Apology from a repeatedly errant FAT cow

Gabriella Thomas, the fat cow has been in the news for all the right – and wrong reasons as of late.

One of the wrong reasons was last week, when she dug her heels in on an assigned task, kept saying “I’ll do it but never did” – all the while I was aware she wasn’t even doing it, but I didn’t mention anything until a day or so later at which point I directly told the bitch to stop lying to me.

Not to mention, this sissy, much like others, is actually pretty quick about completing tasks when she “wants to”. Anytime there’s a delay, I see right through it.

It was a task she  didn’t feel entirely comfortable with. And didn’t want to tell me about “because she was worried what my reaction would be” (no she was not trying to top from the bottom either one on that one which I detest).

But I cannot tolerate people lying to me, and I made that very clear. There were consequences for the sissy – although not of the nature you might think..

Now this is a fat “pudge wudge” cow with disgusting man tits and layers of stomach – I think I told it on the second day itself to start intermittent dieting and not drink a drop of booze – period.

She’s a nasty deviant slut too. Dresses up in her female roommates clothes on the sly. Ewww! I often wonder, being the evilly sexy spirit I am “what if she finds out”.

Maybe she will one day. Sooner rather than later. I can see it coming sissy, no pun. Hehe.

Anyway – looking at the latest video she sent, it was clear to me a lot of beer had been drunk as of late. Despite me telling her NOT to. Aargh!

Do I at least get some points for admitting that I did drink? I know I did wrong by doing it, but could easily have said I didn’t do anything and you wouldn’t know different. I told the truth knowing it would get me in trouble, but I wanted to be honest.


Me –

You don’t, you fool. Because I know you did. Thats why I said you drank. That’s how I knew you were lying the last time too. I know exactly what you’re doing boy. God always knows.

Admittedly her explanation this time is a bit more believable “I forgot”. I hadn’t brought it up in the recent past and with her cow brain so hopelessly addled – I get it.

But, there will be consequences regardless. The most obvious might be another “send”.

Of course, that brought out the hilarious rebel in the cow.

This cow is one that often uses terms such as “Im not going to” …

I always giggle when I hear these terms. As if she has a choice.

Like clockwork, down the road she willingly does what I tell her –

And this hilarious pattern repeats itself almost every time a sissy purchase is required. Why she doesn’t realise (though she does) that resistance is nigh FUTILE is beyond me.

Anyway …

She was in heat.

It wasn’t me telling her to get 25 odes to alpha males in underwear, truly cow balm for sissies in heat as I’ve said before.

The universe was.

And when the Universe commands, albeit through Me, you do. Simple. As she did.


This time I decided on a more inventive form of punishment.

Here it is … Enjoy!



My. Hehe. Indeed an Empress Cody style “humpie” punishment is it not?

Sissy claims up and down she will never drink again.

Given the dollop of my sperm I sent her, that’s now on her phone – maybe I’ll believe her. Hehe I just told her my sperm is all she needs, and it’s true!


And that’s that. If you thought the above was the most humiliating thing ever?

Boy you ain’t seen nothing as yet.

Humiliation Central, the course so hot it got us kicked off even Amazon – makes the above look like a walk in the park.

And if you truly want to humiliate your SO in a manner he or she will be addicted to for life, you must get Humiliation Central NOW.

And that’s that.


Mike Watson

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