Madam’s back, her soles, her ass, her shoulders… the BACK View!

Why do you want look at my feet!

As Madam Carol once told me.

Then the ex from the US that I’ve been thinking about – that asked me to go to counseling for my foot fetish, but I never did, but she was a good gal, passed from a terrible disease…

And this movie I’m saying – filmed down South, and one of the girls in it, Southern belle to the core, with a “top” that shows the entire waist, long blond hair, a nice tight ass (not too small, not too big), and never ending legs – them shorts are … SHORT!

And ever since I saw her in the clogs, I knew there was a reason I was remembering my ex today!

She passed a while back, yet, she always wanted me to smile when seeing sunflowers.

And much like the shark teeth I saw in a dream months ago, which accuratly predicted what I was going to see on screen, and good luck too – I often have these dreams, – daily, and I’ve made no secret of my “seer” like self in terms of predictions, always true, trust the subconscious my friend!

The movie is a horror movie from the early 1970’s.

I saw a sequel the other day, laughable at best. Hehe.

The sequels are always crappy, aren’t they!

Unless they’re the Hannibal series, Anthony Hopkins is the best.

So is Jodie Foster, I belive its “Julianne” that did the other movie?

Then the lovely GONG LI!

I’ve spoken tomes about Madam Gong Li, of course!

She’s so NICE!


Anyway …..

When I see the back of anything, it usually signified what culture in general doesnt consider attractive – or so they say.

Remember that ole Bollywood flick I once spoke about, Madam so imperious, lying on her stomach, calling out for her maid as she was a slave, massage my BACK, HURRY!

She kept saying HURRY!

Because in the comedic scene there was, it was a guy that had snuck in there, finally he showed up.

“Tere haath itne majbott kaise!”

How are your hands so tough, bitch!

She yelled out, not the literal translation but thats what it is!

And he then got found out …

But the sheer dominant nature of the lady towards another girl – oh MY!

Women do it best, often times to other women!

Anyway …

Madam was so nice!

Mamta Kulkarni I believe, known like Marilyn Monroe is more for her bust, behind the scenes, for a lot more!


Dollywood and the South aside …

Pressing her back as she relaxes face down, pressing the BOTTOM of your feet, talking to her lovely bodacious ass, kissing EACH spot, talking to her asshole, her soles!

That BACK view is indeed something to die for, ain’t it!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji, you’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson

PS – Please do pick up some of our Indian femdom and Chinese femdom books – you will enjoy like NOTHING else, and of course, interracial femdom too! Hehe.

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