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Wouldnt it be nice if you could have your fetish out in the OPEN – with your woman INTERESTED in it?


Yes, my friend.

Rather than …

Jerking off surreptiously to your wife’s feet!

And ladies, wouldn’t it be nice if you actually WANTED TO BE involved in his fetish, as opposed to doing it “because you love him”?

Wouldnt it be nice if you could have your fetish out in the OPEN – with your woman INTERESTED in it?

She may or may not go “the whole hog” when it comes to fetish with you, but there is no doubt that you CAN get her “more into it” than she is already is.

For lots of you, and I keep hearing this in my sessions (which I do not so many of, so apply FIRST and we’ll see what we can do) . . .

“My wife just wont budge!” 

“No matter what I do, she wants sex!” 

(at the end of everything else)

“She wants me to work my fetish in, everyone knows that is impossible, and there it stands!” 

Well, she’s right.

So are you, my friend (I’m writing this to those that aren’t able to work kink into their lives, and where it’s causing problems galore).

And I’ve told you about the long, long time ago where my ex stood bawling her eyes out in front of a sorority pushing me to go to counseling (the same ex that told me it was “Unchristian” to dominate me in the way I wanted).

(Curiously enough she had no problem talking about the other guys she had been with, but she didnt like me getting turned on by it! – we never got there though).

Years later, another lady I was with took me to counseling when I actually “budged”.

Lets see what this is all about, I said to myself.

This lady was interested in two things – a) getting my phimosis cured so we could have “normal sex” and b) the counseling to resolve the fetish.

No feet, boy!


Guess what the counselor said.

“Just think of feet, and do it!”

I couldn’t hide back a grin.

(if it only it were that easy. Hehe. But to his credit, he then said he wasn’t a fetish counselor).

Believe me, SEX counseling is one thing. FETISH and the mind are quite another. You need expertise . . .

As for the phimosis, I’m damn glad I did NOT get operated – and when I told the lady I was with at the time I wouldn’t, she threw a fit, and there endeth that discussion.

I managed to buy her some dresses. She forgot – temporarily, but the words of THAT ex rang out in my head.

“She’ll always want it if she loves you!” 

All of this, my friend sounds depressing familiar to you, no?

Not to mention what I said in my title. Jerking off to your woman’s soles, hoping she’ll dominate you, hating (or not wanting) her for not doing … And all in the QUIET of your own home. 

The more frustrated SHE gets, the bitchier she gets, no? (along with the different colors of nailpolish, new clothes showing her body – ASS off – and so forth …)

And the more it turns YOU On, the more you salivate secretly, and the more she does NOT give it to you …

VS … 

You could do it – with HER being HAPPY – and you too – out in the OPEN! 

My SO was tired last night, and she slept well (remember that ass whanging the stud gave her?)?

And I pressed her feet, went away and jerked to her Soles – which I can do all day long – but here’s the thing – she knows it probably, and she knows I smell the stinky cum stained cloth and used condoms too, and she giggles, and indulges me!

And it’s all true.

Your viewpoint, hers, all true.

Except, sometimes, finding the common meeting ground has to be done in a way you’d never ever imagine.

And those are the “dirty” yet very ethical ways I bring to you that are also so amazingly simple that they’re usually overlooked.

Those that have read the complete guide on understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland know that if you’re really serious about your deep desires, and remember, this works for ANY lady – or man – or VANILLA couples too – you have to work on the MIND – first, foremost and LAST.

Those into cuckoldry – and those that have read Cuck Central KNOW THIS TOO!

And really, most of the Watson faithful too. All, I should say.

You might think “its OK to just jerk off”. Maybe if you’re not really into femdom, yes . . . but think of this. Even that jerk off with her is so much more POWERFUL, no? 

Really – there are no two ways around this, my brother. (and no, her getting more frustrated ain’t the solution. Think of if she does it in a happy manner, footboy – the TIDINGS That await!).

Trick is, GETTING HER TO DO IT – in a way SHE ENJOYS. 

I think I’ve made myself clear on this one?

(How, you ask?)

Well, that is where I COME IN. 

To help YOU. 

Mike Watson offers kink friendly therapy and online counseling to those that require it. As is evident, he has immense experience in the fields of BDSM and kink – – and is often sought out for his expertise on kinks – – and more importantly, how to successfully integrate kink into daily life (while maintaining a healthy relationship in other regards).

Remember, my expertise in femdom is unparalled.

