10 reasons why Asses (both male and female) are so wonderful!

None of them involves the following – putting my Dick in them (admittedly my large and thick dick, hehe) – and Bozos flabby ass (remember, that sChofield character we’ve all been laughing at in the Watson Faithful!)…

But asses are the only body part I ain’t written a treatise on as yet.


Yet, they’re also the one partI worship the most!

And so, without further ado – here is why the “MADAM PLEASE!” – and MASTER PLEASE! (more for him, hehe) – comments come…

  1. More expanse to worship, kiss!

  2. The Humiliation -for obvious reasons. “Lick his ass first, boy!” 

  3. The “Smell”. Each ass tastes the same, except different. Hehe. The Bozo often talks about “people whose asses I liked hate me”, but thats him. Hehe. Everyone’s I’ve licked LOVES ME – they say I’m better than a woman at it! Hehe. 

  4. As I am at sucking dongs, but before that – ass needs to be worshipped, both his and hers, self explanatory!

  5. I’m writing this in the flow, but assholes are the most erotic ever when “things are inserted very gently”. Both if you’re a stud, or cuck, or in between! 

  6. Shit comes out of it. HIS sewer, hers, anything more BLASE and debase!

  7. Anything more intensely smelly and humiliating than CLEANING that holy spot after it shits? Preferably not on you, hehe… 

  8. The way the cheeks flop togethers against the nose as you worship the hole! 

  9. The way you can lick the space BEFORE the cheeks forever. 

  10. And the way noses fit so well in asses!

Straight off the bat, I bet I could think of 10 more.

When I asked Madam Virginia what she was doing yesterday?

“getting a foot massage, boy”, she wrote back.

“Madam, how many men” I asked – expecting at least 2.


Yes, believe it or not, I dont know if she’s kidding, but thats what she said.

I wasn’t aware that five people could massage one body, but with Madam, who knows! Hehe.

What a Queen!

And today?

“Full body massage, boy!” 

And I asked her the following.

“Full body, ass too, Madam?”

Not before she asked me though.

“Where u go to clean Madams house, boy!” 

I would reply Shanghai. But I think she meant WHEN!

So I’m off. And asses aside, faggots, here is the best COCK worship course ever, getting rave reviews … Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots (and Bozos too, hehe thats #11 – asses attract all types, Bozos and smarts girls and guys too, hehe “the more the merrier”, as the Bozo’s friend once said about a WeChat group I administered) …


Mike Watson

“Cock Worship for Bozos, Sissies and Faggots”.

AMEN, hehe.

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