Orgasms that improve CORE health, STRENGTH and stability – BEYOND BELIEF – without even consciously physically TRYING!



CUCKS – 17 ways to give him (or yourself) the sissygasm of “her” sissy LIFE


BLISS LIKE NEVER BEFORE. You will never want regular sex again after reading this! (and implementing)

STUDS with LONG COCKS and club shaped “weighted” DONGS – THIS course is for YOU too. Wave GOODBYE to erectile issues, “plumbing problems” and the like forever!

Dear Reader,


Welcome to Sissygasm Central – our latest “offering” (pun not intended!) in the fetish “how to” area.

Mike Watson is well known for his in depth and detailed manuals on BDSM and “how-to’s” in that regard. Years ago, yours truly started with the pathbreaking and immensely popular “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” and then the book on ruined orgasms …

… and then, well, all the manuals you see on the site – not to mention all the works of fiction I’ve put out thus far!

Quite a lot, I’d say, but for whatever reason, and despite my own personal love of this, I hadn’t addressed this JEWEL in the femdom crown … sissygasms!

I’ve got close, of course. Ruined orgasms, and thats been a very popular course!

But sissygasms are the ultimate, my friend, and they take ruined orgasm one, two – and multiple steps ahead, and way beyond!

If you’re a true male submissive, you’ll LOVE this course, as it’s the “creme la de creme” tool in your sissy conditioning toolkit. Once you go sissygasm, you’ll never go back!

And the same thing holds true for you ladies and dominant males adminstering these!

But first off, an important point …

The difference (and overlap) between ruined orgasms and sissygasms!

Both are similar, and both are DIFFERENT.

Both involve the involuntary RELEASE of semen in a manner that is both humiliating, and does NOT involve the pleasure of REGULAR “real man” orgasms.

A key point there being release.

Releasing that excess nasty fluid in there, boy! 😉

But NO pleasure involved – at least with a ruined orgasm if done right.

The difference, however, starts right there!

And as I say in the book, ruined orgasms really just the first step to true sissydom, and the very pinnacle of embracing your submissive side (or your dominant side, if you’re a lady reading this!). 

You’ll learn more about this in the book, of course, but first … and this is important …

What is the “sissy” aka “P spot”?

The P spot is a small “walnut” shaped gland about “two finger joints” in inside a man’s anus.

Basically you put your finger in there until the second knuckle, and feel around.

If you feel a “bulbous” mass somewhere in there, you’ve got it.

And I’ll cover the “how to” on this later, but basically this is real easy to find if the man is already aroused, but the best part?

SIMPLY THE ACT of entering the anus will arouse most men anyway from a physical standpoint!

And of course, if you combine the mental with it – which you BDSM lovers must do – else there is no point – then … the sky is the limit!

It’s easy to find, really. Try it yourself, or have a partner do it, and you’ll see!

And if that sounds interesting, its because it IS. 

P spots are to sissy men (and even REAL MEN!) – – what G spots are to the female! (dominant or NOT).

Now, some of you might ask “why”.

Why would I want this course?

Well, we’ll get into benefits before, but first – lets get to the POINT (pun intended! ;))


My FIRST Sissygasm

And I never went BACK. No pun! 

It’s well known around here that everything I teach you comes from the school of experience and “hard knocks” – no pun intended, hehe.

There’s no idiotic textbook or “YouTube knowledge with no real experience ” as so many idiots sell these days.

That’s why my products, manuals, domination all hits home so wonderfully and just flat out works because it’s real, it’s exactly what you CRAVE – and, importantly, the actual mental and physical techniques have been tried and tested by yours truly on his or body and mind first – sometimes for YEARS before I bring it to the world and teach it.


My own body and mind are testing grounds for all I teach my friend!

Sissygasms are no different. I should probably have had my first one when the girls inserted a finger up my butt to wash back there in the sauna – maybe with Carol – I moved her hands under my balls, without knowing it she slid one lovely middle finger up my anus – but the blowjob was so pleasurable it ended there. Hehe.

