Sin City Diaries – Volume 1 

            The City that changed my life forever …


In the year 2004, I made a decision careerwise and LIFE wise that would change my life forever – – more than I ever, ever anticipated when I took the decision.

They say the best decisions are those taken on the spur of the moment, and how true that has been for me with regard to the Southern Chinese city of Dongguan.

Quick decisions and those based upon INTUITION are usually always the best, and a quick perusal of the lives of anyone that has done anything of note in their lives will bear this fact out.

Those that are “doers” in life – – or should I say achievers, make decisions quickly – – change ‘em slowly – – and stick to them with a dogged persistence that ultimately outweighs any and all resistance to the original idea.

No, I’m not counting myself in the pantheon of greats as yet, but the point stands nonetheless with regard to what I’m writing here!

But wait a minute. Let me back up.

I was a callow 22 year old youth at the time. Fresh out of college, and had NO idea what I wanted to do with my life, except that it should be something FUN.

Something fun, engaging, and … you get the picture. Not for me the boring humdrum 9-5 routines, stuck in a place I didn’t like, doing work I did not like, and so forth.

I had no idea what I’d end up doing in life, but I knew this – it wasn’t going to be boring!

And though the job market was tough back then, I received two job offers at the time after a LOT of searching (believe me, it was tough. We had just got through the dot com bust and I’m an I.T. professional by virtue of my degree, so it was but natural that I’d look for a job in the I.T field).

Ah, how life would have been different if I knew what I do NOW about following one’s dreams back them, but no regrets!

So I received two offers. One was to work in a large multinational company as a code monkey and the other was to work at a small startup (which was doing rather well, by the way) – – basically to work for an American firm overseas, and of all the places you’d think, work in India.

Now, common sense and rationale might dictate I chose the first option, but Mike Watson, though relentlessly logical when he needs to be, does NOT rely upon logic and reason alone.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that your gut feelings, intuition and FEELINGS in general are a far better indicator of whether or not your decisions are correct in terms of leading you to your true desires in life (whether you know this as yet or not).

And as always, I went ahead and did what I was advised NOT to do – – which was to accept the first offer, and guess what.

Six months later, they made me an offer to move to their office in China.

At the time, I had no inkling of how China was as a country … and certainly NO idea of how Dongguan was in terms of a place to live in, etc.

There wasn’t a lot on the Internet about it and I knew no-one from that part of the world. So when I first received the offer, I sat on it and did nothing despite my inner voice urging me to be “creative”, “experimental”, and TAKE it.

Instead I did nothing while I received advice – – plenty of it at that – – not to go there.

Then, my boss at the time sent me a second email, basically asking me if I wanted to head on to China (once again), and that he had not heard back from me on the offer.

And thus I ended up going to Dongguan … landing there in Feb 2004, and I’ve never looked back since then.

Those that know me know I run a fitness biz in addition to my BDSM writing. And Dongguan forms an integral part of HOW that business came about. More on that in future writings, but for now, let me just say this city impacted nigh every part and decision of my life for the next 14 years or so … until the time of writing this, I should say!

Now, I could write books about Dongguan and how it was back in the day, but that isn’t the purpose of this diary, so I’ll stick to SEX.

Dongguan, for those that don’t know used to be literally known as two things – the world’s factory floor – – and “Sin City” of the world.

Both were literally true, and neither one is true as things stand right NOW in Dongguan (you’ll see what I mean later).

But for a young man in his early 20’s, starting out in the world, there could not have been a better place to start out in terms of GIRLS – the lovely Chinese girls that captivated me from the minute I passed through immigration at Hong Kong, and the girls that have been a part of my life ever since …

Imagine that girl asking you – while looking at you KNOWINGLY – TAUNTING you, mocking you – PINCHING – flicking – TWISTING or merely TOUCHING your nipples, putting a finger gently in your ass to TEASE you – and saying “do you like men”, and your dick RISING as soon as you hear that! OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This book is for you if …


You’re interested in learning about “how it was back in the day” when Dongguan was “sin city of the world! For most people today, they cannot imagine what it was like back then – – this series is an attempt to “unravel the shrouds of time” as it were, and bring you back to what it was like back in the day … a time that will likely never return, but hey, who knows!

You’re interested in diaries that while detailing sexual dalliances and the establishments they were partook in, also focuses on the actual interaction between said parties.

You’re interested in China in general “back in the day” in this regard. (and in that case, my Chinese femdom novels would be a great read as well!)

Most of all, if you’re interested in getting a “sneak peek” into Mike Watson’s mind, and the “background” behind all the stories I’ve written (and there’s more on the way as well!).

Dive on in … I trust you’ll enjoy this first Volume of  “Sin City Diaries – Volume #1” as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you!