Why brats should be revered and worshipped like the rare treasures they ARE!

It’s interesting.

Most of the men I talk to waffle on about “how their women want everything “now”!”

Like, women are impatient when they want something, and they want it now – whether or not that is possible, that is a different story!

Curiously enough, all the brats I’ve met in my life?

They’ve been the same in many regards, but there is ONE thing that sets a true brat apart in my view.

A true brat is a true achiever in the true sense of the word that she wants – and she doesnt “worry” about when it’ll happen, because she KNOWS IT WELL. 

As many a REAL BRAT has said.

“If you dont do this for me, loser, many men will!” 

“If you dont get this now, boy, I’ll get it from someone else!” 

Madam Pearl often sent me picture of her soles with things she wanted me to buy .

Which of course, they started “small” and the requirements grew – not incrementally – but in multiples of 10!

Yet, at no point did she say do it NOW.

She knew if I didnt – someone would.


As she once told me

“I used that dirty old man for what he was worth, got an Iphone from him, and dumped him”.

What a Queen, what a Goddess!

It’s not just the sense of entitlement that makes a real brat.

Many women have that.

It’s the sense of PURE SATISFACTION that comes from the innate knowledge she is superior, and men are lining up for her, and a casual “see if I care if you dont do it, or get it for me!” 

And that, to me, makes brats so special and why they should be worshipped.

They understand the choices they have, and the power they have over males, and how to USE IT!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji!

You’re truly a Queen!


Mike Watson

PS – Submissive Musings contains tales of three perfect brats – different tales, but all brats. Check it out NOW.

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