By far the MOST COMPREHENSIVE COMPILATION ON PENIS WORSHIP – NEVER seen before mindblowing tips that will have any penis owner BEGGING for more!


My world famous series on penis worship. Literally NOTHING like these books out there – that have brought truly “life changing” results to those that love to suck cock (or worship it otherwise) and get in touch with their inner woman.

Wait a minute, did I just say that – yes, I did – but there’s more!

This course is by no means just for men – it is for WOMEN too. Both men, women and “trans” or inbetween – or whatever you classify yourself as (I ain’t a huge believer in labels) can – and SHOULD – benefit IMMENSELY from this book.

BDSM lovers will love this, but it applies equally to those interested in regular “vanilla” – if there is such a thing, hehe – sex.

These two courses will teach you to worship cock beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies, and your sex life will NEVER be the same again reading (and implementing) what I teach you in this book.

And lest you thought it was was just tips and tricks?


You’ll learn all about different TYPES of penise too, and the best ways to worship each type!

Get this now, my friend.

Mike Watson

PS – Here are but SOME of the benefits off the top of my head : –

If you’re a dominant STUD …


  • Much like if you’re a dominant lady, you’ll learn how to have your CAKE and EAT IT TOO – both sexually and otherwise!
  • Experience the sheer RUSH that comes from being worshipped as a true ALPHA male … a man that is the BOSS in every which way!
    • Believe me, when you need to piss, and have someone hold your cock for you as you do it … the sheer MENTAL aspect of this, and just how deliciously dominant you feel cannot be duplicated by anything else!
    • True submission is about your WASTE matter being treated like NECTAR … and as you piss in a bottle, or glass, as he holds it, humbly looking on at your magnificent organ releasing its precious PEE, you’ll feel a rush like never before!
  • Experience the delights of cock (and ball, and ass!) worship like you never ever have before.
    • Your cum is precious, and as you unload on him, each moan of pleasure from a truly satisfied REAL MAN with a MAGNIFICENT and SUPERIOR COCK will remind you that your cum deserves to be treated like the gold it is … and the sheer rush you’ll experience is beyond belief!
  • You’ll have TWO people worshipping you … one, the lady (and if you’re “straight”, this alone will be enough) – – and two, a servant that exists only to serve YOU!
  • Take your male dominated (or cuckold-bull) relationship to new levels altogether
  • Learn about parts of the male body you didn’t even know existed, and the exquisite pleasure you can get from said parts!

(and more…)

Submissives, and “vanilla” cock worshippers …

  • Cock worship is a submissive activity even if you’re not into BDSM, and that sheer RUSH, that sheer feeling of SERVICING HIM – and of course the way he REACTS when you slobber on his dick is what makes it all worth it – along with the SIGHT of the dong! And when you worship each cock in a different manner, or slightly different manner – then you’ll see cocks up front and close in all their glory, and their pleasure will be yours too – x 10!
  • Take the submissive vibe to the next level – enough said!
  • They talk about looking the person in the eye when sucking dick? Well, that might be good. But in this course, you’ll learn that “talking to his dick, not him” is really the way to do it, you’ll be looking at his third eye more than anything else, boy – or girl!
  • How to give him pleasure and satisfaction like never before. Paying attention to a man’s dick as I teach you here is one of the best ways to win his heart over – or his dominance – trust me on this (or both!).And loads more.Grab this now, my best ever! – MW