Fast forward to a lazy afternoon in China, I was thinking DICK. A sexy white cock I saw in a video PLOWING a sub. Hehe.

And I just lay down.

Shut the curtains, hot summer sun pouring in in China, AC on at full blast (like in India in Garima Madam – the Prequel). . .

Slid a lotioned up finger up there, slowly, was interesting feeling the one way street open up so slowly, yet so RECEPTIVELY. My!

My dick contracted almost instantly as the blood all rushed to the anal area – something noone talks about…

I didn’t really feel anything initially. As I say in the book it takes time to earn things up when you first start , before your body associates anus with sexual pleasure..

.. i flicked my nipples ala Nipplegasm Central.

Thought of that beautiful long white dick, the lovely HEAD, slurping on it, the BALLS, the SHAFT. My I’m getting hard writing this!

…and my finger unconsciously slid up further.

Ahhhhhhh, I moaned like a bitch as I tickled the overflowing p spot.

And I continued.

Suddenly, on my side, thus uncontrollable urge to PEE came upon me.

I had no idea . I tried stopping it – honestly but I couldn’t.

And my dick sprang into life on its own from the inch it had shrunk to – to it’s usual 8 inches or more – and I pissed out a Niagara falls like amount of warm pee – or so I thought.

Looking down it was the highest load I had realised.


That HOTTER than HOT LOAD. I can feel the STEAM coming off it – can’t YOU??

I cleaned up. First time!

Subsequent tries, I noticed I felt horny right away upon flicking my nipples again as opposed to real man orgasms where the nipple flicks felt good but didn’t make me horny again.

And the loads I pissed and leaked were more pleasurable than the first time, much like repeated female orgasms.

The ANUS muscles contract with every orgasm, NOT the penis. Remove nipple stimulation from all this if you truly want to, as many do, associate pleasure with ANUS alone!

Also afterwards, I noticed my abs felt tighter than ever before – yes, for real.

Being plowed in the butt requires the entire core to keep that area tight lest everything fall apart – a point to be covered in detail in Sissy Workouts – but that’s yet another stupendously superlative benefit of Sissygasms – the most enjoyable workout you’ll ever have like real man sex! Except it’s better with the REPEATED releases … Which may drain you, but never completely, and the horny feeling will NOT dissipate. You’ll also sleep better than ever before. No morning hardons though after repeated sissygasms – hehe.

Your digestion will improve too. Constipated? (some of you fat fucks with tiny cocks usually are, hehe)? IBS? You better have that toilet ready after a long session, hehe (and make sure as I say in the book to clean yourself well before you even begin for obvious reasons).

Best natural remedy ever. Haha …

Well, my friend, if all of that doesn’t convince you to get Sissygasm Central right away along with the other manuals (Nipplegasm Central is another must get) – I don’t know what will.

If you’re truly and willingly missing out on the mind blowing sexual experiences you can have on your own – no porn, no spending money on women etc – then, well, what can I say.

And that is that….

Why I’d have a sissy gasm ANY day over a regular “real man” orgasm!

God(ddess, or not! ;;) I want a sissy gasm SO bad as of now!

A massive dick plunging in and out of me as I ride it, either real or not, and leak copiously for hours, still horny as heck after all that . . . . . . that feeling of repeatedly touching that P spot I rant so much about . . .

And the submissive vibe, the sheer joy of SURRENDING to a superior being — — either him, or her!

And always FOR HER! 😉

I saw a video (a short clip) on my Twitter account, and it’s not unlike a lot I’ve seen before.

A lady (and I don’t know who she is) was showing her lovely feet and soles off, especially the SOLE, the leg crossed at right angles over the other leg, the toes painted orange, and the foot shaking up and down, and that’s what got my attention, of course!!

