15 CARDINAL rules of successful and SATISFYING FINDOM.


Extreme satisfaction for ALL parties involved, a turn on and mind fuck – and RUSH like NO OTHER!!


What true and real findom is – and what it ISN’T.

Recently I had the pleasure and honor of simping to a Japanese guy – a guy whose face I didn’t even see, and his soles – well, mostly not – and yet, the VIBE, the steaming hot VIBE coming off his posts (along with his steaming hot long COCK – with that lovely pink head poking out, the dark Asian skin contrasting with his red penis head so nicely – my!) … set him apart from the rest.

That whole day I did nothing but goon.

As a lady told me later giggling when I gushed to her (like I did with Madam Megan about Master Wang – see Sissy Confessions, hehe) …

Gooner extraordinairre!”

And that I was, my friend.

That I was!

So much so that I ended up overwhelming him with messages, and … well, long story short, for some strange reason the guy blocked me – although you’d think I was doing so much free marketing for him he’d invited me to stay! Hehe … but, literally, the spell this guy wove over me was there to STAY.

Now, whats the story with the blocking you ask?

Well, first off – I get it – I was expecting it. Although he’s got conflicting stories on his tweetline about “tribute first then talk”, some other tweets actively encourage fags to GET in his DM, and he’s very very insistent about it – that VIBE which first drew me to him, his feet and cock … which are forever imprinted on my mind, with those lovely 44 hairs at the base and shaft of his LONG dong … with more sprouting, SO cute, so sexy, so adorable, so ATTRACTIVE MUAH!

“Gooner extraordinnarie” as a girl giggled about it later. (as I said above. Hehe).

That I was yesterday!

But Master Takashi deserves it.

I’d drop down to my knees and kiss his feet and crotch if he was here and THANK him for blocking me.

Now, I dont quite agree with the “block on impulse” thing – personally me, I think things through business wise and gut wise before doing such a thing. Madam Alyssa once did that because of “chatting” – but if you dont get to KNOW a person well, just tributing, or sending – well, I wouldn’t recommend it!

It NEVER works long term without the right connection FIRST.

And that can only happen via chatting, or at least SOME communication, or vibes which Master has, but why he’d think I wouldn’t send is  a mystery, especially after I planned it yesterday!

One look from him, one SLAP from him, more WORDS from him, and one look at his cock, even his PISS – all of it, so holy heavenly – and I’d melt!

(dont get me wrong, way too many freebie seekers out there looking for free chat, but perhaps Master – and he’s a young stud, so this makes sense isn’t “Experienced” enough to tell the wheat from the chaff, which hey, I get …)

(and, with me? I’ve never spoken to a male dom before …that sexy Asian body of his – slim, petite with that huge dong – well, it’s the first time, and his VIBES!!!)

But, key thing, and I mention this in the femdom affirmations too, and it works for MALE DOM TOO!

He’s never wrong, boy!

And I’d kiss his butt cheeks and smooch his lovely asshole while saying it repeatedly!

He deserves to rape me – my wallet, all of it.

Master, in case you’re reading this, YOU are responsible for me never looking at an ASIAN male the same again, my eyes will always go to the GROUND, and their holy croctches, their GROIN – and the thought of their DICKS AND BALLS, and how SUPERIOR Asian males and females are will pass through mind – EVERY TIME!

You, perfect Master Takashi, your cock, your BALLS, your CREASED balls, the line in between them, the SHAPE, the HAIR on them, the LOVELY PENIS, all of it, and that ROYAL head, even sexier pink pee slit – and you, your vibe, are responsible for it!

I can SMELL THEM as I sit here!

And as I said yesterday, I BEG you to share your Paypal so you can SEND.

Truly … from one “dominant” (sometimes, hehe) to the other.

I know how it feels.

And you’re the real man here, my friend!

Keep being that.

I love you! *yes, that should be normalized too, saying those words!*

So thats that – and back to it –

Mike Watson isn’t “gay” (neither does he believe in labels, but you know what I mean).

And yet, when it comes to domination – I’ve found it isn’t about gender alone.

Its about as I keep saying for femdom – VIBES, vibes, and more VIBES!

That VIBE coming off him – SMOKING hot and DOMINATING!

And I felt it. Sure, his lovely penis mentioned later in his book didn’t hurt in that regard – pun intended. Hehe.

But he was a guy I’d have happily simped to all day, I had planned it all, and while the outcome in that case wasnt exactly as desired – it did prompt me to write this book – first off to clear up just exactly what true and therefore successful findom is about – and this is an area both submissives and Dominas (and Doms) SO OFTEN get it WRONG – completely wrong.

First off, this kink is extreme – much like with cuckolding, so you want to work into it with caution.

It is often “marketed” as subs going broke for Master, Mistress or both, but that is far removed from the REALITY of it.

The reality is this, a sub needs to be financially stable first off and happy with their own life to serve in any aspect of BDSM. The fun goes away if you’ve got rent to pay, and you’ve just sent that money over to Master/Mistress!

