something that men over the ages would have done well to understand – – that being to keep your woman happy in all regards, with scant, or any regard to your
  • own orgasms. This might sound strange at first, but read on, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
  • How to realize your cock sucking and other “m on m” fantasies, and let’s face it, most men look at porn and silently fantasize about the large cocks on offer there, but do nothing to address this base desire. This manual will have you on the path to rectifying that, and quickly!


The above bullet points encapsulate but a FEW of the things you’ll learn from this manual.  There is truly something for everyone here!

And much, much more, my friend.

Once you go cuckold, you truly never go back – and you’ll understand what I mean when you start implementing the tips in this manual, and watch your satisfaction with your sex life SOAR to levels hitherto unimaginable.

Grab Cuck Central NOW – it’ll be the best decision you ever make – – either as a Dominant Lady, or as a true cuck!



Mike Watson

PS – Dedicated to perfect “el perfecto” Princess Joanie, that royal force of nature whose shoe soles you see on the COVER! So it should be, my friend. So it should  be. She truly took me in hand like NO OTHER …

And, from Princess to “Countess” – a great review again from a certain “Countess” Paula who breaks it down so correctly, factually, aptly as always!

Get this NOW.