And immediately, and you know how it is with some ladies, as I’ve written before, I felt a sissy surge of blood to my sissy-oins.

My sissy loins, as I love to call ‘em! ?

The urge to write Paye Lagu, Madam (despite the fact that I’ve got NO idea who she is) was too strong, and I gave in, and it should be that way anyway. Both in terms of life and femdom!

Just do it, and if you want to retweet a video you think is worth it, go for it!

Curiously enough, and perhaps because it’s Sunday night in this here neck of the woods, I had NOT written my daily dispatch to my list today for various reasons.

As soon I wrote what I did on Twitter, a guy retweeted it .

Again, nothing out of the ordinary you’d say?

Except this was a male dom, I believe that retweeted it, and one of the sexiest men (in terms of body at least) that I’ve seen on Twitter.

Bested only by the slim black guy I once saw (no idea who is) standing TALL and proud on Twitter, completely naked, a lovely long HARD and CUT cock pointing out, with him “looking down at you” and saying “get down! The view is much better from down there!”

Of course it is!

And yours truly sissified has many a wet dream about the guy in question HERE as well (if he’s the same one I think he is — I caught a fleeting glimpse before moving on to other things).

And a short while ago, I remember thinking how nice it would be if HE was sitting on the couch beside Madam (her of the feet above!) and relaxing, with that giant white cock of his (and probably a thick and cut one!) on full view.

The balls dangling, just waiting to be sucked.. .

What a LOSER you are, BOY!

Licking ever so lightly and then forcefully from the BASE of his beautiful balls to his asscrack, and worshipping it thoroughly.

Licking his balls as he had his way with Madam, and of course, the end where he “finally” pulls out and unloads on me with moans of pleasure as I tweak his nipples and finger his ass for added pleasure!

(and perhaps with my lips painted red for him too! ?)

And MY only pleasure?

My locked dick makes it impossible for me to even touch it.

And even if Princess Tina leaves it unlocked, I would NOT touch it.

Because that’s not what it’s for.

It’s there for release in my case, but a SISSY release, and multiple ones at that. And I’m sitting here right now typing it, and can almost feel a dick up my ass, the very PRESENCE of it inside me enough for me to cum (Sissy style) multiple times over!

Compare that with a regular real man orgasm.

I don’t know which you’d choose.

But I know which I was meant to choose, and what I WOULD choose!

I know I’d rather stay horny – on edge – than just cum and “be done with it!”

In fact, I’ve conditioned myself to come just through nipple play, and it seems P spot play as well these days with NO pressure to my dick whatsoever.

Not even a touch!

And it only gets better for the REAL sissy !! ?

It’s all about the mind and the mind needs to be conditioned first and foremost!

Whew! Now that we’re PAST THAT ..

Why every subbie should not just want – but CRAVE – and BEG to make sissygasms a part of their regular “routine”!

…. and why every DOMINANT LADY simply MUST have this in her BDSM toolkit!

We’ll do something DIFFERENT in this course.

Normally, at this point I’d outline a list of benefits for the “subbie” and his Domina in point format. On different page for each!

Which I might well end up doing here too. But really, the benefits are the “why” here!

Physically, you get to have ALL the pleasure associated with multiple orgasms as a sub – – and the HUMILIATION associated with having your “mangina” invaded, often times multiple times … and referred to as that!

The humiliationof having your penis ignored is something else altogether, let me tell you, not to mention as you look down there and see the “shrunken thing” leaking pre cum before the final “piss”!

(Note – lots of men may notice pre cum – that white clear fluid leaking before the actual “pissing cum” that I’ve referred to above and the “pushing out of the cum” (NOT CONTRACTIONS!) occurs).

Best part – no refractory period.

Your anus will contract involuntarily upon release, but that only makes it feel better for the dick inside of it! 😉

And the more the P spot is stimulated, the more SISSY bliss you’ll experience. In fact, and as I spoke about above, STRAIGHT (or those not into BDSM) men enjoy it too, so pleasurable is it!

