25 Ways to TRULY MORPH INTO  the SISSY you’ve ALWAYS WANTED to be!


Dear Reader,

If you’re at this page, congratulations! You’re about to embark on one of the (MOST – that word is important, right!) fascinating journeys you can in femdom – that being turning into a true SISSY – a true “feminized” male – no longer a “real man” – a “toy” to be used at her beck and call, and for her pleasure only – and if thats your thing (and it probably is, since you’re at this page) – well – you’re at the right place.

But first, why be a sissy, you ask? Isn’t being a cuck – or being humilated – some of the themes around which my other immensely popular products are centered – and indeed a lot of my writing – enough?

Well, simple, my friend.

Femdom should be an “all in one” package – both for the Lady and for the male submissive – and there is NO better way than sissy play in which to achieve this objective.

Let’s face it, guys. Lots of true male submissives secretly desire to take their submissiveness to another level by dressing up as a maid and serving her hand and foot — or by “looking pretty” for her lovers (as Madam Su liked me to!).

I can still hear her titter, and I can still sense, if not RECALL outright that GLEAM in the eye as she sat comfortably with her lover on the couch after yet another orgasm, me at their feet, their bare feet staring me in the face, and her ordering me to fetch her lover beer.

Fetch him another beer, sissy, and clean him up – – we’re almost ready to go again!

The above might sound like a cuckold fantasy, and it is – -but bringing in OVERALL servitude both to her – and him – in this play scene takes the submissive vibe to another level altogether – and gives BOTH of y’all a high it will take a long, long time to come down from!

How, you ask?

Well, the following two “sissy tales” (and yes, I might put out a product on THAT too very soon!) should provide more than enough proof!

“Perfect” Madam Wendy takes her “sissy” to a gay bar

A while ago (I believe it was about a year or so ago) I met a lovely lady called Wendy online.

Yes, online as usual – and online as most of my reader base knows. That is how I’ve met (or should I say been fortunate enough to meet) Princess Joanie, the imperious and commanding Madam Sophia, Madam Ann, and many many more lovely Chinese ladies that took great pleasure in dominating, humiliating and generally “using” me for the time we were together.

And if you were to ask me if I would do it all over again – my answer would be a resounding YES. Or, as Madam Wendy liked to say “Yessssssss”!

The pleasure was all mine, and I’d gladly drop down to my knees right now and lick Madam Ann’s feet straight off a dirty city bus … ah,  but lest I deviate from the point at hand!

So I met this lady online – she was a recruiter of all things, and it soon progressed past the initial stage, of course.

I’ve often noted in my books and writings that VIBES are what truly count – and if the right submissive-Dominant vibe is present between two people – words often aren’t necessary at all. This might sound very strange to some, but ’tis true, my friend. ‘Tis true, and such is the nature of communication when we subconsciously communicate with others.

Anyhow, I soon got around to calling her Madam Wendy, as you might imagine. She is much, much younger than I am and giggled every time I called her Madam, of course – and as she was choosing a nice frilly red dress for me (I remember I wanted pink!) – she brought it up.

“You’ll put nailpolish on too, Michael!” (titter, titter)

“Isn’t that boy, Madam?” (shy)

“Ha, ha, ha! How about girl?”

“Yes, Madam Wendy! Your bitch, of course…”

(Bear in mind this was an online conversation, and the emotions were indicated by the corresponding emoticons).

And a short while later …

“We’ll go shopping together. Two girls, hand in hand. ”

*giggle, giggle”

She’s so NICE! Wouldn’t you love to go SHOPPING with this sissy, hand in hand? 

“Later, I’ll take you to that gay bar we have here in Shenzhen!”

And that was a bit of a bombshell, as until now, I hadn’t really considered anything of the nature with her. Dressing up, rubbing her feet, cleaning her house (and her bathroom, of course!) were all things we had done together, but no sex of any nature (unless you consider a wank at her feet to be sex – I do!) – but other men??

Gay bar??

And yet, as she said that, and as I looked at the red dress she picked out for me, I felt aroused – even more so than when I was at her feet.

And if I was with her in person, rubbery as my legs had become, I’d probably drop down and kiss her feet, and say thank you!

“Does Madam want to see other men admire me?”


“Does Madam want to see other men touch me”

“Grab your ass. Look at you. You can dance with them while I drink wine” (titter, titter, titter … peals of laughter)

“Does she like to watch me with other men?”

A long, pregnant pause …

“Does she like me sucking dick” (shy, shy, shy)

Peals of laughter again, and while words weren’t necessary (she never did answer directly) – her import was clear!

Now, what happened later that night is a story I’ll get into later, but since we’ve been talking about mental conditioning, it should be said here that this girl had a boyfriend (albeit one that was in a different country at the time) – a guy she DID have actual sex with.

