A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland

“No, you fool!! Waking up and staring goggle eyed at pictures of feet on the Internet won’t cut it!”

Wouldnt it be nice if you could have your fetish out in the OPEN – with your woman INTERESTED in it?

… For the truly submissive male … 

20 power packed and REAL WORLD tips to get YOU the dominant Chinese lady of your dreams. But really, this works for ALL ladies – and even VANILLA COUPLES – see the reviews below from the “horse’s mouth”. 

EXCLUSIVE SECRETS that have NOT BEEN revealed until now – in ANY of my COURSES

This book has been written for a very specific purpose, and more importantly a very specific niche, both of which should be apparent enough from the title.

In a nutshell, this is for submissive males – – TRULY submissive males (as opposed to those who choose to “top from the bottom”) and should be read with a mindset akin to this (if you aren’t in the above category).

It is submissive males looking to find the dominant lady of their dreams – – or more accurately the dominant Chinese lady of their dreams. Of course, most of what is mentioned herein is NOT specific to any particular ethnicity – – but I’ve found it to hold most true for the ethnic subgroup I have mentioned.

A lot of what I say might come across as controversial. So be it. I’ve never been known (either in person or my books) for sugar coating things and NOT saying it like it is – if anything I’ve been brutally honest my entire life and this same style permeates my writing in all areas.

But first and this needs to be said …

Why I don’t want or use “dating services” and why YOU shouldn’t either!
– Because you dont need to!

And this goes for both you men and women out there, but the MEN need to hear it the most.

So this MISSIVE is directed at you men (and it’s very well deserved too for reasons we’ll get into below), mostly, but ladies, feel free to chime in hehe.

(I’m sure some will).

Because the looonng list of idiots standing with dicks (or dicklets, hehe) in hand either on street corners and massage parlors and the like is just INCREASING.

Sure, the women do it too – but guess what – they cater to the men.

And I’m not saying it’s right or wrong.

If a man visits a hooker, or prostitute, it is not “right or wrong”. At least, I dont think there is much at all wrong with it provided both parties respect each other!

But I still remember the angry slap my “Civics” teacher gave me (from South India I believe).

“Do you know why this practice exists, boy! Its because of men!” 

Now to be fair, I was 13 at the time, and I wasn’t laughing at the topic of prostitution. I was laughing at a certain woman or something, and of course, the teacher was frustrated, and took it out on me.

Again – NOT ON! You don’t physically punish kids etc, especially without knowing whats going on in their minds.

Bu tanyway, I keep getting these idiotic messages about “Sir, we have dating services“.

If in China, I get “xiaojie” messages on my phone.

My response?


I mean, this morning, I woke up.

First thing I thought about was ruined orgasms and Pooja Memsahib, that satiny smooth brown SKIN, and no, I didnt think of making love to her.

“Pooja ko chod de!” 

But that thought only came after SHE wanted it, hehe.

Not because I did.

For me, nipples playruined orgasms …

SUCH A TURN on, sleeping with the hard dick, waking up every so often, and if there is one reason you need to get BOTH the courses (above) on nipple play and ruined orgasms, that is it, boys.

And men, hehe.

But yeah, and lets get to the meat of the matter, or bottom line.

If You’re attracting on auto pilot, EFFORTLESSLY – – why would you ever WANT to use dating or any services??

It’s that simple, bro!

(I just gave you one tip above, and NO, it isn’t what you “read” either. This is DEEP, my friend. Some things cannot be just “said” in a sales letter. You have to READ the book – SEVERAL times … over and over again to really “get it” and start ATTRACTING, but once you DO- oh – MY!) 

And for MORE on this (yes, YOU TOO can do it) – pick up the course – its just THAT SIMPLE!



More on why “dating services” dont work in terms of femdom, and why she doesnt want to suck YOUR dicklet

– Because, well, it’s not interesting enough. Its nasty!

I’m sure I’ll be flamed up and down, right left and center for saying this.

But I’ve said my bit on why I dont use dating services above, eh.

And it’s often been the case, especially with perfect Madam Bao Bao, another missed femdom opportunity if any, that “ladies of the night”, my friend (unless they’re the lovely Aa Ling, but even in that case its different and we’ll get to why below) aren’t necessarily interested in dominating or collaring you than they are their domestic pet dogs.

They’re interested int he money. Period.

