“Dekh kya raha hai! Poti saf kar!”

Zor se! Tere ko jaise bola waise daba!”

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first edition of “Pooja Memsahib … JI!”

As Garima Madam (JI!) taught me so well, the “Ji” is most important, boy!

And “ji” is yet another of those terms of respect they use for both males and females, and elders etc in the subcontinent.

So is “Madam”.

And Madam Ji … just doubles the respect!

But, Pooja is more than a memsahib or Madam for me.

Though she would be considered the exact opposite for most people (she’s old, cranky and CRABBY) …. for me, she’s nothing less than a Goddess, if not more!

And those lovely feet – -and soles, and that sari hiked up to JUST the right level … I’ll always remember that!

She took me for a LOOP the first time I saw her. Though it took me a while to “invite” her into the house and start this whole odessey, Madam Ji, I have to tell you, I was always at your feet if only in my mind!

And we all know what happens when the mind really, really focuses on something!

Anyway, I’m not religious. I don’t believe in God!

But my day usually starts with (after I’m done worshipping her as you’ll see, and serving her tea and breakfast, and she’s relaxing), a MANDATORY worship session, or MANDTAORY meditation session if you would!

I’ve often extolled the benefits of meditation on my fitness site, and rightfully so. It focuses the mind amongst other things, and brings results into your own sphere of LIFE that are nothing short of amazing to be honest.

It brought Pooja Memsahib’s lovely soles on my face, and more, didn’t it?

Proof enough!

Not to mention all the other girls I’ve been with, and their pink slippers.

Carol. The lovely Miss Summer. Sophia. And they all had pink slippers, hehe.

Anyway, my day starts with PRAYING to the one Goddess that I do believe in, and that has MADE me do it even though I’m not a believer in prayer!

I sit on my knees in front of several pictures of Pooja, but in only ONE of them is her face seen .

With an arrogant, demanding expression on her face!

And the rest of the picture surrounding me are of her SOLES.

Her lovely soles!

The room is darkened, but there is a candle lit so I can see a bit.

And her lovely pink slippers, the old and dusty ones are on an elevated pedestal before me as if it were a shrine.

And it IS!

Every morning, I have to do the following (or whenever I have the time, at least once a day).

Chant “Pooja Madam Ji Paye Lagu” 108 times, and THINK about her while doing it.

Meditate for 10 minutes, staring at her SOLES and slippers, an dfeeling them TALK TO ME!

And her asshole. One of the pictures is of her asshole, believe it or not, a dirty one … (and you’ll see what I mean below!).

Then, I repeat the chant another 108 times, except I reverse the order of the words, and say them 108 times. Believe me, it was a struggle keeping up with the numbers when I first started!

Paye Lagu, Pooja Memsahib Ji!”

I keep repeating, keep intoning until what is already part of my MO, my ethos, my creed, my life becomes even more deeply ingrained into me every time I do it.

Did I mention I need to repeat this FIVE times at least? Thats an hour of nothing but praying to Pooja Memsahib, usually with a massive hard on.

If there ever was a lady that really, really forced me into CRAVEN submission – it is Pooja (Memsahib)!!

If there ever was an Indian lady that made me stoop to the LOWEST levels and then some – it is Pooja Memsahib!

If there EVER was a woman, a lady, a Goddess whose mere AURA – her PRESENCE turned me on so much, and made me nigh on almost drop down and worship her – it is Pooja!

And more!

And as for pink slippers, she wore those lovely pink slippers when we first met … !

Dusty and lovely, and now enshrined and worshipped, and as with Ms. Priyanka, usually by my side!

(I forgot to mention her name with Carol etc up there).

But I did NOT forget Miss Summer, did I?

(No, hehe. And she’s mentioned on the blog here – as well as the book!). 

For now though, I bring to you a TRUE force of  NATURE – an imperious Indian Goddess the likes of which you have never ever seen before, not even in the immensely popular “Garima Madam” and “Serving An Indian Goddess” series!


“I think ‘Pooja Memsahib Ji!’ it is much more than a simple traditional erotic novel where most of the time, the plot focuses only on sex, sex and sex, highlighting the anatomical dimension of eroticism, and this book is much more than that.

Personally, I had never read an erotic novel in which the “inner universe” stood out above other things (I think you get the point, hehe) that is unleashed by male sexual arousal caused by a really beautiful, imperious and above all dominant woman ( hehe) like Pooja. “

(Mauricio Eduardo Flores)

And he’s right – BDSM is all about the mind, THAT is what makes it so extreme (if you so choose).

On that note though … and before I give you more reviews on this – – I gotta say the beneath!

ARE THERE ANY LENGTHS – ANY DEPTHS – I would NOT sink to for Pooja Memsahib … JI?

I think … NOT!

If you thought the last Volume (One) was something??

Well – THIS ONE is something else altogether as you will see!

On that note, I just got done with a late lunch, washing dishes etc.

I had one of my favorite – and Pooja Madam’s favorite, actually (or one of them!) which is more important.

Cook for her, but cook what she LIKES, boy – as they say! It’s all about HER!

At the end of the day, and the BEGINNING TOO.

