25 ancient, SCINTILLATING, FORGOTTEN AND RED HOT “secret shamianic” ways to BUST HIS BALLS until he begs for mercy and NEVER asks for sexual favors again!

Why every woman has the GOD(DESS) given right to kick men in the balls – at least once!

There is nothing, my friend that (apart from actual cuckolding) emasculates a man more than a well aimed kick to the bollocks, my friend!

And especially if the lady knows how to do it right, and hit all the right spots!

The pain can be dizzying – yet EXHILIRATING mentally in a way! And if she truly SMASHES those bollocks up into your mouth, boy, she’ll feel the power too!

You just have to be careful not to permanently injure or kill the men, ladies!

The balls are an incredibly sensitive area – but we all already know that!

I’ve written courses on nipple play, sissygasms, ruined orgasm, but ball busting?

NOt as yet, but maybe I will. Yes, there is an ART to ball busting too!

But more than that art … it’s the POWER the lady feels over the man.

Madam Ann often asked me, giggling.

Boy, what will I do if you dont clean the house well! “

You’ll be naked, and … the balls will poke out!”

She’d giggle, waiting for me to say it.

Madam, you’d slap my bollocks”, I’d say, my balls tingling before she did it!

(and she had STRONG hands from working on the farm, believe me!)

I’d hit them with stick!” she’d giggle.

And she did .

Oh my!

Then it would descend into racial humiliation – A Chinese Goddess and her dark skinned foreign “dirt under shoe” slave that I so enjoyed, and thats been an overriding theme with Madam Susan and myself, an imperious lady I first met when dominated by the lovely Madam Carrie!

Garima Madam Ji was another ball kicking expert – a skill she learned in the trenches as it were, and Garima Madam’s bitch – well, the Prequel should tell you all about it!

But anyway, the sheer power – and feeling of owning a man as he crumbles at her feet?

And thats why every woman should have the Goddess given right of smashing men’s bollocks when they feel like!

And therefore, this course.

But more reasons? The REAL reasons I put this out?

Well, lots of men want their balls busted – it’s (along with scat) one of the most common, but NOT talked about fantasies out there.

Lots of men are SCARED to have their balls actually busted (despite their fantasy), and I get it. Incredible pain, plus the very real fear of losing your “man bits” – or worse!

And ladies … well, it’s the same thing.

Even a lot of experienced Dominas go EASY on ball kicking, because the bollocks are just such a sensitive area, my friend.

And it’s a pity, my friend.

As I said above, nothing quite emasculates and puts a man at a lady’s mercy than having his BOLLOCKS dangling in front of her!

On the other hand (or foot, hehe), nothing quite gives a lady the SHEER POWER of OWNING a man – literally – by having his BALLS free to play with, and whip anytime she sees fit!!

Remember, cock locks are one thing. The cock can take a lot more punishment than the balls, and so can the nipples (way more).

But to inflict REAL pain on the man – you have to go for the BOLLOCKS!

But, you have to do it right.

And there is no-one better out there than Mike Watson to bring you this premier course on ballbusting in a “never seen before format”, my friend.

There is literally no-one that is as experienced in femdom as I am – NO-ONE out there!

And certainly no-one thats “been there, and done that in real life”, which is the real reason I’m writing this.

What you’re going to read here isn’t advice given by an armchair theorist or a Bozo getting hard by sending women inane messages of “can I be your servant”.

It isn’t men getting their rocks off while writing this.

No, as you can tell from all my writings – and my BOOKS (which are admittedly all REALITY mixed in with a dab of creative license) yours truly has truly BEEN THERE – and done that.

And therefore, this course, so that YOU, the lady can get COMFORTABLE with busting a man’s bollocks – as you so WANT – and have the ultimate power of him!

So YOU, the submissive man WANTING this to happen can not only approach her about it (remember, with the tips and tricks beneath, you can be SAFE while doing this!) – and HAND over FULL control over your manhood – and get on the road to total emasculation NOW!

So BOTH OF YOU can bust his balls .. without worrying about “safety” or whether it will “permanently” injure him!

Remember, everything has been tried and tested here for YEARS before giving it to you!

And no, you cannot find these tips ANYWHERE. Google all you like, but there is NOTHING like this out there – NO-ONE has put it all together in a comprehensive and easy to understand format like Mike Watson has for you HERE.

Most of all, this sort of play takes the femdom dynamic to a whole another level.

Dont believe me?

Read the below, and you will!



YES, Madam … JI!

This by itself could be a tip, and actually is as you’ll see below. For now though, lets approach this from ANOTHER view point!

As I sit in a darkened room, right now writing this, you know whats on my mind?

Being “face deep” in a MALE crotch.

Preferably an alpha’s crotch, that deep sexy masculine voice telling me, my FEMININE side to truly get int ouch with it, and then some!

Of course, he wouldn’t’ need to say it too many times, or at all!

But the smell of his pubes, the sweaty smell of a REAL man’s groin, that cock literally CHOKING me to death (and me enjoying it as the HEAD hits the BACK of my throat) . . .

. . . and of course, a pair of lovely balls, preferably dangling just like Madam Sophia’s slippers! ?