And many times, guys go up to prostitutes and ask them to do certain things from a femdom standpoint, and to them, and I can understand it, it’s ALIEN!

You’re paying her, as Madam Maria told me. And you press her feet. You’re kind! 

Well, maybe …

And she liked me anyway!

(That story is mentioned in Sin City Diaries, Volume One (Liao)).

But really. If she expects to suck you off, get paid for it, or massage you, get paid and leave, then femdom aint gonna work, not necessarily because she wouldnt do the physcial things – she might – but she wont be mentally into it.

And without the mental side, bro, there is NO USE. You might as well dump the champagne down the toilet because there won’t be no fizz.

And you guys reading this KNOW WHAT  I MEAN.

Get her INTERESTED in it – and MAKE HER WANT it – that is the key! 

And believe me, even vanilla women like Dani (Princess Dani, hehe) get turned on by it, if you do it right.

Anyway, the ONLY course out there in terms of properly attuning yourself to the “Spirit” and attracting women on auto pilot, and of course, for ladies, to get INTO femdom – truly – and start enjoying it is right HERE – grab it now.

(testimonial on the page as well – and yes, the paperback might be expensive, but note there are two options. YOu can always choose digital download, though nothing beats the feeling of either a dick or a book in your hands, hehe).

Anyway …

And on that note …

Another reason is – you’re not interesting enough. And THIS Is where most men fail, even in vanilla.

It isn’t so much you have a tiny cock, or it’s not attractive, or you smell down there while expecting her to smell perfect, and so forth.

It’s that you dont INTEREST her enough to do it!

And that, my friend cannot come from mere words.

It’s a vibe that comes ONLY by conditioning the subconscious right, and all the porn in the world, and all the false compliments, even if you think they’re true (and thats one of the laws I mention in the book) will NEVER Help you if you dont have the vibe down pat.

That, and the dicklet might just be too tiny, hehe. Some things, you can’t even get in your mouth …

And on thate note, I’m out.

Remember though, tiny dicks don’t necessarily mean tiny hands, and tiny fingers don’t necessarily mean you can’t place your ORDER NOW – and start attracting the dominant (or any) lady of your dreams NOW. Remember too, as Madam Dani said – it works even for vanilla folks!

Bottom line – be INTERESTING in a way she can’t refuse, and I cover this in the course too!




On a side note, for you LADIES out there …

Dicklets are so funny. Tee Hee!

And so are so the “so called” men who don’t “get it”, hehe. Women are just too smart! 


And GUYS – –

(I’ve never had the problem of my own cock NOT being sucked – but hey – if you follow what I DO – and the (more importantly) WAY I do – I repeat, not what, the WAY – you too will achieve and experience the same results, but you gotta take action first).

And in case you’re thinking “I dont need this. There’s plenty of porn on the Interet”. 

Well, first off, this ain’t porn – if you’re thinking that way, you dont need to be here anyway.

This is about femdom, boy.

And no-one said it better than Madam Sophia did ..

No, you fool!! Waking up and staring goggle eyed at pictures of feet on the Internet won’t cut it!

I was going to say “footboy”, but then as I’m looking at the lovely Sophia next to me, I Remember what she said a year – well – a couple of years – ago to me!

“No you fool! How could I forget you!” 

She said that to her cuck, actually. Hehe.

How can she forget “me”. Yes.

A cuck that sucks other men’s cocks for her, happily pays her bills, listens to her rant about her kids – puts up with her demands for “tell me your bank account, BOY!” – listens to her like a soul mater – does the cooking and cleaning, presses her feet … and of course, listens to her say the following.

“You can never have sex with me, boy!” 

“Suck your dick? I will NEVER do that – thats only for the rock stars and movie stars I love!” 

And if that sounds like music to you – you idiot that jerks off to porn on the Internet, well, listen UP.

Yes, YOU footboy.

Staring at foot pics won’t cut it, and you know it.

Those “VIP wanks” you so want … WHY do you want ’em?

Because not only can you not get laid unless you pay for it (and even in those cases, THIS happens, hehe – snicker) … you couldn’t get laid if your life depended upon it.

No money, no fame, no WOMEN …

And you’re looking at foot pictures, wondering “I wish she’d do that to me”. 

“Madam, I’d do anything for you!” 

Or, as a certain Bozo wrote in to a girl I know. 

(a lovely lady, hehe). 

“Can I be your servant? Carry your shopping? Massage feet?” 

