17 poses that will GET in your MIND – SEAR that LOOK into your SOUL – and EMBLAZON TRUE FEMDOM ONTO YOU like nothing else!




17 MORE poses that will GET in your MIND – SEAR that LOOK into your SOUL – and EMBLAZON TRUE FEMDOM ONTO YOU like nothing else!




Madam Susan, I am SO SORRY!

Why it’s a pity I hardly ever check my WeChat anymore …

And again, Paye Lagu, Madam SUSAN … JI! I AM SO SORRRY!

I’m SOO busy – really busy, hehe.

And I never got on social media much to begin with, but last November, I quit it all.

And WeChat?

Well, for reasons you KNOW, my friend, I didn’t completely get off it,but despite the barrage of LOVELY Queens sending me messages on there, I don’t check it all that often either.


New products (the one on nipplegasms is a MUST GRAB)

And more!

And customers of course, and reviews, and translations, hehe.

Now, what do I mean?

Well, perfect Madam Susan sent me a message at 10:06 PM last night, or perhaps 12:36 AM this morning, depending upon how you look at it!

The first adds up to 7.

The second adds up to … 3.

And, why am I adding?

Not necessarily because of between 7PM – 9PM message I received on the dumb phone, hehe.

But anyway, here is what Madam said, and here is why it caused genuine regret.


Can not sleep now as one cup of tea”

My reply about a bazillion hours later (right about now, before telling YOU)

Hi Madam Susan! Tea shouldn’t give you insomnia?? It’s a pity I checked this now.

Haha. Otherwise, I could press your feet, hopefully you could sleep.


grin grin grin

And thank you for remembering me when you’re bored. You’re such a QUEEN!

Well, thats self explanatory, but feet and soles aside, because I CHERISH every opportunity I get to talk to this lovely GODDESS , this FEMALE FORCE OF NATURE!

This true QUEEN!!

This older lady!

She’s usually busy, so …

and tea giving Madam insomnia?

Paye Lagu, Madam Susan !! Please do forgive me for the late reply!!

……………… Sooooooooooooooooooooo, you ask.

What does this have to do with anything?

Well, I don’t know.

Perfect Madam Susan, to whom I recently penned 15 odes had that to say, and you know me.

I can’t go without mentioning Susan ANYTIME female dominance is brought up, and with good reason.

In this book, though I mention several poses, Susan WITHOUT any sort of real pose is FEMDOM – and female dominance PERSONIFIED!

An older Chinese lady who in no uncertain and DOMINANT TERMS taught me the meaning of “Talk to my SOLES, boy! Not me!”

More in the Madam Carrie series on that, including her turning me into Blowjob Betty.

Par excellence!

But Blowjob Betty or not she deserves a mention here, and so she got one.


Look at Madam STARING A HOLE THROUGH YOU – PROFOUND! We know you like COCK, boy! Admit it! NO SECRETS with MADAM, she KNOWS! THOUGHTFUL, Pensive, what a QUEEN AND GODDESS!!! MY!  

Madam Megan showing me (her of Sissy Confessions, my, what a GODDESS!) how it’s done, how to expertly suck and slob KNOB, especially Master Wang’s chinese Penis … that HEAD! My! SO SUCCULENT, how she TAUNTED ME< how it drove me NUTS – pun intended! with LUST! MY!

Why did I write this book?

Because certain positions, my friend, lend themselves SO well to femdom!

Because some positions just scream DOMINANCE!

Both male and female! (and while most of the positions in this book are “female domination” oriented, a couple or one at least will be COCK oriented too).

Because hard cocks, especially those curving upwards are sexy and DOMINANT too!

And because these positions while well known “in general”, are hardly ever viewed as “sexy” by themselves, or as “all in one” play positions or in general positions to affirm/reaffirm domination in any way, shape or form!

Big mistake my friend.

And thats why I wrote this book – to spice up your sex life – to provide you with new insights into what gets us “submissives” off and of course, if you needed any more tips on being a “good Dominant, or Domina” – well – these sure will help!

THAT LOOK in the eye, that VIBE is indeed what it’s all about!

And without further ado, more on the benefits you can hope to gain from studying these poses and the mentality behind them!

(FAQ – What is DIFFERENT about Volume Two? )

Some of the positions will be “clubbed” together – for reasons you’ll see below – three’s even more of a turn than one is, for instance, and you’ll soon understand what I mean when you READ.

This Volume also progresses from mere foot poses – to COCK as well, my friend – feet and COCK is what its all about for true submissives and sissies as I mention in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and that natural progression manifests in these POSES TOO!

We’ll also include pictures in this book for a lot of the poses (most) as opposed to book #1 – something y’all have requested, so here you go! MY!

You, the real femdom lover must get BOTH of these Volumes now.


If you’re a domina (or even a STUD!)

  • They say looks kill, and that saying isn’t entirely inaccurate, my friend. If YOU as a Domina, or even a stud (and believe me, it cannot be faked!) get into or show your sub any of these positions the right way, and regularly as mentioned beneath – oh – BOY! WATCH OUT!

  • You’ll no longer have a sub, you’ll have a groveling slave – ready to debase himself or herself at the basest levels possible (as I did with Pooja Memsahib JI! And many others!)

  • This course works for both MALES AND FEMALES. Both male and female Doms and Dominas! (or should I say that the other way around, hehe.

  • You don’t have time to dominate him, you say? Well, guess what. These poses can be worked into DAILY LIFE with MINIMUM hassle. In fact many ARE “normal life” poses, and this bears Sage, or Sagess testament to the FACT that femdom or any sort of domination CAN BE a part of real life – big time!

  • Learn how to make yourself look “and appear” even sexier and more attractive than you ARE.

  • Tired? Long day? Dont wish to dominate? Well, these poses will break the ice, get the adrenaline flowing, and get your natural DOMINANT juices flowing – – big time. WATCH – out!

If you’re submissive (either male or female)

  • Be the PERFECT submissive for her (or him). Believe me, once you see these poses, the SKY will be the limit in terms of what you’re willing to go to – for him – or her!
  • You will experience the RUSH Of your LIFE when you see these positions – like never before! Submissive and SISSY DESIRE – rolled into ONE!!
  • If there ever WERE poses that would make you “drop everything else” (pun intened) and get to SERVING, sucking and PAMPERING, it is THESE!
  • If there ever were position that would arise lust and desire in a sissy manner in YOU – these are it!
  • And just in case your Dom or Domina hasn’t quite “got it” as yet, a little friendly introduction to this course might not hurt, hehe. Sure, I don’t support topping from the bottom, but once you’re “not playing”, it can be done!
  • You’ll NEVER be at a loss for inspiration at ANYTHING once you even think of these poses, let alone LOOK at ‘em!

And much much more!

Grab this now, my friend.



17 poses that will GET in your MIND – SEAR that LOOK into your SOUL – and EMBLAZON TRUE FEMDOM ONTO YOU like nothing else!




17 MORE poses that will GET in your MIND – SEAR that LOOK into your SOUL – and EMBLAZON TRUE FEMDOM ONTO YOU like nothing else!



Mike Watson