Is it gay? Another crowning question we’ll address below, and one I’ve addressed MULTIPLE TIMES in Cuck Central … Sissy Central … and many of my course!

For now though, in one word … LABELS DON’T MATTER.

If you enjoy it – and its SSC (safe, sane and consensual) then WHO CARES ABOUT THE REST OF IT!!??

This seems to be something that needs to be HAMMERED home for not just most men, but a lot of ladies as well.

And I’ll write a bit more on that below, but for now, back to it.

(Note – yes – homosexual men NOT into BDSM love anal sex, but again, it’s the P spot that makes them love it so much!)

But from a BDSM perspective, the humiliation is taken to another level in terms of being called a faggot, gay, or anything else- and I dont know about you- but the minute I hear a lady utter those words and LOOK AT ME WITH THAT LOOK IN HER EYES – oh BOY!

You on my site’s email list know what I mean!

EVEN if you aren’t interested in any of the above, how about increased mental focus – and more mental STAMINA??

A feeling of being CLEAR MINDED, and getting the ENERGY to accomplish more and more tasks? Is it any wonder that sissies keep their houses clean for their owners for one, a task that even normal “submissive” males don’t “like”?

When you’re a real sissy, youre kept SO HORNY by the very nature of the act (along with the humiliation) that the most MUNDANE of tasks becomes sexy!

And this of course has many, many benefits for YOU the submissive – and HER the Domina!

She gets to have her cake, and eat it too.

She doesnt need to touch that nasty penis – or deal with that nasty cum inside of her – and best of all, she doesnt deal with the “refractory” period associated with “real man” orgasms!

The male is there to serve her, and nothing else!

And whats even better and often times the icing on the cake is that most males into this are also into foot worship – cock worship (see my course on “Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots!“) and many other related things.

What could be better in terms of femdom – humiliation – for BOTH OF YOU?

Getting her feet massaged, while talking about the sort of dicks that turn her on! Like with the imperious and lovely Madam 7, who often sends me dick pics … 😉

Now, for you ladies.

Those of you into this will LOVE the humiliating position your man is placed in during the “probing”!

You’ll love the “dominant” feeling that goes along with the “ass fucking” – either with a dildo or otherwise – especially when he – SHE – has another dick in her mouth, and preferably two in her hands, all there to serve YOU sexually, of course, like real men that LAST!

Long black dicks preferably like Madam 7 loves! 😉

Lots of you ladies like the “servitude” part of BDSM more than the sexual, and we’ve covered that before too. Sissygasms are the perfect way to keep a man servile in all regards – permanently – and best part, he won’t be cranky over it – he will CRAVE IT!

No more need to give him blowjobs – HE does it for you!

No need to be “fair” in bed – and there shouldn’t be anyway, if we’re into female domination! 😉 He will gladly eat you out for hours – lick your ass – and then press your feet as you SLEEP!

He will become nothing but a TOOL FOR YOU! There for YOUR PLEASURE, and nothing else!

Best thing?

He has no CHOICE. If you want to empty him as Madam Ann did me (I’ll include here here too!) … because “sex for health is good” (and it is, of course – regular release is GOOD) … well, you do it.

As you’ll see below, the very act will make him release whether he wants to or not, and … this is more of a rush for BOTH of you. Him submissively, you … in a dominant sense!

Last, but not least, prostrate massage is a MEDICAL practice as well. Not all men “need” it – but all men can benefit from it regardless, so thats another thing to bear in mind!

Well, my friend, I didnt do the bullets after all.

Are they really required??

If you subbies think they are, kneel down in front of a real man as he shoots all over you, and you piss cum all over yourself! 😉

And you ladies … you smart ladies out there … I doubt you’ll say any “bullet” points are required in this section.

Onward! 😉

Before we proceed though, why just subbie hubbies and the like?

