25 ODES to Rachna Ma’am

It’s so comforting to see a man treat his superior with an appropriate amount of respect and awe” . . . and it IS! It SHOULD BE!

Yes, Ma’am, it is!

That was an actual Twitter user – a lady – who wrote in about my constant odes to my wife, how I keep posting about her, my groveling odes that even submissives and sissies have shaken their heads in wonder at i.e. “how can he worship her THAT MUCH!”

And she’s right.

Think about it, I even thank her for taking a crap in the mornings!

Now, to be honest, that sort of extreme groveling in front of women in general – well, it’s nothing new to me!

I’ve always treated and thought of women as the superior sex or gender, and I’ve always, in this regard, been a huge proponent of the “her way or highway” way of thinking – provided the guy and girl are both into it, which they should be! 😉

And YOU are definitely into this – or you wouldn’t have bought this book! (or, you wouldn’t WANT to buy it. Hehe).

Chances are excellent and second to none you’re a male (married, or hoping to be) submissive or sissy reading this – someone that WISHES their wife or significant other was more dominating, someoone that WANTS her to be.

Chances are also great youre a lady reading this – enjoying, as a certain Madam Athena did – my odes to m wife.

The quote above is hers. And her sentiments have been reciprocated roundly by many – both male and female, but its really the female comments I love most, because in general those are written with brain, and not the little brain as with most men.

On that note, why do I call her Rachna Ma’am, and not “Memsahib” or “Goddess” or some of the more grovely, submissive sounding terms I’ve used?

Well, partly because as my first Editor once so sagely told me, that might be overkill i.e. calling her Goddess at EACH turn, or more!

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t do it.

I still call her that!

But, femdom is so NORMAL in our lives that even saying “Rachna” – well, it’s not the WORD you’re using, it’s the VIBE!

So long as the vibe shines through, that is what is needed, and is what ATTRACTS.

Anything else is not necessarily overkill, but not required as well.

Additionally, keeping one foot in the real world was something else the good ole Editor emphasized, and he was right. Hehe.

Yours truly, of course, takes it to a whole NEW level by … well, “REAL life mixed in with a dab of creative license”, NOT the other way around.

This book does not contain any “how to” attract femdom to you – for that, there are other books I sell – and that you should get and read in conjunction with this book (you’ll see them throughout this book too, in the odes) – A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland (which works for ladies of ALL hues, shapes, colors, and nationalities! – in other words, women in general!) – and 16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations that will attract femdom to you like moths to a FLAME (that is perfect Madam Andy on the cover. There I go with the superlatives, but they deserve it!).

And you’ll see that throughout the odes here!

Anyway …. in the first tip, you’ll see my wifes job is a recruiter. And she keeps getting called Rachna Ma’am so many times and I hear it all day, so … well, …

Repetition of the same chant, the same affirmation, the same incantations, leads to BELIEF.

Once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to HAPPEN!

Thats the great Claude Bristol quote from the Magic of Believing I NEVER tire of repeating either mentally or otherwise, I even have it on my desktop, plain black words on white, or white on black, but they make more impact than anything else ever has in my life.

Period, no pun!

And femdom wise, well…

I had it from childhood!


So while this book doesn’t have any how to’s, it does have PROOF that what I teach works – as if you needed proof from someone whose routinely called the “Real Mc Coy of femdom and fetish”, hehe.

As if you needed more proof if you’re a reader of my other books!

Maybe you don’t.

But I am giving you some anyway – and the main thing is how YOU, the reader can draw inspiration from these odes, and use them to YOUR advantage, either from a submissive standpoint and/or a dominant standpoint.

That is the real point of this book.

And if you’re a true femdom lover, you wont need any more “why did I write this book!”

You, dear Reader, will NEVER EVER FIND A WOMAN more dominating than Rachna Ma’am – well, you might – but so NATURALLY commanding, superior, dominating to the point of literally treating every other male like utter DIRT – well, my wife is the reigning Queen there!

I’m so lucky – and therefore, these odes to her.

More on the way soon!

For now – pucker up – she loves it. (or if you’re a FEMALE reading this, make your man do it, she loves that even more – per the advice she gives all her friends regularly!)

And enjoy!



Mike Watson