And as I finish my food, I almost feel revolted.

Dont get me wrong. The food was great. I cooked it with extra spices as Memsahib likes!

And the gravy was GREAT.

So was the Indian style flatbread that Pooja made me first learn how to cook for her, then LIKE. I wasn’t a fan of them initially, but I am now.

Have you ever seen those movies where the ladies (or the female servants) slave away preparing “rotis” in the kitchen, painstakingly rolling them by hand?

I bet you have.

And that task was mine!

And it wasn’t the only task either.

In the last book I wrote about how I’d literally look at Pooja Memsahib Ji’s WASTE. Her SHIT! Her GOLDEN SHIT, or sometimes different colors, but to me, and my loins stirr as I THINK about those turds emerging from an asshole I just licked, sucked and worshipped – a PERFECT Asshole TALKING TO ME – a ROSEBUD I’ll clean painstakingly with my FINGERS later (you’ll read all all about this abject worship in this book, and MORE! Remember, this is one of the most extreme Indian femdom experiences I’ve ever had!) …and a rose bud which will be worshipped by me at night – with, or without her stud muffin’s juicy, “pistol like’ DONG!

That dong is so lovely!

I’ve seen my fair share of dongs, of course, as Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, Cuck Central, Humiliation Central, Sissygasm Central, the Sissy Reader, and Sissy Central will no doubt tell ya!

The books talk to you too don’t they. Hehe.

And there are loads more to come (pun intended, and maybe not!).

But his dong was just … I don’t know. Knobby!

The minute it plopped out … his hairy yet slim legs in full view, the dong smelling of “Indian” if I might say that (just like Indian ladies have their own unique smells down there – no doubt the cuisine or what not, so do the MEN!) … and the balls so hairy but huge anyway …

And the dong STICKING to the balls when Sir is HOT!

And me prying it free with my tongue!

And the knob is shiny and its just more KNOBBY!

It looks like an Indian club, to be frank!


Master’s dong is like a a club – and as it struck me on the nose the first time, it took my debasement to new levels, or should I say “a different colored level”.

I’ve only been made to suck Samit’s cock before by Garima Madam. All her other lovers were BLACK.

Ditto for Ms. Priyanka, though she often had white guys over too. Ms Katherine as well!

And Su, of course, loved black cock, and so did I!

But Pooja Memsahib is a true patriot and daughter of the soil in that regard, and she goes firmly Indian!

And his lovely cock, his balls, his asshole … but we’ll talk about all that later, of course. In fact I could rave about his lovely asscrack and his sweaty MALE MASCULINE ROSEBUD which I love SOOO much, and the DUMP he takes from it … all day … and …

oh my!

So craven, so “blasé”!

Are there ANY lengths the submissive male won’t go to once properly conditioned??

I think NOT my friend.



What youll READ about – and learn in this BOOK! 

(yes, this truly is something to LEARN from as well for true femdom lovers, in addition to FICTION!)

  • How a woman can go from being considered “unclean”, “lowest of the low”, and “less than you” to being the exact opposite – all in less than an HOUR! 
  • How even the poorest of women and women with NO money can use their wiles and INNATE dominance ALL women have to enslave the MAN of their choice, and not only that – debase him at levels NEVER seen before! 
  • How turn your “sissy” into a cuck like never before – like truly never seen before! (The Second Volume and more covers this but it starts in Vol #1. And indeed, I take you through Jerome’s beautiful cock … ahem, I mean the COCK WORSHIP (tale) and it just continues UPWARD – pun intended – – from there. You’ll be hard reading it, I guarantee! What a COCK!).
  • How to TRULY DEBASE him – if you thought slavery in ancient times was “bad” – boy – you ain’t seen nuttin as yet (pun intended and not!)
  • Toilet slavery of the most BLASE and DEBASING form – starts in Volume ONE, and continues – on an upward spiral throughout the series! 
  • How to truly regard a woman as a GODDESS – and WORSHIP her as such! Little did I know that Mistress Sadie all those years ago would have planted the idea of a “shrine” in my subconscious, and NOW, that shrine is THERE – with Pooja Madam’s slippers and pictures of her ASS and asshole and other so called nasty stuff, but to me A HUGE turn on (and should be for any true FEMDOM LOVER!) …
  • How to truly DRILL your submission home! (if you’re reading this sales page, you know one way mentioned above but there are so many more!)
  • Why Indian ladies are the MOST DOMINANT ever, and how they have their own unique brand of femdom shaped in the cauldron’s of India’s seeming and actual (on the outside) INSANITY!
  • Why skin show is NEVER EVER REQUIRED for true femdom!
  • Why the LESS that is shown, the BETTER!
  • And to round it off, why it’s ALWAYS about the mind, and not her age, looks, or anything else. VIBES travel! 

And much, much more!

Grab this NOW, my friend. Grab ALL The Volumes, actually!

At the time of writing this, it’s only the FIRST Volume that is out – but more will be on the way shortly. GRAB – NOW!




Mike Watson

PS – Believe me – this is by far – the MOST graphic and EXTREME of my Indian femdom novels, and I’m just getting started. Grab this NOW!

Volume #1 


Volume #2