Fat cow in heat shakes UDDERS. Moooooooooo!

My. Sometimes videos speak a 1000 x 1000 words don’t they?

From Sissy “in extreme heat” Gabriella . . .

Perfect Master Sir,


I feel really ashamed at myself for even recording this, never mind sending it across the Internet, but I couldn’t help myself. I love to moo, I am a cow and I should be treated like one. Thank you for helping me do this.



If you recall, I had told her to get 25 odes to alpha males in underwear – and send a video of her mooing on all fours. She went one better and did it naked. Ewwwww!

This is so gross, disgusting – yet hilarious to a T. Enjoy-moooooooo!

Send your laughs this way too! Hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Make sure to get the above book. You can see the effect it has on every true sissy! Moooooooooo!

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