And a host of other rubbish, and this joker from the UK finished off “Good?” 

Apparently he copied (unconsciously) the Chinese way of saying “hao ma?” (which means is that ok?)

What a moron.

Right on par with the drunken fools who message me asking me for pictures of my legs, or even my dick … or whatever they think I have.

One even messaged asking me for pictures of my SHIT.


What jokers!

Friends, listen up.

You can only get what you want in life in any regard by ATTRACTING what it is to you – not PESTERING that which you want. 

All the chasing and thinking won’t cut it, friend.

If you truly want to attract on auto pilot, like I do – well – learn from the very best there is at femdom, cuckoldry, and anything related – ME.

Learn at my feet, I might as well say!

Start right here.

It starts NOW, bro. It truly does, cuck!

Jerking off surreptiously to your wife’s feet??!

And trying to hide it, while she keeps getting  FRUSTRATED at your lack of ability “in bed” . . .

Something which all you cucks DO , my friend.  (while wishing you want MORE?)

Wouldnt it be nice if you could have your fetish out in the OPEN – with your woman INTERESTED in it?

She may or may not go “the whole hog” when it comes to fetish with you, but there is no doubt that you CAN get her “more into it” than she is already is.

For lots of you, and I keep hearing this in my kink counseling sessions (which I do not so many of, so apply FIRST and we’ll see what we can do) . . .

“My wife just wont budge!” 

“No matter what I do, she wants sex!” 

(at the end of everything else)

“She wants me to work my fetish in, everyone knows that is impossible, and there it stands!” 

Well, she’s right.

So are you, cuck.

And I’ve told you about the long, long time ago where my ex stood bawling her eyes out in front of a sorority pushing me to go to counseling (the same ex that told me it was “Unchristian” to dominate me in the way I wanted).

(Curiously enough she had no problem talking about the other guys she had been with, but she didnt like me getting turned on by it! – we never got there though).

Years later, another lady I was with took me to counseling when I actually “budged”.

Lets see what this is all about, I said to myself.

This lady was interested in two things – a) getting my phimosis cured so we could have “normal sex” and b) the counseling to resolve the fetish.

No feet, boy!


Guess what the counselor said.

“Just think of feet, and do it!”

I couldn’t hide back a grin.

(if it only it were that easy. Hehe. But to his credit, he then said he wasn’t a fetish counselor).

Believe me, SEX counseling is one thing. FETISH and the mind are quite another. You need expertise . . .

As for the phimosis, I’m damn glad I did NOT get operated – and when I told the lady I was with at the time I wouldn’t, she threw a fit, and there endeth that discussion.

I managed to buy her some dresses. She forgot – temporarily, but the words of THAT ex rang out in my head.

“She’ll always want it if she loves you!” 

All of this, my friend sounds depressing familiar to you, no?

Not to mention what I said in my title. Jerking off to your woman’s soles, hoping she’ll dominate you, hating (or not wanting) her for not doing … And all in the QUIET of your own home. 

The more frustrated SHE gets, the bitchier she gets, no? (along with the different colors of nailpolish, new clothes showing her body – ASS off – and so forth …)

And the more it turns YOU On, the more you salivate secretly, and the more she does NOT give it to you …

VS … 

You could do it – with HER being HAPPY – and you too – out in the OPEN! 

My SO was tired last night, and she slept well (remember that ass whanging the stud gave her?)?

And I pressed her feet, went away and jerked to her Soles – which I can do all day long – but here’s the thing – she knows it probably, and she knows I smell the stinky cum stained cloth and used condoms too, and she giggles, and indulges me!

And it’s all true.

Your viewpoint, hers, all true.

Except, sometimes, finding the common meeting ground has to be done in a way you’d never ever imagine.

And those are the “dirty” yet very ethical ways I bring to you that are also so amazingly simple that they’re usually overlooked.

If you’re really serious about your deep desires, and remember, this works for ANY lady – or man – or VANILLA couples too, you’ll drop EVERYTHING you’re doing, and invest in this NOW. 

Anyway, I’ve shown you the WAY . . .

