Those confessions we all have, every sissy thinks – obsesses – takes it to bed with her – and more – thoughts that PLAGUE in a nice way – us all day long – thoughts we SO want to share with her, but sometimes can’t – and thoughts which ultimately shape what we DO! 

Why did I write this series?

Certainly, with all the other writing I did along these lines, I dont have to!

But as I look at my “wife” lying – fat thighs (so NICE, especially the rolls of fat, the lazier she is, the better, I’ve often said that, women should be entitled, bratty and LAZY, thats when they’re the most controlling, dominating, and ATTRACTIVE!!!!!!!!) – soles bobbing up and down, I can never get enough of serving her, and talking about COCK!

And in general, while serving her, either sexually or otherwise talking about some of the things I talk about SO often here.

Except, I dont talk about them ALL. Hehe.

And I’m lucky in that I’m at least at this point where I can talk about SOME of it.

Most men – their SO’s would throw a hissy and leave if they even MENTIONED any of their real desires, those dormant desires which I wrote about before – NEVER go away – and everyone has them, no matter how you try to deny them.

But do you ACT upon those desires?

We all have one life, my friend.

And what use that life if not lived to the fullest?

Will you really care what people think when you “pass” ?

(i.e. if you did something that is SSC, really, really like, something you really, really WANT – nay-  CRAVE) – who cares?)

Most people “live lives of quiet desperation”, as the great Thoreau once said …

And they rarely, if ever, bring out their innermost thoughts, dreams and desires, like I do – publicly!

And I’ve never been happier.

So will YOU, my friend, so will YOU – once you do what Colonel Trautman told Rambo in First Blood Part III i.e. “accept the inner you”.

It’s YOU.

And thats what matters!

And this treatise, well, if you’ve been having thoughts of “oh, I should not be thinking that way”, or guilt trips etc as I once did about wanting so desperately to be a sissy – well, this treatise will BANISH all such thoughts instantly. Indeed, my writing is not just so erotic – not just so unique (nothing like our stuff out there!) – but most importantly, so REAL life, and NO or very little creative license, despite a life SO full most can’t believe it! – that you too will be inspired to take the sissy BULL by the horns – or penis – and just (beg to) DO!

And that, probably more than anything is why I wrote this book!

More benefits?

Well, for you sissies and faggots (wanna be or not) reading this … 

  • What you think about – is indeed what you ATTRACT, except most people dont think about it the right way. And thats #1 right at the top – learn how to THINK the right way – this is something I teach in ALL my courses!
  • If you’re thinking something – chances are excellent or second to none that if you do with deep EMOTION – it will happen! Learn just how in terms of BDSM, sissydom, and so forth
  • You’ll learn after reading this book why HONEST and open is truly what women like – not so much “your preferences” as a sissy …
  • Why NOT being able to control your ejaculation – or staying hard is not just a matter of PRIDE for sissies, but a level every sissy should aspire to ATTAIN to, or the other way around!
  • Why cumming in one’s pants, often involuntarily, is the greatest HONOR any sissy could ever be afforded!
    • And why even sissies that are GOOD in bed with their penis should try NOT TO BE – your TONGUE is what is needed!
  • Why PENIS and penis love are often misunderstood, and why, as I stated so many times in my books, specially Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and Penis Central, but one of them – loving PENIS is an absolute MUST – I repeat, absolute MUST – if you want to be a sissy at ANY decent level!
  • Why you MUST aspire, as a sissy to get to the point where you think nothing but COCK – and feet – or feet – and COCK all day.
    • And consequently, why you must aspire to hone your servitude skills better than anyone else out there – including the TIP of your tongue too if you get my drift!
  • How – and why – and these tips will tell you – or these CONFESSIONS, you could call them tips as well! – to REWIRE your sexuality permanently so the above is ALL you think about – and attract (and trust me, just reading, do what I say, you’ll see)
  • How to get more comfortable in your REAL skin as a sissy – like never before!
  • The stunning similarity if done right between maledom – and femdom – and THIS alone is worth the price and ticket of admission for all reading this.
  • What your TRUE first love – and “how it really happened” (and we all know, we’ve all had those experiences) teach you a LOT about who you TRULY are! (and your desires too). (but you’ll learn doublefold and more the real meaning of “true love”!).
  • Why you must love his penis not just more than your own – thats a GIVEN – but why you must love his penis above ALL, why his PENIS should ultimately be the focal point you focus on, think of, everything, get to know his DONG better than your own FACE! – and why (and how) that will aid more than anything else in becoming the PERFECT SISSY!
  • Even if you already love cock, learn how to fantasize about it to a point where that is ALL you think about, therefore, ATTRACT!
  • Even if you aren’t really interested in being a sissy – a “dream sissy” – a perfect sissy – if youre just interested in tiltilating yourself without the visual porn, and REAL life “sissydom and fetish” – well, THIS book will do it!

