Submissive Musings – Volume #2

Themes – Femdom, findom, and humiliation (in a real world sense) – but most of all … an utter mind fuck! 


This is the TRUE story of Princess Sherry, a visa agent I recently contacted to get my visa from – – an agent that had me “hooked” from the word “go” as it were, and had me twirled around her little finger without even attempting to.

An agent that was supposed to “provide me good service”, but did anything BUT.

An agent that was supposed to be honest – – but scammed me nonetheless – – and hey – -perhaps she WAS honest in terms of the (unintentional) findom!

An agent that is the complete antithesis of what you might expect a service provider to be … An agent that is the POLAR OPPOSITE of what you’d think, especially if the client is the one paying her.

An agent that is a true Princess, and an agent whose feet I’d gladly kiss anyday – even NOW … and that agent is the imperious and WITHOUT parallel – – Princess Sherry.

Read on – -and be warned, this one is a MIND FUCK. The author (or should I say chronicler) accepts NO responsibility for what might end up happening after you read …