Now, my friend, it’s all up to you …

This book is for you, the SUBMISSIVE MALE if …

  • You’re TRULY SUBMISSIVE. Repeat, TRULY SUBMISSIVE. This book is NOT about “topping from the bottom”
  • You understand that TRUE female dominance is about her – and her only – and it’s about her having her cake – and EATING it too! Curiously enough, you’ll be a lot happier too once you understand this key concept!
  • You’re a male looking for the right lady to dominate you – but for whatever reason, can’t find said lady.
  • You’re looking to introduce FEMDOM into your relationship as a male – but have been unable to as of late. Fear not – we’ve got you covered!
  • You’re looking to meet dominant ladies without even consciously “trying” – in other words, ATTRACT said ladies to you – like pollen to a moth (or was that the other way around, hehe) – or MOTHS to a FLAME, if I might say so!
  • You’re looking to learn what exactly makes a dominant lady “tick” (hint – it’s NOT the other way around!)
  • You’re already in a female dominated relationship – but are looking to take the plunge – into the NEXT – and much deeper level!
  • You’re interested in TRUE femdom in general – and are looking to incorporate it into your relationship – pretty much full time!
  • You’re interested in REAL LIFE femdom – not “fantasy femdom” – or “femdom as depicted in fiction”. Remember – real life is different – but it’s also a heck of a lot more FUN!


If all of this sounds like a style you’d want to partake of, dive right in!

Available as a PDF download IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of payment.


GUYS —> The SECRET to getting ANY WOMAN you want – even if you aren’t interested in femdom (and why wouldnt you be)?

Often times, folks look at books like this and think “oh, thats kink”.

Oh, that won’t work in real life.

Or, “oh, thats not real life!”

Well, guess what my friend – if you think any of the above you’re WRONG. Flat out WRONG.

First of all, you CAN introduce kink into your (right now very vanilla!) life. Yours truly is proof, and if you couldn’t, I wouldn’t write about it.

You CAN live out those fantasies – IF YOU introduce them right to her – and if BOTH of you condition yourself properly. Mental conditioning is all, my friend. The mind is what accomplished the REAL MIRACLES in life – not the physical!

And second, this book – and the principles outlined in do NOT just work for BDSM. They work even if you are just trying to attract women. Or get married to a nice lady (which many are). Or, simply trying to BE in a relationship – and haven’t been able to despite years, and years of trying.

Sound like YOU, the man reading this?

Yes, I thought so.

Well, if you’re tired of staying up at night looking at porn, “wishing” it could be you, well, take HEART – and do so NOW my friend. This book is for YOU – and if you apply what I’ve said, the “company of thy palm” (if I may say that, hehe) will be a thing of the past. Or maybe it won’t if she prefers to humiliate you that way, but you get the drift!

But before I proceed – and with all the above in mind – lets look at what one of these very PERFECT ladies have to say about this book.

“Why would you love this book? Easy! 

Why am I saying this when I am not into BSDM relationships or have no experience with them? Again, easy, because I am a woman too.

It not only gives you the secret to understanding (and having) the perfect dominant lady of your dream, it also gives you the secret to having any woman you want.

The secret? WE WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS.  When you (man) can understand that simple phrase, you will have the girl of your dreams (and, of course, if you are not an asshole).

If you want to know more … of course, read the book.

BTW, have you heard about the  “sheng nv” phenomenon? No? Well, look it up too.” 

Well, my friend – I think I need say NO more, do I?

Straight from the horse’s mouth as it were – so I’d dive in NOW if I were YOU!


What can you expect from this manual?


  • As the title says, 20 CRISP, REAL WORLD and POWER packed tips that WILL turn your everyday woman into the dominant Lady she was naturally meant to be. However, the tips only work if you read, understand and then apply them the way I mention.
  • Remember too, that’s its always, at the end of the day (in such a relationship) completely up to her.
  • That last part is KEY (pun INTENDED for those currently in or looking for chastity).
  • Do her laundry, but don’t expect anything in return other than that happy look in her eyes. Female on male domination is NOT an excuse for male sexual release, although funnily enough if you follow those tips, you may end up getting MORE “release” than you “bargained” for at the outset (though it may not be in the form you desire).
  • Then again, you may not. She may just fall asleep after you lick her asshole for a while. Respect that. She’ll do it her own way.
  • You may enjoy massaging feet, but she may enjoy a head rub more.
  • And so forth.


“Why would you love this book? Easy! 

Why am I saying this when I am not into BSDM relationships or have no experience with them? Again, easy, because I am a woman too.

It not only gives you the secret to understanding (and having) the perfect dominant lady of your dream, it also gives you the secret to having any woman you want.