And much, much more.

(by the way, Sissy Central (our most popular book) and Sissygasm Central are must reads along with THIS book!)

Awwwww! She’s ADORABLE, is this sissy, plays the piano well, dick too!

For you DOMINANT ladies (or men) reading this … 

Here are some – I could write TOMES here too!

  • Learn what your sissy REALLY wants deep down inside – chances are excellent and second to none and second to none just flew to Mars, not Venus, hehe – he (she) is NOT telling you!
    • And even if she is, probably not all of it, probably not in graphic details, trust me, even me, at a certain point, I used to be so shy about all this!
  • Learn how the MENTAL part of humiliation is really what gets sissies and yourself off, and how to take it to the DEEPEST levels possible via what is “explained” (and described) in these BASE, DEBASE, confessions!
  • Learn why – well, two things – one LABELS (especially the “gay”, “straight” etc labels of so called sexuality which is VERY fluid and always shades of X and Y as I keep saying) are useless- and why these same labels when used right can take your submissive – and you – to levels of bliss youve never experienced before. 
  • Learn how you can EASILY get “straight men” to do things they would NEVER “dream of in their wildest dreams” (except they do. Hehe).
  • Even if you arent that dominating – this book will MAKE you dominant, just by reading and understanding the utter lust behind some of the scenes, and the why’s and wherefore’s! 
  • Even if you weren’t interested in having a sissy before – you will now, and then some!
  • Learn how to control your sissy with WORDS – this book perhaps explains the axiom of “it’s all about the mind” BETTER than anything else!
  • And, its never about her body – or even his! Learn how external looks are basically always irrelevant – all my books teach you that – but this book teaches you more than anything else how sissies lust for COCK – and FOOT – all types, provided the MINDSET behind is devious, and uber dominant, and OPEN! (and “right” by extension!) .
    • Learn how your having a cock – or even a foot – provided the mind is right – puts you ahead of the game automatically if you know how to USE it right! You’ll never feel so good about your body again, my friend, trust me!
    • Learn how being slovenly is not just an excuse to be lazy – its a massive TURN on for your sissy! 
  • Learn the inner most secrets and how your sissy’s mind works, and how to use that to YOUR advantage. My significant other despite not being into BDSM has graduated from being a “simple small town girl” (like in Garima Madam … JI!) – to a “cuckoldress” and dominatrix (lifestyle) “el supreme”!
  • Learn how body hair can be a HUGE turn on for sissies – FEMALES, you will LOVE THIS ONE, TRULY!
  • Learn how to keep your sissy HORNY and on edge – read this with “15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his life … and have him SALIVATING for MORE!” … this alone is worth the price of admission.
  • Perhaps the best part? Become the Queen – or King – you were always meant to be – in ALL areas of your life – not just sexual! The sheer CONFIDENCE you get from all this will be such a boost it will naturally permeate over into areas of your life you never thought before,  like your work!

And much, much more …

And that, my friend is that. Yet another masterpiece (or mistress piece) from the Real Mc Coy of femdom and everything fetish related. And one you MUST have sitting on your mantelpiece, or hiding in the drawer, whichever the case might be.

Get these books NOW!


Volume Two on the way – stay TUNED!


Mike Watson