Why Bipasha Basu could bust balls like NO-ONE Can if she wanted to!

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Why Bipasha Basu could bust balls like NO-ONE Can if she wanted to!

Spicy Erotic

She’s married, I believe? I dont know, I googled it, and her!

I Dont know why I did that either.

I think after writing that last post which mentioned her in a line, I then thought of her, and the movie “Jism“, which seems to be the only movie I’ve seen her in – and I only saw it while pressing Priyanka’s (Jyoti’s feet).

YES, that movie we saw together WAY back in the day when she put her legs up?

It was a bollywood film.

Mike Watson does not do Bollywood, Hollywood, or Tollywood, or what not.

I make my own movies in my mind, and enact them in reality (hence so much on femdom everywhere!)

(And that is what YOU should do in life as well to truly GET what you want – money – fame, women – whatever).

But anyway, self help aside (though it’s true!) (and yes, applies to femdom too) …

I once watched the above movie with Priyanka – or at her feet, pressing her feet. She was drunk, I remember.

Some dude that was a drunkard falls for a wicked lady, can’t control himself, commits a murder, and they both “pass” on in the end was the story of the movie if I’ve got it right.

No clue who dude was.

One of these “model” types, but it brings to mind what I say about studs being smooth and sexy, and with slim builds (therefore longer cocks!) …

Women don’t want those outlanding freakish muscle bound monsters, it would appear neither does Bollywood? I dont know.

Anyway, my friend on the fitness site (Miss V owned!) would have more to say on that!

But anyway, Bipasha.


Nothing special to look at, of course, but to me, what stands out?

Even though I try not to look?

Its her eyes!

The intelligence.



The look in the eye, as I’ve often said! 

You’re UNDER ME, boy! it says so clearly for those that can read!

And I’m sure the soccer dude she is married to feels the same way, hehe.

I dont follow soccer either!


And Perfect Bipasha Basu has it in her NATURALLY whether she knows it or not, and probably all Bengali ladies do too, whether they know it it or not, as all Chinese ladies from the mainland do!

That spark, that wicked gleam to the eye………….

OH – MY!


Mike Watson

PS – More on Indian femdom (stories) here. Quit being a cheapskate and pick a book up NOW, my friend. Truly worth it (I’m talking to the cheapskates here “just for the free stuff”, not the “doers” who have already taken action and how!)

PS #2 – Before I hit send on this one, almost forgot to say – “Bips” as she seems to be called in India looked absolutely STUNNING and gorgeous – and most of all DOMINANT in the movie! I could feel the vibe- – what a perfect QUEEN, using men! She said in the movie, I only love myself!
So it should be, MAdam! So it should be! And thats obvious from her GLEAMING EYES!
I dont even need to say “Paye Lagu” …
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