Why you DOMINANT ALPHA MALES with LONG DANGLING COCKS should get this course

And of course, why we need CUCKS like you around too, hehe.

Sometimes, my little friend, we dont just “want” you.


Uncle Sam needs you, hehe.

I should say Mike Watson and his lovely Goddesses need you, and all the other closet ball suckers, dick lickers – was that the other way around – around …

And no, not just to lick my lovely long phimotic cock up and down so it stays hard

I dont have much of a problem either with length – girth – staying hard – or knowing how to use it, which is what counts.

No, cuck. Those two seconds wham bangs don’t satisfy her, and deep down inside, you know very well what she wants – and even YOU want it, boy. To go for hours like studs do …

And to have people worshipping your cock!

But anyway, an ex once told me the following about the long cocks you so love … 

You know, those slim LONG cocks .. dangling inf ront of you … 

Thats great, she said. But what about the plumbing issues these dudes have later in life? 


And a good point .. and it’s true.

“All that looks good isn’t gold, my friend”.

But anyway, where do you fit in cuck?

It’s because of this.

I’ve spoken about sissygasms and how these can take you levels of bliss you’ve never experienced – so much so that even if you’re into regular sex, you’ll never want it again after you experience it the way I teach you to – and you’ll (if you’re SMART) program you rmind to “cum without touching yourself”.

Thats right.

A THOUGHT can make your P SPOT THROB – with pleasure!

But for us studs, thats why we need you cucks.

Our Goddesses dont like sticking fingers in there unless theyre blowing us.

But for you cucks out there, the purpose isn’t so much to get me off sexually, but the medical aspects of P spot gasms, which are often overlooked.

Believe me, the initial few techniques aren’t just great for sexual pleasure.

They’re great for solving the following problems –

Erectile Dysfunction 

Lack of sexual desire

Low energy and drive in LIFE – and in BED, cuck

Urinary problems 


And much, much more … 

Trust me, there is a reason the harems of girls in ancient China and India used to administered these to their KINGS on a regular basis.

So get you some now, cuckie!

You’ll get plenty of loads, thats for sure!

(and who knows, you might turn into a stud someday too, hehe).

Keep dreaming, and on that note, lets get back to BENEFITS – and they outweigh just the sexual my friend.

Lets talk LIFE. REAL LIFE!

The sacral CHAKRAS …

I spoke about mental benefits for the male up there.

I spoke about the physcial.

I spoke about how EVERY lady should and CAN (or was that the other way, hehe) use this as a CARDINAL tool in their BDSM toolkit.

But what I didnt talk about was the SPIRITUAL.

Those of you that believe purely in the physical and mental side of things can skip this section, but you’d be unwise to.

We are all CONNECTED, my friend.

Ever notice that when you intensely think of someone – or something – that someone shows up in your life – or that “something” happens?

It just happens, without conscious effort!

And thats pretty much the reason behind mental conditioning to attract the dominant lady of your dreams (and no, will power is NOT part of it!) – and what I wrote about so extensively in that book (which you really must grab).

The point is, we’re all connected to the Universe.

Thought transmutes.

And in that same vein, we have several “chakras” or energy points in our body – 7 if I have it right.

And the root chakra and the navel chakra – along with the “third eye” chakra used so extensively when you meditate and FOCUS … are the most important, and PROFOUND.

Believe me, I’ve had ideas FLOW to me after having my P spot massaged, which is the ROOT chakra as well.

I’ve spoken about energy. Mental and physical. But I’ve had things literally MANIFEST within hours or minutes after having that “clear mind” after the massage!

This can be done in many ways (manifestation) – but P spot, and being aware of your chakras is one way.

So if you’re looking to open up your body’s energy centers as you should be and get in touch with your spiritual self to make MIRACLES HAPPEN IN YOUR OWN LIF Ewithout even consciously trying, well … the P spot holds yet another key to making that happen!

Last, but not least, some guys have a tendency to “tense up” when engaging in this sort of play.