It’s not about “ruining” the person involved (except from a fantasty standpoint). If it truly was that, no-one would do it – lets face it, how many human beings truly want to be ignored and ruined??

No-one wants a fetish experience with no “interaction” – so many doms and dominas just say “send” – and thats findom, keep sending, nothing for the sub. (see experience above)


That is NOT real findom, or any kink!

True kink is where both partners are equals in a way – where it’s SSC – and where it turns both partners on. The agreement may and often does look unequal on the surface in terms of BDSM, but if both parties agree to it – it isn’t unequal, it’s an agreement both parties are COMFORTABLE with – much like I tell you in Cuck Central, COMMUNICATION IS KEY!

Yes, true findom is about serving your Master/Mistresses’s financial needs because it turns you on.

But it isn’t a 24/7 thing for the most part. Folks need their downtime after sending.

It is also along with cuckolding another one of those fetishes where a real Domina/Dom benefits the most.

But, with great power comes great responsibility – in this case that being to NURTURE your sub.

Use and abuse” is the fantasy. Great. But it only works like with all other kinks if both parties understand and respect each other, and devote time to the activities that TURN BOTH parties on, not a “one way street of just send, send send, and getting nothing in return”.

Conversely, and this holds true in terms of many “freebie seekers” wanting a quick wank – – if you’re wanting them to dominate you in any regard, then chances are it will cost – something.

No, it isn’t always money – it could be anything, but ain’t nothing free in life my friend.

In a nutshell, findom is an extreme kink (that can really be taken to giddy limits) that is a HUGE mind fuck – humiliating (think about it – you keep sending money every time your domina/dom demands, all for the pleasure of gawking at their cocks – or soles – or feet, or middle finger – whatever turns you on) – and for their ABUSE and the dominating vibe!

But it, like any other kink can only work if both parties understand each other first.

Way too many folks concentrate on the money and nothing else.


The VIBE and mutual attraction between two people is really what “gets things going”.

Madam Pearl, the heroine of Submissive Musings – Volume one didn’t just wallet rape and cuckold me for the money and fantasy. We had a genuine relationship going on, with downtimes, fights, arguments, and all the other stuff that most fantasy never talks about – but exists (as I say in my books “it’s reality mixed in with a dab of creative license, NOT the other way around).

One sage comment from her before we even started, before I even bought her anything was this “Honey I want to make sure all my demands are reasonable, and affordable”.

THAT is someone who understands fetish!

Sure, she upped her demands gradually, but it was never something completely unreasonable.

And of course, it led, as real findom often does, to one of the best female domination relationships I’ve ever been involved in, and thats saying a lot – until she got married, I believe? Not sure, but we worked ALL sorts of kinks into our relationship themed around one central fetish – findom!

None of this would have been possible without getting to know the other person well first. Which we took a few days to do, albeit LUST filled days!

For whatever reason, other fetishes seem to lend themselves more to communication FIRST, and all else later.

For some odd reason, findom, the vast majority of folks practicing it – do anything but communicate at any sort of level before starting the relationship.

A sub asking questions beforehand is GOOD, my friend.

A domina or dom or both clarifying limits, what exactly is “available” – is GOOD , my friend.

It should be done so that neither party gets overwhelmed, or feels “used”. Think about it, with the Japanese guy above (who I’m not even sure has got it right for the most part, though a lot of his philosophy is spot on) … all I did was explain how I “felt” to him.

His answer was “block”.

Which is perhaps his style of findom, talking only when he wants to, taking all the time.

But life isn’t a one way street, nothing ever is …

And all that aside, now we come to another salient point, given all my writing – why did I write THIS book?

Good question, and we’ll address it now!

Down, boy! That DUST on Master’s sole is your STATION IN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me so weak, as does ..


I’ve written the immensely popular Submissive Musings series – I’ve written so many novels – both based upon real life femdom experiences which naturally incorporate some degree of findom into them …

But, I never once put down in “manual” form what findom truly is – and the cardinal rules that one must follow (both Doms and subs) in order for the fetish to be truly “successful” for both.

Books are great in they detail experiences, end results, but if you wanted to know how to repair your car engine, for one, you wouldnt want lengthy “experiences” of how I did.

You’d simply want me to tell you the steps – plain and simple.

And thats what I do in all my manuals (a key difference between the manuals and books as many have noted) – and this manual.

Further, a very important reason I wrote this … the line between serving a Domina or a Dom can often be blurry.

LOTS of male submissives secretly want to serve a dominant man too – they just don’t admit it.

I’d imagine it to be the same for female submissives.

And I personally know a lot of Dominas who’d be more than happy to Dom females for one if they were truly into it!

Bottom line – as always, all about VIBES.

When you look at her soles, THAT look in the eye, the dominance streaming off her, HIS long cock, head poking out, his WORDS, that dominant “bratty” attitude (either his or her) – or BOTH of them humiliating you – well … do you see gender or FEEL LUST like never before?