. . . right into yours truly’s open mouth.

To be “gobbled”.


Worshipped for the TREASURES They are, and giving him that exquisite pleasure of a TRULY talented tongue, cuck or not, running across the underside of his hairy (or not!) balls, each little flick, each little tickle, each little stroke sending those tiny waves of LUST and pleasure running up his spine.

Lick my balls, BOY!

Lick his balls, BOY!

And if you’re a cuck you KNOW the thrill and difference btween the above two!

Which do you prefer?

Write back and let me know, but in terms of exquisite pleasure, lets get to the kicking.

There is NOTHING quite so heady if you’re into ball kicking or something of that nature (and even if you aren’t, try it – just start out slow!) and one of them cocktails is your balls being licked, cock beind sucked and then .. . POW

Those full balls BUSTED!


By Madam Christina preferably, humiliatrix on part with Princess Joanie, that cuckoldress au extraordinaire!

(Yes, the feet on the cover CAN bust your balls from here to you know where! Kingdom come, in more ways than ONE! ;)).

Or Madam Sophia

Or Pooja Madam JI!

I’d never dream of asking them to lick my balls! ? (though I’ve had it done more often than once!)

And I’m SO enthused writing this that I’ve forgotten to wear my glasses. Yours truly nerdy needs to wipe the cum off first. I can barely see straight anyway right now due to this heady mixture of lust!

But anyway.

Pain and pleasure done right can be an EXQUISITE combo!

It could nipple torture, and then nipples being SUCKED RIGHT!

OR flicked . . .

Same thing for balls.

Or the cock, for that matter (especially the HEAD!)

And any other sensitive area, really . . .

. .. but for now, back to balls.

Truly one of the best part of a man’s body as I wrote about before, both for CUCKS – and STUDS!

To end this – Madam – or Sir, as the case might be. ? Isn’t male genitilia just a WONDERFUL thing! ?

And, in terms of cuckolding, an intensely popular topic around these parts apparently – HERE is Cuckold Compilations , truly the BEST collection of cuckold stories EVER!

IF some of you want – write back and share your pics with me. No prizes for guessing what kind, hehe. I’ll Twitter them and make you “world famous” as the case might be! ?

(and your name too – whichever one you want me to use!)


Who this book is FOR

  • Couples (either M/F or M/M) that want to take their femdom (or maledom)relationship to the next level physically (yes, this isn’t just for M/F couples!)

  • Men that have a HIGH tolerance for pain – believe me, ball busting is PAIN x 1000!

  • Women that love inflicting PAIN on men … while at the same time being as caring as caring could ever be! Believe me, it may sound hard to believe that uber dominant and “cruel” women could be caring, but by giving their submissives what they want, they actually care a lot MORE than living in a life of “constant denial” if you know what I mean!

  • Folks with an open MIND!

  • Those wishing to explore “pain and pleasure”. If you reduce the intensity of some of the techniques below, you can “start off gentle”.

Benefits (for the dominant WOMAN that loves to bust balls!)

  • Remove all FEAR of ball busting you might have had, and proceed with GAY ABANDON!

  • Humiliate and emasculate him like never before. Remember, you’re taking control of his very manhood – more than the COCK, the balls are where his seed is produced, and much like with sissygasms, once you control his sexual desire and appendages, you control HIM!

  • Feel SHEER POWER – CONTROL – like never before coursing through your VEINS, ladies, as you see men drop like FLIES in front of you! Believe me, the feeling is indescribable. You CANNOT get this from any other form of femdom (except perhaps the mental aspect of it).

  • Take your female dominated relationship to the next level.

  • You’ll have a great way to PUNISH him for infractions, work not done properly, or just about anything. Perfect Madam Ann and Garima Madam for one were GREAT at this!

  • Once you bust his balls, and show him the POWER you have to do so? He’ll never talk back to you again!

  • Use this as a tool to increase your overall humiliation of him – especially public! I don’t know why, but Madam SLAPPED me more in public once she started busting my bollocks privately more!

  • Mentally condition yourself that he’s your slave, NOT your lover – and is there to be USED.

  • Ball busting is a great way to also condition yourself and him for CUCKOLDING – which is a natural progression. After all, his balls are busted, but we all know that doesn’t do it, ladies! Sometimes, ladies need to be RAVAGED too to get all that horniness out!!

  • Recognize the sheer POWER you as a WOMAN have over ANY male, even if its just physically – those dangling bits make it so easy to hurt a man, and once you recognize and FEEL the sheer POWER coursing through your veins as you watch him DROP, there is NO going back.

And a lot, lot more!


Benefits (for the submissive MALE!)

  • Remove any and ALL fear of your “delicate parts” being BUSTED as you so want and DESERVE – and proceed with GAY ABANDON mixed in with caution!

  • Be humiliated and emasculated like never before. Believe me, once you know she has the POWER of your BOLLOCKS, you’ll treat her differently and will never think of her as “just a woman” any more!

  • Recognize the sheer POWER all women have over MEN – simply the POWER to bust their balls – that dangling man bit makes it so easy for them to control you not just mentally as they already do, but physically too!