Dont do it my friend.

Stay loose and relaxed. As you’ll soon find out, the process is EASY if you let it be easy.

We can either do it the easy way – or the hard way.

Pun intended – or perhaps not – but back to it – keep BREATHING deeply through the entire process for more spiritual benefit.


Well, your breath is literally your POWER.

Breathing life into things, as has been said in the Bible (no, I’m NOT religious!) is how “God” did it.

And it’s how YOU make things manifest in your life too.

Do it – practice what I “preach” below and above, and in this section, and you’ll soon see it isn’t just talk and hot air.

It’s real. Very real!

And you ladies can use this, of course, to make him manifest what YOU want too!

I could go on and on and on, and indeed, I could probably write a book on the spiritual side of all this, and life.

But this isn’t the right time, or place, so we’ll move on. But you get my point, don’t you?

I think so!

Orgasms that improve your HEALTH – core health – beyond BELIEF!

And get your core tighter than ever!

As I sit here, RARING to go after the sissygam I had last night, I have to write this one!!

And this, my friend is a benefit that is much ignored – and not even noticed sometimes, but first, and why I include a word of caution in the book.

First, because the anus is an area which is naturally meant for RELEASE, not “intake!”

That said, it can be “bent” to intakes – and so nicely, just like a real pussy can – a man pussy in this case, and can give EVEN more pleasure to sissy males – and studs aside – the latter because sissy pussies tend to be TIGHT, and for sissy males that love this, well, the repeated… you’ll see, you’ll feel just like a WOMAN!

Even your moans and groan will change from “manly” to WOMANLY, as it should be!

Anyway …

What a LOT of you will notice is that your CORE health improves, and your core becomes stronger than ever – and TIGHTER.

The more you are BANGED, the more your core will TIGHTEN!

I’ve been into fitness all my life, courtesy Miss V and my lovely friend into fitness, a STUD if any, and I noticed this a day or so after my first sissygasm.

I didnt need it, of course. I’ve got a very corrugated core anyway (no, I am not naturally fit – I used to be fat and suffer from IBS, bloating, CONSTPIATION and more) …

… but I noticed my core just FELT TIGHTER!

The six pack, the abs, it was truly like my friend says (and he does it fitness wise) “training from the inside out”.

NOW, remember this, my friend – NOTHING takes the place of proper training and diet, but a regular diet of being “fingered” – or banged?

When you move things up regularly “in there” – you’ll know what I mean, like a NATURAL PLUNGER, or CLUB, clubbing the waste out of you, while feeling so good! You won’t even FEEL as if you’re “trying”… 

Trust me, you will have (in addition to the all other benefitS!) –

  • Better DIGESTION – and better SLEEP! (just like ladies sleep SO well after all those orgasms!) 
  • Your core will feel TIGHTER if you do this right – and the book tells you the right techniques!
  • Your “six pack” will begin to EMERGE without even trying or working out – a HUGE, huge benefit for a lot of you, you’ll burn calories, sissies, just taking that DONG (and studs, just plunging in that tight HOLE!) … 
  • And perhaps most importantly, constipation of YEARS? Will be a thing of the past – and trust me, there is a reason I ask you to GO first in the book, but even if you’re not constipated, bowel movement later will improve nigh IMMESUARABLY!
  • Your overall health – MENTAL and physical will improve by leaps and bounds!
  • And more, of course – and perhaps along with some of the above, the most important – 
  • (well, and the most important is THIS too – sissies, you’ll notice your COCKS shrinking even more as you get plunged – trust me, the minute you take anything up there RIGHT, the blood flow to the area increases, and your cock will naturally shrivel, unless you’re hard being sissy banged anyway, which looking at cocks or thinking aboutit, you should be!). 


But the best part is … ->


Its no secret to YOU on this list – my strong preference for the male orgasm to be controlled by the female of the species, and DENIED.