And she’d often talk about him with me, just like one girl would to the other. I’d share advice, much as a sympathetic girlfriend would, hehe, but I must confess I felt twinges of jealousy on occasion.

“I’m a man, and here am I, talking about her with other men …”

“Am I not good enough …”:

And this sort of thing, my friend is way more common than you’d think.

Lots of guys want to be dominated, but when it comes to the real thing, they experience feelings of guilt or want to back out. Or, they want to do it “their way” – in other words, they want to write the script in terms of what exactly she can do, and what she can’t.

And let me tell you right now – it doesnt work that way, and it’s not half as much fun that way if it isn’t spontaneous.

It’s supposed to be about her – and you ENJOYING that!

And it comes as no surprise that lots of women enjoy seeing two men together. After all, don’t most men enjoy the whole “lesbian” thing? If not, why not ladies?

And why do I bring all this up?

Well, mental conditioning, my friend.

As a male sub, you WANTED to be her bitch. You did not really want to have sex with her – you wanted to be dominated and humiliated, but now that that is happening, you’re experiencing guilt trips, and (likely) “guilt tripping” the lady too (and believe me, when I first started out, I’ve been guilty of this too!)

You wanted her feet. You wanted her with other men – with large, juicy cocks – REAL MEN – and you wanted to serve at those men’s feet too!

And you wanted – to be – HER SISSY!

And the key to making all this work for you, my friend – is CONDITIONING.

In Cuck Central, I wrote about the importance of proper communication and KNOWING what it is you want – and then STICKING to that. Being an adult, in other words.

Way too many cuckold relationships, for one, break up either because the woman doesnt really want that sort of thing in her life – or – and equally commonly – the man gets jealous.

Not good – and NO, while every female dominated relationship doesnt have to progress down the cuck route – that is just an example of why the proper mental conditioning is so important – both for the male sub – and his Lady!

What you’ll learn from this manual


Yes, she KNOWS! That LOOK in the eye! 

(and, she’s ready to serve too! So will YOU, upon reading the tips herein, you’ll be forever READY!)

If you’re a dominant Lady …


  • You’ll learn how to take your current D/s relationship to the next level altogether – – in a way that there will never truly be a point of “return”!
  • How to “have your cake and eat it too” – – not only in bed, but in LIFE as well.
  • How to develop an unshakeable sense of confidence – – that comes from doing what it normally “forbidden”, and yet getting away with it – – and the sense of having several men lusting after you at once, and being in the position to pick and choose the one YOU want for the night – – with NO drama from your S.O. in this regard!
  • How to say goodbye to all forms of housework forever and ever. Do this right, and you’ll never bother about doing ANY housework again – he’ll be literally BEGGING you to do it! This alone is worth the “price of admission”, me thinks!
  • How to make sure that YOU are the one pushing him to get involved in said scenarios – – as opposed to what it is normally i.e. the man “pushing” his S.O. to get involved in something she’s “not really into”.
  • How to reinforce your place at the TOP of the hierarchy as the alpha female you truly are – – never sullying your beautiful hands with cooking, cleaning or any form of annoying housework – -and with your choice of “real” men as and when you see fit!

If you’re a man …


  • Ensure that your D/s life is never the same again once you incorporate sissy play into it, and she truly “starts to have her cake, and eat it too!”
  • How to ensure she’s relaxed and ready to sissify you – – and how to make sure she slowly morphs into the Dominant lady of your dreams that you’ve always craved!
  • How to remove all “whys and wherefore’s” in terms of “why do you want to be humiliated like this”, and “why would you want me to do that”. The key lies in influencing your subconscious to believe that what you’re doing is the right way – – for both of y’all – – and this little manual gives you the tips and techniques that if used over a period of time will influence your subconscious in such a manner than this sort of a lifestyle will become the “norm” for you.
  • How to realize and EXPERIENCE the pleasures of “sharing truly is caring” – – especially when it comes to female bonding – – for you as a sissy and her as your Domina – – preferably over a large, juicy, real man cock!
  • How to understand something that men over the ages would have done well to understand – – that being to keep your woman happy in all regards, with scant, or any regard to your own orgasms. This might sound strange at first, but read on, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
  • How to come to terms with the fact that for a sissy, a “cock” is but a mere appendage (as are the balls) via which bodily “waste” (and yes, sissy cum IS a waste) is made to “exit”. Other than peeing, this appendage serves NO practical purpose, and should be treated as such. Ditto for the balls!
  • Sissies don’t deserve “real man sex” – – only REAL men do. Sissies need, crave and deserve sex via their “man pussies” – – and you’ll learn how to condition your mind and body expertly to the same effect via these tips – – so much so that you’ll literally be kissing your Madam’s feet asking for more – – sissy orgasms – – as opposed to REAL orgasms!


