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So, this is something that has been in the works for ages!

A lot of our great femdom books and products have been translated into languages other than English. Due to the complexity involved in handing out payments etc (there are various third parties involved in this process) – we decided to sell “English only” on this site for a LONG time – while we sold the translations on other sites.

That doesn’t change … BUT!

LOTS of you have shown interest in language translations – especially a lot of YOU from Europe and other regions!

And so, to make things easy here is what we did.

This page will include a list of all translations done by the author and those working “with him”.

In the future, we’ll also have a short bio up for the translators etc (this should happen very soon). 

For now, here are the main languages our books and products have been translated into (note – many more in the works!)

Click each link to go to the corresponding language page, where ALL translated products in that language will show.






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