The secret? WE WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS.  When you (man) can understand that simple phrase, you will have the girl of your dreams (and, of course, if you are not an asshole).

If you want to know more … of course, read the book.

BTW, have you heard about the  “sheng nv” phenomenon? No? Well, look it up too.” 

  • Daniela Di Luca (Spain)

(Paula Banda Rendon from Mexico!)


GUYS —-> Why she DELETES you off your list because you’re just not interesting enough …

 … or worth her PRECIOUS time!


And you should obviously be either!

I remember a Chinese lady a while ago (I can’t remember her name, but it starts with “B”) and she deleted a person off her list once.

After asking him for a “red packet” out of the blue (“red packet” is basically how WeChat handles users sending money to each other etc).

To be fair, and I saw the conversation, the guy hadn’t really done anything to deserve being asked for money out of the blue!

Much like a certain Madam Vicky did to me, but Princess Sophia came to my rescue, and she was right!

No Princess came to his though, hehe.

And she probably wouldn’t have, because the guy was not just BORING. He had a bad VIBE to him.

Dont know about his dick, and if he had a dicklet. He probably did! But that was probably NOT – I repeat, NOT the reason behind her deleting him …

I mean really, guys.

Girls asking you for money is NORMAL. 

And if you can’t give her money then, make yourself useful, boy! 

Make yours interesting!

Help her our business wise! 

Or simply, and many of you are not in the position to do this (and I get it – hey – I’v ebeen there) – make yourself INTERESTING!

And the last bit is BY FAR the most important.

And the most attractive in any sort of relationship, vanilla or not, and the majority of pink (pin, hehe) dicks out there FAIL miserably at it, and why they are told on HOW to do it, they either rant at women, or say “how dare you” to the guys that TELL them and TEACH them how to do it.

Yours truly cucked has a large big dick, yes.

It’s phimotic.

And not seeing the head, like Madam Ashley demanded, has never been an issue. She sucked it anyway, and I didnt beg her to!

And thats not what even guys with sexy cocks etc experience on a daily basis.

Those stories are told in the book on attracting dominant ladies to you like moths to a flame …

Princess Dani, and many others love ’em!

Especially the last bit of the book, hehe.

But really.

If your thoughts upon reading this are “Oh God, I’m being sold”, or “how dare he sell! I want it for free”, then, well, Bye bye. Buh bye, hehe.

But if you’re one of the smart ones that realizes when he NEEDS To learn, then go right HERE.

(no, it isn’t free, and it never will be).

Folks send me flames all the times for this, of course.

How dare I call out the pin dicks and cocklet owners for what they are – frustrated at NOT being able to get women – with a capital F, while yours truly sits in his “man cave” and attracts not just women, but MONEEEYYYYY – and we all know women love that, hehe – on AUTO PILOT!)

Funny part, I dont even give most women money, and when I do, they dont want it!

Actually, I DO give them a lot of money I should say. But like with perfect Princess Joanie, thats not the main thing.

Ah, if only the porn nuts and wankers out there would get what ladies really want, hehe. And it ain’t money! 

How to get women chasing YOU even after you “forget” them

I just heard back from a lady I haven’t in a while!

Madam Daniela, who is just so perfect, she DRIPS Perfection!

In every word she writes, every BREATH SHE TAKES!

Paye Lagu, GODDESS!

And believe me, I wasn’t thinking of her, or haven’t been more than the normal.

I last heard from her about a book a week or so ago and then nothing.

No worries!

And today I just checked email, and I saw one from her saying “she hasn’t forgotten, and that it’s just because she doesn’t have a working computer at this point that she can’t translate “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” which was the next on her list to translate!

Now, I knew this.

She told me about the computer crash a week ago, and given how Winblows is causing computers to crash globally (sound familiar???) – well – I can understand.

Not to mention yours truly’s computer has CRASHED – FIVE times over the past year.

In addition to my various sissy and cuck and other skills, I have IT skills, so I generally fix it, but not everyone can or does … but either way insanely frustrating, and as I sent her hugs, I said I  understand.

But this ain’t about her.

IT’s about YOU, bro.

I mean, let’s face it.

YOU are the one normally chasing women, dick in hand, and what happens? 

She runs away.

Despite all the dates, fancy gifts etc, she never calls back, and never shows up again unless it’s time to fleece your wallet, hehe.

Which she should!