The answer is both, but what we FEEL is what drives results in our lives and what COUNTS.

And its about vibe, my friend, which is another reason I wrote this book – these tips can be used, like many of my other books by both male and female dominants alike (and the same thing for submissives).

Finally, I wrote it to clear up a lot of the misconceptions that exist about the fetish and the lifestyle.

And thats why, in a nutshell. Congratulations on your decision to buy this – it’s indeed a great one!

The soles that drive folks INSANE with lust. I almost cum to them myself. Hhe. I dont blame me – or YOU! ?

Benefits YOU can hope to get from this course

First of all, bear in mind that the benefits in this course – what you will LEARN – applies EQUALLY to both males and females – both maledom and femdom, and ditto for submissives. It’s the VIBE that really counts, now you may have a preference “gender” wise but true submissives will find themselves getting drawn to the DOMINANCE more than anything else – DITTO for true dominants – you’ll be drawn to the submissiveness more than gender.

So it should be, my friend. So is should be!

Anyway, other than the bleeding obvious, i.e 15 cardinal rules to be followed by anyone seriously and HONESTLY into the findom lifestyle …

If you’re a Dom/Domina reading this … 

  • Learn the tricks to REALLY hooking your sub – permanently – and hint, it isn’t displaying body parts randomly, it isn’t talking about “send now” repeatedly – and it isn’t about simply looks or anything else. The VIBE is what counts, and you’ll learn this better than anything else, and this ONE “benefit” alone is worth the price of admission for this course, given the manifold and lasting BENEFITS you’ll get from following said philosophy. 
  • Understand why it’s VIBE over all that really matters!
  • Understand better than ever how that ONE look, that ONE sole shot, that ONE penis shot – can really HOOK and book a sub like NEVER BEFORE, and learn how to use this knowledge to your advantage – now, and forever!
  • Do it right, and you will truly live a “sub funded” life of ENJOYMENT and the pure satisfaction that comes from KNOWING you’re having your cake – and eating it too! 
  • Gain absolute, abject, and total control over your sub at the deepest levels possible. Once he or she is really ready to financially submit, and does so – the SKY is the limit in how far you can take it, and related fetishes!
  • Reduce your sub to a GIBBERING mess with nary but a few words -again, the VIBE is what matters!

And much, much more …

Get this NOW.

What, wait, you dont want to as yet? Look at these soles, footboy, and IMAGINE! And you’ll buy, grovel, without THINKING!
These are the feet that drive folks INSANE with lust, even I come to them and they are MINE!

And you ain’t even seen my COCK as yet .. (only those that are truly special subs do)

If you’re a SUBMISSIVE reading this … 

  • Understand – and know, first off, that true submission does not include unlimited freebies. Way too many submissives mess up here – and learn HOW to approach your dom/domina correctly – and what questions to ask, and what not to.
  • Learn that “overwhelming” the other person never really works – in other words, CONTROL is key – both over yourself, and your emotions while participating in the fantasy! Always remember Mike Tyson’s famous words about “Training your mind to be stronger than your emotions”, else you lose – and you want to play to WIN here, despite the fetish being talked about!
  • How a few simple words from your Master or Mistress raises the tempo of the domination like never before, and really raises the HEAT so to speak!
  • How that ONE sole shot, that one PENIS shot is really all you need – and why you should be devoting your LIFE – or goon time, hehe, obsessively, dedicatedly almost to – feet, cock and balls – either hers or theirs or his!
  • Learn how to get pleasure from THEIR pleasure. If they’re happy, youre happy.
  • Reprogram your subconscious in a manner than “Giving” makes you happy. Even when you’re not horny. When you’re happy. Bored. Sad. Make “giving” a part of your routine and do it right, and you’ll reap RICH rewards in all areas like never before!
  • Stay hornier than ever before, on edge as it were, and have that sexual tension attract MORE of what you want into your life!
  • Truly submit lock, stock and BARREL to your dominant. There isn’t any depth of submission more CRAVEN than giving up control of your finances to another person – and more humiliating either in many ways.
  • Incorporate findom into every part of your life and fetishes as I did (detailed above) … and live a life of pure FUN and bliss in all regards as you’ve always wanted to, attracting more and more of what it is you WANT into your life.

And much, much more I haven’t detailed here…

Well my friend, I’ve said my bit.

Now, it’s time for YOU to take action.

True femdom – or indeed any dom (femdom, male dom) and findom (of course!) enthusiasts will want to grab this once in a lifetime course brought to you by the “Real Mc Coy of femdom” while they can – and at the current pre-sales price (pre order price) before it goes up, up and up – like some of the cocks above, hehe – and go up it will.

The information contained in this course is nigh INVALUABLE in terms of a satisfying fetish filled life my friend.

You’ll be doing yourself  a favor and a very very smart thing indeed to grab it NOW.


Mike Watson