Be it the reviews on the site, the thousands on our email list that enjoy the brually “hitting home” daily emails and more – usually way more than “one a day” – or any of the people that have read my books – EVERYONE knows that if we’re talking femdom, Mike Watson is the person to GO TO. 

And I have so much MORE to offer than in my books and courses. 

Remember, fetishes and situations are intensely personal my friend.

There is NO “one size fits all”!

So while getting my courses would be a great, great start and I highly recommend it to EVERYONE – if you’re really looking to take the plunge into femdom – it’s always good to have EXPERIENCE – raw, TRUE experience on YOUR SIDE.

(This holds true even if “she” or “he” isn’t necessarily “opposed to fetish” at the outset. Believe me, what people say they think and what they really think – it’s a very complex issue! Relationships have been ruined by going about this the WRONG way). 

We offer counseling services to those who need it in the form of “package consultations” (which usually take the form of ongoing support over a few weeks or months). Please note that this is kink focused therapy as opposed to “traditional” therapy, although both have an overlap.

To avail of our services, the first step to undertake is to CONTACT us either via the form HERE  – – or via email at [email protected]. Please explain your situation in detail, and explain what exactly you are looking to gain from our services – and we’ll get back to you.

Consultation rates and packages will vary upon the requirements. Each case is different and unique, especially more so in the case of kink therapy where the sheer array of kinks are diverse to begin with.

Mike Watson will usually do a detailed “consultation” first after you contact him – – but again, this depends upon your exact case. Email us, and we’ll get back to you!

Why is kink counseling even required? Who needs it?

Good question!

But I gotta be honest.

If you’ve gotten this far and are still asking that question, you haven’t been paying attention! 

Anyway, other than the obvious – which I’ve stated above – let’s get a bit more into the nitty gritties of this.

First, there are a wide spectrum of kinks out there – – ranging from what some might consider to be just “naughty” to “downright kinky” – – or more. Remember too that tastes vary – what is “normal” for one person might not be for the next two, and so forth.

Due to the rather “dim” light in which most fetishes/kinks are viewed in our society, it is normal to hide “taboo” desires and activities such as BDSM. Although a foot fetishist, for instance, might like nothing better to kiss “the bride’s foot” as opposed to kissing her on the cheek when getting married, I doubt he’d express those desires publicly to the Reverend, as it were!

Often times kinks and fetishes come associated with feelings of guilt and “baggage from the past” – – all of which is completely unnecessary. Couples are often also not entirely open with each other about fetishes and sexual preferences, which is understandable to a degree as not everyone has experience discussing such issues, but sexual incompatibility leads to SEVERE problems in most relationships and is an issue that needs to be addressed, albeit delicately.

How do I know if I (or a couple) needs (or needs to consider the option of) kink therapy?

Are the scenarios mentioned in the opening part of this letter repeating themselves in YOUR life in some way, shape or form – either in this relationship, or others? 

Is your marriage – or relationship – failing due to “unmentioned” sexual fetishes?

Are your partner(s) and you sexually – and “kinkily” compatible?

Does what turn you on the most do the same to your partner – or do you shy away from even bringing it up?

Does sex, or associated issues cause arguments between the two of you on a regular basis?

If any of the above, or similar scenarios sound familiar – – well – – you are NOT alone! 

Plenty of people “suffer in silence” due to these issues, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s often not easy to chat with your partner(s) directly about this – – and a third person is required – – a person that has in-depth and personal knowledge of fetishes and kinks – – and more importantly, a deep understanding of the mental side to fetish i.e. the “why’s and wherefore’s” of fetish.

Mike Watson is that person.

My goal is to “bring fetishes out in the open” as much as possible, and act as a bridge to bring said partners close together (once again). It’s important to remember that we ALL have fetishes of some kind or the other. Ignoring our deepest desires rarely, if ever works, as they surface nonetheless, and my counseling services aim at bringing it all out in the open.

Most of the time, all that’s really required is for folks to “accept something new” and open their minds to a new (and different) way of doing things. This is often the hardest portion of all this, and once THIS mountain is conquered, the rest starts to flow.

I should know – I’ve been there, and done that!

So – – if you’re currently one of those “suffering in silence” due to sexual incompatibility or fetish related issues, well, fret not – you’re NOT alone. Contact us today, and we’ll do our best to help you out!


Mike Watson

PS – And if you want to be uber discreet, well, Bitcoin payments are up on the site. . .

(But you have to contact me FIRST, because I cannot tell you the “charges” unless I know YOUR situation FIRST).