  • Expand your pain threshold like NEVER BEFORE. Once you can take ball torture (done right), you’ll never go back – and everything else will be a BREEZE.

  • Recognize your true place as life as her SLAVE and plaything, and recognize your balls weren’t meant for pleasure, and best of all, give yourself up to her like never before! Again, the sheer position where you’re AT HER MERCY – you’ll understand what I mean! Lock, stock and BARREL – emphasis on the last!

  • Although the pain will be intense, you’ll experience PLEASURE like never before (if you’re a pain aficionado!). Bollock busting takes PAIN AND PLEASURE to another level altogether, and gives it another MEANING altogether.

  • Learn how to NEVER demand any sort of sexual favors from her, while giving HER all the sexual favors she wants and needs, and allowing HER sexual freedom – because believe me, if you DO demand – that ball is waiting there to be SMASHED, boy! And it’s not even “if she does”. The POWER she has TO DO IT, and when you FEEL HER DO it, even ONCE, that is matters. Get on the program, and you’ll see!

  • Never worry about having to have “real man” sex with her. This is a very real worry for most of you submissive men out there who would do ANYTHING to avoid “real man sex”. Once the bollocks are regularly pulverized, both you and her will never want or think of real man sex from or with YOU!

  • Take your submission to the next level. Believe me, the physical aside, ball busting is great , great mental conditioning tool for both the lady and man!

Think THIS is bad?

This course goes WAY BEYOND normal CBT . .

And on that note –

What you’ll learn from a “technical standpoint” in terms of BUSTING BOLLOCKS 

YES, she’s using a variant of one of the methods in the BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And let me tell you right now – this information is nigh invaluable.

Lots of people think “well, just aim and kick”.

Or. “squeeze”.

Or, “hammer!” (ouch!)

But here’s the thing.

Ballbusting is, for obvious reasons, an extremely technical “pastime” or “sport”, depending upon how you look at it.

No, my friend, it ain’t just kicking the football down there!

(or balls).

In fact, if thats what you do, the guy might not HAVE any bollocks left to speak of!

I mean, and any ballbustrix, especially an experienced one will tell you – it takes care, caution, practice – lots of the last!

(and the first two too).



In this course, I will go one – two, actually, hehe – better than ANYONE out there and teach you the following too … 

  1. Absolutely TOP Secret “hush hush” shaminaic ways to “mash” the balls” – and WHACK the balls – HARD – at the same time. Sound impossible? Well, it’s not, and Mistress Jyoti did this to me all the time! This is the last tip in the book, and it’s NEVER been put out anywhere before.
  2. The one ingredient in a woman’s leg MOST men miss in terms of ball busting – hint, it ain’t her feet!  They’re damn important, yes, but they ain’t the only turn on (and why).
  3. A top secret hidden way to “twist” the balls known only to Asian ladies of yore that you won’t find anywhere else.
  4. A red hot secret to busting balls while wearing TENNIS shoes of all thing that will make both the “heat factor” and PAIN he feels go – straight – through the roof!
  5. Why tingles can both be incredibly erotic and PAINFUL At the same time!
  6. The secret whackola technique that left my balls with IMPRINTS – for days!

  7. Why ringing the doorbell is so erotic (and no, it ain’t about just depressing the “bell” either if you get my drift!). (or a derivative thereof)
  8. Why a simple ingredient you use MULTIPLE times during the day without even thinking about it is NUMERO UNO (and believe me, you drink it all the time!) (and no, it ain’t tea) (and no, it ain’t hot or cold treatment either – there is more to this!) in terms of ballbusting, and how Madam Krystal and her cronies did it to me!
  9. The incredibly erotic way in which my bollocks were busted (for no good reason, hehe), by the lovely Ann who humiliated me racially while she was at it too!
  10. …..

And more. Much more!

These TECH tips are truly not just the icing on the cake, but the cake and icing BOTH. Trust me on this one, ladies – and gents!



And last, but not least, the obvious.

This course isn’t for “starters” or those looking to dabble in femdom.

This course isn’t for those NOT into pain – even if you ARE into pain, I’d recommend you to be damn sure you WANT this before signing up!

It’s for SUPER ADVANCED femdom lovers who truly are into REAL FEMDOM as opposed to wanking on the Internet which many men are, unfortunately, TRULY HANDING over ALL control to her – mentally and physically.

Well, my friend, I’ve said my bit. Now the rest it up to you.

And so, I leave you to order this – now!


Mike Watson

PS – I so miss Ivy Bao! I so wish she was HERE right NOW to just LET GO – and whack my BOLLOCKS – WHAM! – like only SHE could, with her thick legs, and I’d drop “dead” at her feet, kissing her toes every inch of the way and then some!

What a lovely Goddess! Paye Lagu, perfect Madam Ivy! I so wish I could BEG YOUR FORGIVENESS – NOW!

PS #2 – Madam Ann used to beat me RAGGED with a Ratten cane before racially and BRUTALLY humiliating me. What a Goddess! And she’d torture my balls until I CRIED WITH PAIN EVERY TIME HER FINGERS even came NEAR MY BALLS!

I couldn’t walk for days!

And thats what YOU too, can work up to if you get this course, my friend. Truly!