15 ways to give him the RUINED ORGASM of his LIFE

. . . and leave him GROVELING for MORE . . .



Dear Reader,

If you’re at this page, you likely know what a ruined orgasm is, and you’re probably interested in it as well.

And I don’t blame you. Ruined orgasms are one of the best “tricks” in the BDSM world that can be used to a keep a male frustrated, docile and obedient – – and salivating for more no matter what you might dish out to him, ladies!

Unfortunately, this excellent “tool” is often overlooked and underutilized, which is a pity.

Despite the immense interest in this (both from a male and female standpoint), most of the porn vidoes and literature out there on this do NOT delve deeply into what makes the ruined orgasm so intensely pleasurable and satisfying for both parties if done right.

Neither do they talk about the different techniques that can be used. I’m constantly amazed at the “same ole same ole” I keep seeing out there in this regard …

And I don’t know why – but despite the mental aspect of it being the MOST important, this is something that is rarely talked about when it comes to ruined orgasms – – big, big mistake, folks!

This manual was written to tell you that ruined orgasms are something you can – and SHOULD – incorporate into your “play” or even vanilla life, but do so safely and CORRECTLY.

And do so with the knowledge that this one tool opens up limitless possibilities in your sex life … and has manifold impact and benefits for both the Domina and her sub!

BENEFITS (of incorporating ruined orgasms into YOUR LIFE)


There are many benefits to ruined orgasms in a relationship, and it’s impossible to touch upon them ALL here. Everyone is unique, and one may notice certain benefits in a relationship that occur from regularly “practicing” ruined orgasms which aren’t apparent in other relationships.

However, there are some benefits which apply equally to all in my experience and I’ll detail them here.


For the lady.

Ruined orgasms can be a great, great tool for controlling the male of the species!

  • As mentioned both above and below, denying, or ruining his orgasm will make him ALL the more submissive towards you. Done right, this can be incorporated very effectively into a vanilla relationship too.
  • If you’re looking for the “ideal male” (that does chores and is yet the “main earner” as well as romantic and receptive to his partner’s needs) – – well, the closest you’ll probably get to that is if you deny him HIS pleasures regularly – – and partake of YOURS to the fullest – – again, regularly!

Better sex life

  • Remember, his denial doesn’t mean yours! For those in cuckold relationships this can be a boom, but even if you’re not in that sort of a relationship, the benefits are manifold.
  • You’ll no longer need to go down on him, or turn him on, so turned on will he be as a matter of routine.
  • You’ll no longer need to “reach for him” to have sex or initiate sexual contact. Chances are he’ll do his best to do so at all hours of the day if kept “frustrated” for a long enough time!
  • And of course, you’ll get to enjoy all the oral (both vaginal and anal) pleasure that comes with all this!
  • Order him around freely, ladies – – not only will he love you all the more for it, but you’ll also learn a heck of a lot more about what gets him going!

Humiliation Galore

What could be more humiliating (for him) than YOU having orgasms galore – and not allowing him a single one? Not only that – you’ll enjoy the increase in submissive vibes from him. The more you ruin it, the more he’ll be running after you trying to PLEASE you!

And it’s COMICAL too – the denial, and the utter abject humiliation, and how much you can make him GROVEL. See the reviews beneath in that regard, that alone makes it so worth it!


Control a man’s orgasm, and you control him. It’s that simple, ladies. Guys (most of them) think with their little heads, and once you control that – you control THEM!

For the guy


The best benefit, in my opinion for guys is this – – that if channeled correctly, male sexual urges can lead to INCREDIBLE increases in productivity in all areas of life.  

I’ve spoken before on my blog and my books about “writing in the flow” (damn near all day) and pounding out 20000 words in a day regularly for a lot of my femdom novels.

Not to mention the fact that I have another business to take care of other than this, and am also an avid physical culturist (who makes it a matter of personal pride) to stay in top shape no matter what.

All of this requires energy. And the male will find that orgasm control is one of the best ways of getting that energy – – and channeling it correctly too! 

Not only that, your submissive vibe will increase by leaps and bounds, guys!

I’ve written before about the importance of vibes. Those unseen, unheard mental vibrations are really what cause sparks between two people – – and the longer the male goes without sexual release, the more Nature dictates him to “try”.

And the more he “pursues” women whether he consciously tries or not. The more he’s submissive to them, and the more he attempts to PLEASE them to get that elusive orgasm!

This naturally makes him more attractive to the opposite sex. Women are naturally wired to be pursued, wooed and dined, and no “category” of male does it quite as well and willingly as one whose orgasms are either denied or ruined on a very regular basis!

Many guys ask me how I “effortlessly” attract women (especially Chinese ladies) into my life. While part of it has to, as I explain on my website, got to do with who I am at the very core of my being, the other part is actual vibes – – enhanced by very few, if any, orgasms.

The minute I have an orgasm, I notice my attraction towards the opposite sex diminishing in intensity by several notches for a few days afterwards. Not only is this natural – – it is to be expected – – and so is the opposite i.e. deny or delay (as long  as possible) or ruin the orgasm, and … !!

Aside from the other benefits, you’ll also have more physical stamina and higher mental alertness than if you were to regularly experience orgasm in any form.







Use these 15 tips to spice up your sex life like NEVER before – – tips that you’ve likely not seen (or experienced) elsewhere!

And yes – these can be used EVEN if you’re in a vanilla relationship!!

(But they DO spice up a non vanilla relationship even MORE if you get my drift, hehe)


I forgot to send you the review of the book “ruined orgasm” so here you have (i will post in on Amazon when I get my account back lol) 

I read this book from a “vanilla” point of view and I most admit I read it without knowing what a ruined orgasm was. I only have to say wow! Very interesting book with specific techniques to use on guys. I am sure even if you are in a vanilla relationship using some of these tricks will drive you man crazy and will thank you for that! 
– Daniela Di Luca (Spain)
Oh sure! I really enjoied the reading, I decided to translate it since I’m into BDSM and ruined (as well as forced) orgasm is one of my favorite play. I was curious to see if my technique was good enough and it has been very pleasant to see that almost everything you said in your book was already in my standard way of managing the ruined orgasm.
– Elissa Pittalis (Italy) 

This book is definitely an open-minded take on a different sexual experience, and a true eye-opener!

First of all, I have to say this book is a VERY engaging read. I myself, am on the very “vanilla” side of intimacy, but when reading Mr. Watson’s book, I was able to immerse myself in “another world” so-to-speak. His writing makes you feel very comfortable while gaining knowledge/factual information. Some parts were comical, as I imagine is just the author’s personality shining through the pages.

Libby Fine (USA)

“15 Ways to give him the Ruined Orgasm of his life” will not only give you 15 different scintillating tips on how to achieve that “perfect” ruined orgasm – but will also give you a rundown on what you SHOULD and what you should NOT do when engaging in this sort of play.

It’ll give you the benefits – real life benefits (other than sexual, of course) that both parties will experience as a result of incorporating this sort of play into their lives.

And of course, much more more – – all written in the traditional “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license” Watson style!

Grab it NOW.