Unless it’s a stud – and even STUDS could do well by “choosing to spread their seed wisely”.

Yours truly never spreads it despite a certain person wanting to PAY me for it.

I do occasionally, but usually not – because …

“Sir, can you cum for me i pay you money”

There was a PayPal address he sent too …

I did NOT bother to either reply or find out if it was genuine, but it probably was – the long list of people wanting to slob on my knob just keeps growing, like my lovely dong, hehe.

But anyway …

Ruined orgasms are the BEST way to keep a male on edge – and NOT allow him that orgasm.

You know, edging.

And cumming without cumming if you get my drift, and this not only keeps the male submissive and SALIVATING FOR MORE, and horny, and ready to do ANYTHING for her (bank account, ladies, hehe!) … but also allows him to NOT deplete his life force.

Female orgasms do NOT deplete the life force – male orgasms do.

Great boxers and wrasslers of yore have often abstained for ages before a fight for a reason. Napoleon Hill wrote about the power of sexual transmutation in Think and Grow Rich for a reason …

(a book that is a must read even if getting rich isn’t why you’re on this list).

But really, there is ONE thing that trumps ruined orgasms, of which I’ve been having a lot – well, a combo of the two.

That being sissygasms.

Let me tell, the feeling of PROFOUND upon having your ass POKED is something you have to experience.

Not only can you have MORE orgasms – like females – but the BLISS and spiritual feeling – and being “connected” not just to the COCK pounding in you, but the UNIVERSE – is beyond belief!

Fingers and toys do it too, if you dont have a stud ready to do it.

But … EVEN YOU studs should have your ass probed regularly. Believe me!

(I think I covered that bit above, but I need to say it again).

On another note, I just connected with perfect Madam Dani again – her who left the review on the book on ruined orgasms …

And I told her about all the ruined – cum – sissygasms I’ve been having.

I dont know if she’s been reading this emails!

But really, I’m sitting here – and I can FEEL my P spot being probed – I can cum just by VISUALIZING IT!

And if you want to get to those levels of bliss where you can probably sit in a boardroom and leak and cum WTIHOUT anyone knowing it, and experience the same pleasure, then you simply must get the course.

No ifs, but’s, maybe’s.

Lets do this NOW. Together!

And now,  my friend, I’ve said my bit – or MORE than my “bit”, hehe. Pun intended!

Now, it’s up to YOU.

WILL you take the “plunge” – and invest in the course – the ONE And only of it’s kind when it comes to SISSYGASMS, and administering them oh so expertly (and taking them too! ;)) ?

If you’ve invested in the course on ruined orgasms, and many reading this have, you KNOW the sheer power they hold. (in terms of enhancing the submissive side of the male in  a way that really appeals and ENDEARS itself to you lovely dominant ladies – because you truly do DESERVE IT! – as well as how much truly dominant ladies enjoy them), then you need no further “invitation” to click “Order NOW!” from my end.

Them fingers (sissy fingers? ;)) are probably already TWITCHING.

And I feel ya!

Get this NOW, my friend.


Mike Watson

PS – And if you’re thinking the price is too high for “an ebook” or any course – well, I got this to say (and I dont say it normally on this site!). If you’re indeed thinking that, you’re a fool my friend. The price is INSANELY low for what you’re getting – a lifetime of, and a veritable TREASURE TROVE of sissy knowledge (and indeed femdom in general) that NONE of my other courses until date have given you.

This truly is one of a kind and ONLY if you’re truly interested in taking your sissy pleasure to levels hitherto UNHEARD of – and enhancing and nigh on SEARING THE SUBMISSIVE side of you so deeply into your psyche that you’ll “never go back”!

If thats not you, I understand. If you’re content to look at porn and jerk off, thinking “its the same”, well, I a) have nothing to say, and b) I get it.

But you TRUE FEMDOM LOVERS -and REAL femdom afficiandos – well – you know what to do!

Grab this now, my friend. Really!