Why women should be and ARE if you “let them” be CHAMPION SLAPPERS!

I just heard a little girl giggle to her Mama the following “Mama, you’re a professional slapper!

That really should be the title of this email, hehe.

But the point begets, and stands …

There are many sexy things about femdom, my friend – but women SLAPPING the male, while looking directly into their eyes?

Or, of course, the smack to the back of the head as Princess Priyanka – my Ms – delivered SO WELL!


The second is more blase, brutal, and demeaning to a T, eh.

You guys – and cucks, hehe – on the list remember when your Dad smacked you around – usually on the BACK of the head, right?

I bet you remember that – and, while inside you know that a lot of the people that did that are really cucks controlled by women, and they did it because “their women were angry at them”, and they took it out on YOU – which is just WRONG – YOU, deep down inside, boy, YEARN for a woman to slap you. Hehe.

I know it!

Flush on the cheek, and the smaller she is (in size and stature) the better, boy!

Where’s my food, boy! 

Whack! To the back of the head, so casually done like it’s second nature!

Boy! What the hell is this! (pointing to a drink you brought her, perhaps some snacks …) 


That stinging slap to the side of the face, those eyes BORING into you, boy!

Like only a true dominant lady’s eyes can.

And we know all men want that. Secretly, deeply, deep desires – the CRAVINGS!

We know.

Or you wouldn’t be here! (if you’re a guy, hehe).

And if you’re a lady, well … be MORE dominant, Ma’am!

But anyway, lots of guys have HUGE trouble attracting not just femdom, but any sort of dominance into their lives.

And the course to rectify that is HERE.

Pick it up now – and yes – LADIES have reviewed it, and YES, even if you’re a lady “just wondering how to attract more submissive men that will DO as they’re told and NOT argue and GIVE YOU the money you so WANT” – well – pick up the book here, and start implementing NOW!

I’ll see you on the “other side”, hehe.



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