Moo as you eat your meals, sissy!

This one is a sissy only email. Sissies, especially a lot of the disgustingly fat ones need to understand and truly show via their ACTIONS that they understand (just mere words dont count. Like Twain said, rocking the head won’t nod the boat – or was that the other way around, no pun. Hehe) that as explained in Sissy Central, you have to look the part.

Which isn’t just, as Carol rightly said “a woman should look beautiful , feel soft, and smell good” – it’s also about being a slim and sexy sissy!

Tight trim waist, the lot. Looking at the fat sissies, so disgustingly pudgy – ugh.

Sissies definitely shouldn’t drink alcohol even in good shape. Leave the drinking to the men – you cook, clean and clean UP!

Preferably no eating meat either. Let the men eat it!

Now this isn’t me telling you to go vegan. A meat based lifestyle is actually good but the problem is most go overboard with “it’s protein, I need more of it”.

No you don’t.

That excess turns into LARD, especially for men – women are far better at controlling their portions than men.

As Carol told me, you’re a man. Eat more!

As I tell sissies. Eat less!

And mooing and oinking while you’re eating that slab of beef will remind you you’re a cow – or pig – and eating your OWN kind.

Noone wants to be Hannibal the sissy cannibal eh. Hehe.

More importantly, you’ll be humiliated with each bite of food, reminding you that this lifestyle is now as much a part of you as eating and breathing is.

So it should be, sissy.

So it should be and is.

This sorta humiliation is of course just the tip of the iceberg – the real humiliation and how to do it is revealed to you in Humiliation Central – the book so hot it got us kicked off Amazon, which in and as of itself is a great reason to get this NOW – even if you’re just into being humiliated or the one doing the humiliation without anything else.

And that’s that!


Mike Watson

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