The above bullet points encapsulate but a FEW of the things you’ll learn from this manual.  There is truly something for everyone here!


And now, of course, back to the second “story” (and no, it ain’t just a “story” either!!).

Madam Su, and her “sissy” cuck …

I dont know if you remember the inimitable Sophia Bai – that lovely orange sweater – and of course, the “Hello, boy!” by which it all started – pretty much the day AFTER I started chatting with her online.

Now, I had literally no idea that it would lead up to where it eventually did – and in terms of stories, I thought the initial “Sophia Bai” novel would be enough – but it wasn’t. That same novel “spawned” (NO puns intended!) another one – and then a sequel … and then another!!

That often happens with me, of course – exactly the same thing happened with the Empress Cody series – and the “Krystal – the Teaching Assistant” series …

Anyway, in that first series, we’re introduced to the gorgeous Su – or, Madam Su, should I say.

A lovely, tall Chinese lady from Northern China – currently in Shenzhen, China – long black hair, a perfect figure, lovely black knowing eyes … and oh, that lovely, devious, cunning, femdom oriented mind!

“You can clean the house for me, boy! You can also press my legs while I watch movies!” ,

I still remember her orders – issued with a sardonic giggle as she looked down at me with that look in the eye …

And of course, her lovers – – and the FIRST one – Jeremy, I believe it was – I’m not sure of the name – there have been so many!

She once laughingly asked me this – “What will you do when my lover comes over, boy?!”

And this isn’t as far off from  real life as you might imagine, hehe. She DID actually ask me that – and I did actually answer – but anyway, back to the cuckolding – and it would make sense to bring up POV’s here!

One of the most recent videos I saw on Twitter was of a male dom with a perfect body – sexy, slim, and not the slightest amount of fat – and a long curved, proudly erect dick that he wasn’t shy about showing off …

He was standing erect – with a sub at his feet – and a lady jeering the sub on.

Worship me from down there, boy! The view is always better down there!

And it is – especially with that lovely cock standing up erect and PROUD – a real MAN’s cock – with your dominant lady ready to be taken by it!

Another one I saw was of a male dom showing his perfect ass off … and my first thought was “the treasure between those perfect cheeks!”

Man, what a turn on … and this sort of thing is precisely what happened when Sophia Bai loaned me to Madam Su – and her lovers came over – to a perfect apartment that had been assidously cleaned all day – by yours truly!

And being a sissy – – acting like one – – WHILE all the above is going on takes things to a WHOLE new level, my friend!

The sissy was transformed so well after reading the book, shes GORGEOUS! Muah

WHY did I put this manual out?

It is one of those fantasies which really, really stresses the fact that “she can have her cake and eat it too” – – and it is one of those fantasies if done right, is easy enough to work into a couple’s daily lifestyle – – if you only know HOW – – and if you’re comfortable with it!
Sure, you can dress up as a sissy if you want (and you should) – but it isn’t required. What is required you turn into a true sissy maid, thereby “living” the fact (which I keep telling these ladies) that “housework isn’t her job” – – it’s yours!
You cook and clean – PER HER preference! You dress up as a sissy, and help her with her makeup and other “girly” things – per HER preference!
You become her best friend – and JUST that – and also her toy for her amusement – and titillation – and of course, much, much more.
All of this, my friend – is FEMDOM taken to NEW heights – and the problem is this – most people aren’t aware how to go about incorporating this sort of play into their lifestyle.
Women – if you’re new to this sort of thing – fear not – this manual will teach you the nitty gritties and “mental” aspects of how to properly condition your male to be the sissy you’ve always wanted him to be!
Become the high flying FAGGOTY sissy of your DREAMS, my friend. 
And “men” – – you’ll learn how to do what you’ve always wanted – – be the perfect sissy for her – with nary a tinge of remorse, “second thoughts”, or thoughts along the nature of “should I really be doing this?”

The Benefits of Sissy Play


The benefits of introducing sissy play into your relationship are MANIFOLD, and that is putting it lightly!

