A thrill like NO other…! 

MALEDOM, FEMDOM, all of it – all about the MIND!

15 Cardinal Rules of Successful and Satisfying Findom – This is a must grab for everyone into the findom (and even femdom, maledom) lifestyle!!

Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume One! (both the English and SPANISH EDITION!) – The FIRST volume in the Submissive Musings series. Read about how that ONE Sole shot from perfect Madam PEARL – my – what an apt name! – had me wrapped around her little finger – and toe – literally!

Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume TWO! (SMOKING HOT!!) – Princess Sherry takes you on a mind fuck like never before, and this ONE course is worth the entire SERIES if I might say so. TRUE STORY AGAIN!

Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume THREE! – More submissive (from a findom theme) musings you will not want to miss.

Submissive Musings – COMPILATIONS!!!! – The compilation containing the above three products. RED HOT!


Access to ALL The above, plus …

  • Special intro to dominant males and females into findom – REAL authentic people – that are Experienced in this, and will take the true findom lover on a journey they have NEVER undertaken before. 
  • Findom access to YOURS truly – yes, I can be quite dominant at times! xx 
  • Special HUMILIATION offers – and more! (based upon demand) 
  • Findom ADVICE, and tips on how to work it into your lifestyle in a SSC manner (note, people normally pay me big bucks for this sort of counseling, but to a limit this will be included free with your subscription!)

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