But what if YOU could have women – even women you have NOT MET as yet – hankering after YOU rather the other way around? 

I think we BOTH – all – know the answer to that one, my BROTHER.

You would nigh on jump at it.

And you could argue that her messaging me back is about money.

No it ain’t. 

She isn’t getting paid upfront for a lot of this.

But even if she was, it ain’t about money. There are plenty of clients out there that would pay her for it too! Believe me, she’s a professional at it …

It isn’t about friendship, or my cock, or my sexiness or lack thereof.

It’s something else. Deep down inside.

And deep down inside, you KNOW you want to learn, my friend.

Rather than rant about “how dare he sell to us”, start learning NOW.

You’ll be a lot happier. That I do promise!

First though, another disclaimer of sorts …


What NOT to expect from this book

  • It’s not a “novella” or a fetish novella for that matter. Sure, we’re discussing fetish and therefore all related kinks etc will be discussed, but the main slant will a “mental” slant and what actually “works” in terms of “F on m” scenarios.

(If you are looking for actual novellas, again, my website would be a good place to start.)

  • Neither is this an indirect “topping from the bottom” guide, and this is something we will get into later.
  • To fully appreciate what I say here, you need to be “truly interested” in female domination as opposed to “getting your rocks off”. There is a massive difference between the two, guys.
  • Following on from the above, there will be no tips intended to “serve the male sexual interest”, although for those of you that are REALLY and genuinely interested in female domination, you’ll probably having a raging boner the entire time you read this.
  • And last, but not least, NO, I am NOT going to “introduce girls to you”. Thomas, a subscriber on my list (that left when asked to buy this book) made the comment about “I’ll pay you if you introduce me to girls that play with me”. No I won’t. They’re not there to play with you either on your whims, guys! So if thats you – please leave NOW.

With that out of the way, let’s move on. If what I’ve said above sounds utterly and completely unpalatable, then this manual is NOT for you.

Again, remember that the tips beneath will apply to “femdom” relationships in general, but I’ve found (for whatever reason) that they hold true MOST for ladies from mainland China.



Given the HUGE amount of interest in this course (possibly the most popular on this site), I am NOT going to keep the price at the ridiculously LOW $499.99 , $199.99 $99.99 for as long as it is – – but I’ll let it slide for now. And if I were you – my friend – I know what I would DO.

I would literally drop everything I’m doing right now to make “hay while the sun shines” – and I’d get this now!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Think that femdom cannot be incorporate successfully into real life?? It sure CAN, my friend – in case you don’t believe me – I’ve got a big, fat BONUS for you in this book itself.

What is that, you ask? Well, I’ve given you real life examples from MY life – 100% AUTHENTIC – and how femdom was present in pretty much EACH AND EVERY ONE of those relationships! Dive in NOW, and start learning STRAIGHTAWAY, my friend!

And given my track record (which is evident from my writings) … well – I think Mike Watson is the only person qualified to bring you this topic in the way I am! 

Faith is great, sure. But faith backed up by results – now THAT is a combo you cannot beat – and those RESULTS backed courses are what I put out – and this is NUMERO UNO, my friend. 

Even if you never ever make another purchase from this site – – THIS will “serve” you forever, and in fact, you could (and most people DO) spend your whole life implementing these tips in your D/S relationship, and never look back! (or need anything else!)

Also, don’t forget the special offer price – – this price will NOT last forever. In fact I am considering pulling the “7 day offer” I currently have going AHEAD of time – so jump on this – – while you CAN!



PS #2 – Think the price is too high? 

Think $99 is “not worth it for an ebook”? 

Well, trust me my friend – it’s not so much the “size” of anything that matters if you get my drift, first off! 😉

It’s about INFORMATION – valuable information – and if you think Google, MSN, Yahoo  “sha-hoo” or wherever you browse will give you these tips for “free” – well – you’re sadly mistaken my friend.

Tru, you could probably stay at home watching porn (femdom porn) and then “fooling” yourself that it “works for you”.

But we all know it doesnt, so why not be honest -make the decision to invest in your LIFE – and happiness?

Trust me – the HAPPINESS that comes from being in a TRUE female dominated relationship (a REAL female led relationship is like NOTHING you’ve ever experienced, and that, my friend, is the REAL DEAL I bring to YOU).

Don’t wait a second longer – because trust me, this “offer price” will NOT stay valid forever, my friend.

Jump on it NOW.