For the lady – 

  • It’s well known that housework is the bane of every modern day women’s existence, and having a well trained sissy maid eliminates the need for you as a lady to sully your hands with housework. You’ll never need to bother about annoying “have to do” tasks such as daily cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry etc.
  • You will literally become the “man” in the relationship (with a twist, of course). Your sissy will be washing your feet when you come home from work – – and waiting on you hand and foot as it should be – – and you’ll learn just how liberating it is to EMBRACE the masculine side of yourself and be pampered.
  • The role reversals will turn you on immensely as a dominant lady … especially when you penetrate him instead of the other way around, and continually remind him that YOU “wear the pants” in the relationship – – and that his sissy dick literally “is insignificant, and doesn’t matter!”
  • YOU will finally be able to enjoy oral – – as much as you have always wanted to – – without having to reciprocate, and what better feeling could there be for a true Domina?
  • You’ll learn that being in a committed relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot enjoy sex – – or the feeling of “being filled” – – with other men – – with a sissy on hand nearby for ready clean up, fluffing etc, all at a moment’s notice!
  • You’ll be the envy of your female friends once you introduce your sissy to them. Lets admit it, every lady wants to have a servant in her life – – preferably a servile male servant – – and you will be one that DOES have one – – and a sissy that’s proud of “her” status at that!
  • You’ll figure out how to have sex on YOUR terms, and never on his!
  • You’ll learn that turning him into a sissy allows you to extend your control over him like never before – – and how!
  • Having a sissy wake you up in the mornings, cook and clean for you during the day, and massage you for hours at night not only makes you feel like a Queen – – it will always be a constant source of amusement for you as well as the sissified male does all “he” can to keep you happy – and cater to your whims!
  • You’ll have the “bestie” of your dreams – the perfect “male servant” – with whom to share your deepest feelings as a female, and yet order around like a servant. A true female servant – cum- sissy – cum – confidante, if there ever was one!

And much, much more …


For the “guy” – 


  • You’ll be able to take your natural submissiveness to new levels altogether. Trust me, once you start serving her as a sissy, there will be NO going back in terms of your servitude to her!
  • You’ve always told her that housework isn’t her task – and neither is cooking and cleaning, while she giggled, and didn’t really believe you. Now, as a sissy, you have ALL the opportunity in the world to convince her of this fact – – and enjoy the ride as her female dominance rises to hitherto unplanned heights!
  • You’ll finally be able to do what you’ve always dreamed of … truly become a little “bitch” – – right down to your nascent, budding tits!
  • Lets face it, you’ve always liked dressing up as female – – and wearing female makeup etc – – and hence the sissy fantasies, and now you have the chance to truly indulge in those fantasies while making your Domina happy at the same time!
  • The “trip” you’ll experience as you’ll be down between his legs – – looking at your sated S.O. and his dick resting on a set of large balls, the entire scene capped off by twin pairs of feet (the Garima Madam series starts off this way) will be unforgettable, and you’ll have the opportunity to actually PLAY out your desires as opposed to just fantasize about ‘em!
  • You’ll quickly realize how it’s NOT about your orgasm. It’s about HER orgasm, and therefore, the stud’s lasting power, and how much you can please him – – so he pleases her, over and over again!
  • You’ll discover the joys of being a true bitch. Nothing screams out “bitch” louder than be forced to ask permission to lick his ass first before your lips can even touch his pristine dong. Or taking his shoes off once he enters the house. Or bringing him beer. Or … the possibilities are endless!
  • You’ll learn how to quickly FORGET your dick – or remember that it doesn’t matter, at any rate – – and while you’re in the process of learning how to – – you’ll also experience mind blowing, continual orgasms (or pleasure) that you NEVER thought you’d experience!
  • You’ll learn how to fully use your “man pussy” to your – and her advantage – and once you get used to this, you’ll never want a regular “man” orgasm again!
  • Most of all, you’ll get in touch with your feminine and submissive side … and once you get sissified (and preferably cuckolded as well), you never really go back, my friend. And that’s a good thing!


And more, but that’s a good start. 😉

And that, my friend is that. I’ve done my bit – and told you about why this manual is an absolute MUST-HAVE if you’re in any way, shape or form TRULY into femdom.

I’ve told you why it truly is the BEST manual out there on sissification – bar none!

I’ve explained the benefits of the lifestyle to you in detail – and more!

And for all you true male subs out there – – I know what I’d do right now.

I’d click the ORDER button NOW – – and I’d get ready to get started on the royal road to sissification – done her way – for her pleasure – and “yours too” – – as it should be!



Mike Watson

P.S. – Much like the manual on “Finding the Dominant Chinese lady of your DREAMS” – – this one is also for TRUE male subs only. If you’re interested in “topping from the bottom”, or are merely a “kink player” with no long term interest in being nothing more than a TOOL (and yes, thats what men are – – tools to be used!) for her pleasure – then you might as well click away right now – what I’m offering is NOT for you.

But if you’re truly into femdom – – and are ready to take leap – nay, PLUNGE into worlds hitherto unFELT and unexplored – – terrain that promises to be some of the most mindblowing (NO pun intended hehe) in terms of femdom that you’ve encountered thus far – well then, my friend – Mike Watson is RIGHT here for you – – in his pink dress and frilly panties, hehe.

Order now – and join me!! Maybe we’ll have a “sissy competition” and try and outdo each other, hehe.