Why women are so beautiful that the word beautiful doesnt cover it!

I keep having these moments throughout the day!

I saw my SOs soles right now, and she’s wearing Granny Pajamas – ugh (but so appropriate for cuckolds like me – especially useless ones she’s looking to DISCARD like used TRASH and toilet paper, I love the latter! used of course, hehe by HER) …

Then I saw a business picture a lady posted who I dont know from Adam (Eve). No feet, no skin show. Just a suit!

Same feeling.

Then, a lady named Melanie.

Just a face shot, and she’s well over 60 from what I can tell.

Again, same!

Then …

A Domina from the UK who was showing her soles!


Then, Mistress T.

Again, same!

I dont kno whow or who to choose, because – aren’t women all so FINE?

YES, they are, and if you answer otherwise, this site probably isn’t for you.

And you probably will NOT succeed at attracting female dominant to YOU in all its shapes, forms and guises even if you buy my book on it and DO what it says, because it’s about MENTALITY and understanding and appreciating and acknowledging the innate and total and complete superiority of the FAIRER SEX!

Some of you might claim they were all sexy as heck or what not.



And I’ve mentioned why above.

They just had two things in common, one VIBE.

And the second – their lovely GENDER!

Women are just HOLY!



And on that note, if a woman reader chances upon this, write back, and let me know.

I will provide a secret discount code (20% 0ff) to ALL women (so long as you can prove you’re a woman and not a nutjob or Bozo Schofield from UK pretending to be one or something) for YOU.

I’d post it here, but then it would defeat the “women’s only” discount …

And so it goes!


Mike Watson

PS – Yes, applicable on all products.

(Edit – ONLY applicable until End of this week, which means April 18, 2021)

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